Chapter 7: Terrimus' Mistake

As Terrimus stood still, he got into his fighting stance, while Danny was in the ecto-suit on the opposite side ready to take him on.

"So, you expect to defeat me?" asked Terrimus to Danny.

"I don't just expect to just beat you" replied Danny, "but I'll make sure that you can never hurt anyone else again."

"Oh, and how do you expect me to do that?" asked Terrimus, "With that pathetic thermos you have?"

"Let's get this over with" replied Danny.

Terrimus then launched toward Danny and knocked Danny across the street with his staff. Danny then crashed right next to the Titans and then recovered from the attack. He then raced toward Terrimus with his fists charging up a ghost beam at Terrimus. Terrimus then charged up his shield by using his staff. The ghost beam then hits the shield and destroys it.

"Very clever" said Terrimus, "if it were not for that suit you are in, you would be nothing by now. But how about you try this on for size?"

Terrimus then charged up his staff and launched some sort of sphere at Danny. The sphere trapped Danny along with the ecto-suit in the sphere.

"And if you think I'm done with you, think again" added Terrimus.

Suddenly Danny felt pain as Terrimus activated the sphere's powers. Electricity within the sphere began circulating around Danny and even damaging the ecto-suit. Danny then charged up his ghost power and managed to destroy the sphere that trapped him.

"Very impressive" said Terrimus as he clapped his hands.

"I wonder how you can handle four copies of me?" asked Danny.

Danny then concentrated his energy and split himself up to four different clones that surrounded Terrimus.

"So, this is all you have?" laughed Terrimus, "I can do that too!"

Terrimus then charged up his staff and then split himself up into four different clones. It didn't surprise Danny, since Vlad Plasmius could also do that as well. The four Terrimuses then used their staffs and charged up and fired ghost beams at the four Dannys. They then charged up their ghost shields and launched their attack at the four Terrimuses. The four Dannys then launched their fists at the four Terrimuses, and knocked the clones back into the original Terrimus.

"I'm impressed" said Terrimus as the four Dannys landed near him.

Terrimus then uses his staff and fires two ghost beams, destroying two Danny clones. The original Danny and the clone Danny fired their ghost beam at Terrimus, sending him flying across the street and hitting the wall. Terrimus then launched his attack against the two Dannys and fired a larger ghost beam at the two Dannys, destroying the clone Danny.

"That was a nice trick you attempted to pull" said Terrimus.

"How about I try my ghostly wail on you in the ecto-suit?" asked Danny.

"But you don't seem to think that I have one of my own as well" replied Terrimus.

Danny then charged up and used his ghostly wail against Terrimus, while Terrimus used his own ghostly wail to counter Danny's. The two shockwaves clashed with each other, until Terrimus lost the fight and flew across the alleyway and smashing into several buildings, while the Titans managed to maintain their balance. Terrimus then recovered from the attack and then reappeared on the opposite side of Danny.

"Most impressive" said Terrimus.

"Ready to admit defeat?" asked Danny.

"Not quite" replied Terrimus.

Terrimus then fired another ghost beam from his staff, knocking and sending Danny flying across the street and hitting the wall. Danny noticed that the suit was getting weaker every time Terrimus launched a large attack like that. Danny then fired another ghost beam at Terrimus, causing some bricks to fall on Terrimus. Terrimus tried to get up and as he finally got up, he noticed that his staff was destroyed.

"My staff!" exclaimed Terrimus as he looked at the shattered glass on the floor, "No!"

"Sorry, game over for you" said Danny as he took out the Fenton Thermos.

The Fenton Thermos then sucked in Terrimus and Danny then closed the lid.

"What are you going to do with Terrimus?" asked Robin to Danny.

"Are you afraid he might escape like the rest of your enemies?" asked Terra.

"Don't worry" replied Danny, "I have someone who would be able to watch over him."

"And I am just that person" said a voice behind them.

Suddenly Clockwork appeared by using his powers.

"I'll be taking that" said Clockwork as he took the thermos from Danny's hand.

"What about the guardian from the pyramid prison?" asked Danny to Clockwork.

"Don't worry" replied Clockwork, "I have everything under control. As for your friends the Titans, I'm glad that you are on the right side."

"On the right side?" asked Cyborg.

"What does that mean?" asked Robin.

"I'll explain that later" replied Danny, "in the mean time, Clockwork shall take Terrimus to his rightful place."

"Well, we'll be meeting again Titans and Danny Phantom" said Clockwork as he disappeared into thin air, taking the thermos with him.

"Who was that guy?" asked Beast Boy.

"And what did he mean that you were on the right side this time?" asked Robin.

"Long story" replied Danny.

"Well, I better get going" said Terra as she was beginning to leave, "we'll keep in touch."

"We've got other problems on our hands" said Robin as he and the other Titans were beginning to leave the scene, "perhaps someday we'll know who that was."