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Kingdom Hearts:

Just Between Friends

Chapter - 1, Behind Closed Doors

I had been dreaming, lost in an empty, non existant world, when the voice of a cruel man drove me out of my blissful slumber. Why I jumped, I still don't know. It wasn't abnormal for my father to call my name in the middle of the night like he would a dog. A quick glance at the alarm clock on my night stand and I immediately knew what was going on. 2:41 AM; the time when all bars on the Island had closed, sending the drunken, unruly customers out into the street. Or, in my case, back home to terrorize his family.

"Sora! Sora! Where are you, you little shit!" he bellowed from the bottom of the stairs. I thought of playing sleep, but that would only inspire him to beat me until I was awake. "Sora! God Dammit! I'm talking to you! I know you can hear me! Get your ass down here, boy!" he shouted again, this time stomping his foot onto the hard wooden floor of the landing. There was no avoiding it, I had to comply.

With a deep sigh, I lifted my tired body up from my warm bed and made my way to the door, trying to subdue the shivers that kept running up and down my spine. I kept trying to tell myself that this time would be no different from the others. He would yell, and yell, then yell some more. Then he would beat me, send me back to bed, and pass out on the couch. It was all too routine.

Upon opening my bedroom door, I glanced around the dark hallway, which showed no signs of my mothers presence for hours. A pile of unfolded clothes still sat in a beige basket by her closed bedroom door. From the looks of things, I gathered that she had run off to Aunt Ryoko's well before the bastard even got home. When I was younger, I used to hate her for her cowardly disappearances. What kind of mother would leave her child alone with a complete psychopath in direct favor of her well being? But, after a while, just like with everything else, it became...routine...

"Sora! I'm not going to tell you again...GET DOWN HERE!"

"I'm coming." I replied, trying my best not to sound as down as I felt. Even the slightest hint of depression or exhaustion in my voice only infuriated him further. He took it as a sign of disrepect, which could quickly turn 20 minute's of hell into an hour's worth.

"I swear to God, you're just as lazy as your good for nothing mother." He mumbled the moment I stepped onto the landing. "Where the hell did she go?" He demanded, grabbing me by the back of my neck and yanking me closer. The stench of alchohol on his breath threatened to make me gag.

"A-Aunt Ryoko's..." I stuttered nervously. Gods how I hated how pathetic I sounded.

"Stupid Bitch. She always has to run off and tend to her own shit. What about MY needs. What about this damn house that I'm paying for? It looks like shit!" he raged, shaking me like a rag doll with each harsh word.

"S-She should be b-back soon..." I whispered, hoping he would leave me be for the night and just wait to take his anger out on her. It was a selfish hope, and I knew that, but I was just so tired of being the punching bag.

"And thats supposed to do what? Huh, boy? Make me feel all better about her half ass work ethic? What makes you so special? If your mother is such an unreliable twat, why can't you lift a finger to do some things around here? HUH?" He roared, dragging me into the living room and then throwing me into a corner.

"P-Please...don't h-hit me..." I pleaded before I could stop myself.

"Damn, I must really be getting soft with you, boy. You're talking back to me and stuttering. I didn't raise no retard, nor did I raise a son who would talk to his father as he would a friend." I began to shake. Tears of pure terror and fear fell freely from my tired, red eyes. It was always like this before the initial hit. I was always afraid that he would find some way of getting stronger so that each new time he hit me he could cause more pain. But this time, just like the others, the suffering was the same.

The first hit came in the form of a kick. A direct connection with my stomach and his steel toed boot. I choked on the air forced out of my lungs and fell over onto my side, curling up into a ball as usual. Then a punch to the face, followed by a kick to the ribs. Before I knew it, he was pounding down on me like an angry animal, making me feel like some kind of intruder. It had been years since I was lovingly reffered to as this couples son. Now I was boy, or him. I was actually surprised when my father called me Sora tonight. Even though he was drunk beyond coherency, just hearing the name Sora was enough to remind me that I was a person, that I was alive.

How I managed to think about these things while being pummeled I'm not sure. But when the blissful state of unconscioussness kicked in after I began to see crimson pouring from my body like a waterfall, I welcomed it.

When I awoke the next morning, it was to a raging torrent of pain. I tried to sit up from the hard floor that I had been so lovingly left on, but the discomfort from even the slightest twinge of muscle movement was enought to keep me still. With great difficulty I rolled over onto my back, my view now of our cheaply plastered ceiling instead of my snoring father. A small part of me began to wonder when my mother would get home. And, at that, if she would be just in time to see her only son lying in a pool of his own blood.

I let a raspy laugh escape from my crimson colored lips. Hoisting myself agonizingly up from the roughly textured carpet, I remembered the answer to my frequently asked question. She would'nt give a damn. Slowly and steadily, I crept back upstairs, being extra careful to not make a sound. That last thing I wanted to do was wake a ferocious ogre from its sleep. Heading to the bathroom, I began to run a bath for myself. I had taken a shower well before bed lastnight, but if I wanted to be able to play my injuries off like always, I would need to soak out the aches and pains that filled.

A few hours passed. My mother came home. My father sobered up. And my torment was forgotten.

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