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Zim's Big Mistake

Zim opened the door and walked purposefully down into his lab, pulling an excited, yet slightly nervous Dib in tow behind him. Why is he nervous you ask? Today is a VERY special day for him you see…

Zim hauled the human onto a sick bay bed and immediately started to liberate him of his clothing. Dib tried his best to keep up in the removal of Zim's clothes, but his fingers kept slipping and his soon-to-be-lover had to do it himself.

Dib smiled shyly and kissed his cheek, "A-Are you sure no one can see us, Zim?"

"Of course!" Zim reassured him as he stepped in front of where he'd set up a hidden camera and held up a sign behind his back: Look, my Tallest! See my slave!

Dib tried to angle his head for a better look at what Zim was doing, "What's that?"

"Oh nothing, Dib, my love!" Zim purred as he nuzzled the human's attention away from his hidden agenda. He flipped the sign over so that it now read: Here is your first lesson on non-test-tubular reproduction!

Meanwhile, a thousand light-years away on the Massive, the Tallest are sitting on their couch watching the scene unfold. Purple was getting excited while his co-ruler was trying to watch the screen seriously.

Purple grinned at him, "This should be cool, huh, Red?"

Red swallowed nervously and nodded, "Y-Yeah…right."

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Back in Zim's lab, the two were now completely nude. Zim was standing and Dib was sitting while they kissed. Zim started gently pushing Dib onto his back, but the human wasn't ready for him just yet and pushed him back.

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"Hm?" said Red. "What happened?"

Purple shrugged and sat a little closer to him, "I don't know..."

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Zim eyed him disappointedly, "Dib?…"

Dib shifted nervously, "Um…You know this is my first time, right?"

Zim chuckled softly, "Yes, I know. Don't worry..." He kissed the boy's cheek. "I'll be as soft as I can..."

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"Wow," said Red. "Zim's pretty good...It should start soon..." He started to lean forward.

"It's an educational video, right?" said Purple as he leaned forward too. "Maybe we could learn a few things to put into practice!"

"…Eww," said Red as he scooted away. "Just watch to film, would you?"


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Zim shifted Dib's bottom into position and prepared to enter the boy's virgin entrance. "Are you sure your ready, Dib? You're still pretty young…"

"…Thank you for caring, Zim," Dib said, a little taken aback by his sudden concern. "Yes, I'm ready."

"Okay, then..." Zim kissed him once more. "Here I go..."

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"Here it is!" cried Red excitedly. "Is he just gonna smash his way in?"

"I hope he doesn't hurt him...Zim can be forceful," Purple smiled a little. "...Kinda like you, Red!"

The red eyed Tallest forced himself not to blush.

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As Dib lay on his back, he wasn't sure what to expect, so he prepared himself for a hard, painful jolt. Instead, he was met with one of pure bliss. Zim entered just right...

"AH! ZIM!"

Zim growled softly at his own pleasure, but didn't know what to make of Dib's cries. "That didn't hurt, did it?"

"Nah…Not at all," Dib breathed, grinning from ear to ear. "You're perfect. Do it again...PLEASE!"

Zim smiled and kissed him, "Anything to make you happy, Dib..."

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"Aww, that was so sweet! Zim's so nice to him!" Purple smiled. "Wasn't that sweet, Red?"

A bead of sweat rolled down Red's brow, "Ehhhh...Just let me watch...and stop acting weird!"

Purple retreated again, but was far from defeated! He was a Tallest after all! He always got what he wanted in the end!

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Zim pushed into the boy a little harder. Dib's eyes winced shut as he gasped.


"Okay!" Zim grinned wickedly and complied.


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"WOAH!" said Red. "LOOK AT ZIM GO! I didn't know he had that much energy!"

Purple nodded, "And yet he's still being soft enough not to hurt the guy..." He suddenly sprang forward to hug Red, "Aww, that's so sweet!"

Red stood and shoved him off. "COME ON, PURPLE, KNOCK IT OFF! You're acting like an idiot..."

"…Sorry," said Purple, even though he wasn't. Just a few more times…

Red warily sat back down. "Hey… how long does this last anyway?"

Purple shrugged.

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Dib started to feel himself rising to a peak. It was wonderful and frightening at the same time, "ZIM! I...(spasm)...I-I feel it coming! What do I do?

"Let it out," Zim purred.

He pushed in one last time, causing them both to hit their climax. They screamed and fell flat to the soaked sheets of the med-bay bed.

"T-that..." panted Dib. "That was...wow...Zim..."

Zim smiled, "I know..."

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Red cheered, "Man, that was intense! That odd stuff that came out of them must be what causes pregnancy! Hm-hmm...fascinating!"

"Zim said it's not just for reproduction..." Purple muttered under his breath.

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"...Well, it's getting late." Dib said as he got up and started getting dressed. "I better get home for dinner...Bye, Zim!"

"Bye, Dib."

As soon as the earth monkey closed the door behind him, Zim stretched out and began to dress as well.

"And that's what non test tubular reproduction is, my Tallest!" Zim said as he hopped into his pants. "I hope that this has enlightened you and...stuff... I'll continue to tape these...uhh...thingies and soon teach you more. Until then Inva-eh...Educator ZIM signing off!"

Zim saluted and the transmission cut out.

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"Wow," breathed Red. "That was pretty cool, eh Purple?"

His co-ruler was strangely quite. "Hmm?"

He was caught quite off guard when Purple pounced on Red and yelled loudly in his face, " I LOVE YOU, RED!"


"I LOVE YOU!" Purple repeated. "NOW YOU LOVE ME BACK!"

Red's reply was muffled as Purple shot forward to seal his lips shut with his own.

"MMPH!" protested Red, before suddenly changing his mind and pulling Purple closer. "...Mmmmm..."

(End Chapter 1)