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Chapter I: Feelings

Gordo woke up with an unpleasant sensation of affliction. Every morning, every waking hour, she was in his mind. Lizzie McGuire, the most beautiful and wonderful girl he had ever known. The girl he knew lifelong. The girl he loved with all the strength of his soul, furiously, desperately. He loved her as intensely as the most violent of the storms, he loved her with so much passion… Little problem was, he never felt brave enough to confess his feelings.

"I don't know if she feels the same way." he thought. "I'd hate to destroy the friendship we've built along all the time we've know each other." Gordo couldn't believe how near and how far she was from him. She was his girl best friend, but, could she be a girlfriend…? That was a whole different story.

"The only thing I know is that I love you, Lizzie McGuire. I don't care about what could happen. I just can't hold on without telling you how I feel. I'll talk to you about this today." he decided.


Last night Lizzie had problems to sleep. She had locked herself into her room, feeling sad. She never imagined that she could end up falling in love with her best friend, David Gordon. She thought that if she dared to tell what she was feeling for him, she could lose her friend, her best guy friend at trying to get him as her boyfriend. Her feelings were hurting her a lot.

Over the time, Matt, her brother, had matured. He wasn't longer the same annoying boy. He had got calmer, wiser and cautious. But the decisive fact for that radical change was a very painful event, the unexpected death of his best friend, Lanny, in a car crash. Since that, he changed his behavior, his way to treat people, specially his way to treat Lizzie. Lanny's death taught him to value people more, especially those people that spent time with him everyday, specially Lizzie, who was the regular victim of his experiments and heavy jokes; death taught him that life is fragile, that we don't know when our time on Earth will be over, sooner or later. Now he, Gordo and Miranda were Lizzie 's three best friends.

Earlier that night, Lizzie was crying in her room, and Matt heard her sobs. He knocked the door and asked:

"Lizzie, can I come in?"

Lizzie dried her tears quickly with a tissue. She walked to the door and unlocked it, went back to her bed, and answered:

"Sure, Matt. Come in."

"What's happening? Why are you crying?"

"You know the reason…"

"It's Gordo, isn't it?"

"Yes… I love him, I love him too much and I don't want to lose him as my friend."

Lizzie started to cry louder. Matt hugged her. She felt better for a moment. Matt said:

"So, you have to talk to him and tell what you feel. Gordo wouldn't hate you for that."

"I'm not sure… I'm so afraid…"

"I understand. But you'd better tell him. If you don't, your feelings will suffocate you, they will haunt you. You will hurt yourself more if you don't tell him. And I know Gordo would never hurt you. He's my friend and I know him, as well as you. You won't lose him, I'm completely sure…

"Thanks, Matt. Thanks for your words… "

"Hey, what are brothers supposed to do? Besides, you know that I'm not only your brother. I'm also your friend."

Matt touched softly Lizzie's chin.

"You'll feel better tomorrow. Could we talk about this then?

"Ok, Matt. And thank you again. Good night, Matt."

"Good night, Lizzie. Bye."

"I have to talk to Gordo tomorrow." Lizzie thought. "At the end, who doesn't take a risk, doesn't have a chance to win... and we promised to be friends forever, no matter what could ever happen."


After waking up, Gordo took a shower and had breakfast. It was Sunday. He already had finished his homework on Saturday. The only thing he wanted to do this day was to meet Lizzie to talk to her about his feelings. At 9 a.m., he received a call from Miranda.

"Hola chico, how are you?" Miranda asked, cheerfully. "What's up?

"Hi, Miranda. I'm fine, thanks."

Gordo's voice sounded sad.

"Hey, wait a moment. Why do you speak with that voice tone? What's wrong?"

"Same thing of these last days. You know I'm madly in love with Lizzie. I've decide to talk to her today. I'll call her to ask her to go out today to the Digital Bean."

"WOW! Gordo, I was thinking you'd never take the courage to do it! And don't be afraid, it's obvious that both you and Lizzie would move mountains for each other!"

"What do you mean? You mean Lizzie…?"

"Yes, my dear friend. She also loves you, and she cannot hide it. You and Lizzie are the only ones who haven't noticed about your feelings for each other!

"Hope you're right. So, in any event, I'll call you tonight."

"Yeah, sure. Best of luck today!"

Gordo hung the phone up. Was it possible? Did he have a chance?