Title: Se7en

Author: vashsunglasses

Fandom: Se7en

Rating: T

Summary: A series of drabbles that explore the possible aftermaths for the movie Se7en.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Se7en". I am making no money for this writing. Please don't sue me. Please? All quotes come from the movie.

Set Free

Version 3

We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it.

He saw the perfection in John Doe's words.

We tolerate it because it's common, it's trivial.

Why hadn't he understood it all before?

We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore.

Why had he let himself become Wrath?

I'm setting the example. What I've done is going to be puzzled over and studied and followed... forever.

The world had ignored the Herald's cry.

It was time for another Herald to proclaim the truth. And this time, it would be impossible to ignore.