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Chapter 16

Ringing thoughout the halls of the Massive were heard the cries of little Magenta, while Tallest Red cried his own tears of frustration.
"Grr...Magenta, PLEASE!" Red begged. "Stop crying! PLEASE stop crying!"

Not very consoled, Magenta continued to voice her unhappiness.

Red finally held her up in front of him and shook her angrily. "GRRRRR! SHUT UP!"

"..." Magenta stopped crying. The silence was amazing! But before Red could decide whether to congradulate himself.or wonder if he'd broken her, Magenta slapped him.

"...Ow..." Red rubbed his cheek. "Well, what? I don't speak smeet, honey...are you hungry?"

Magenta gave him a blank stare.

"..." Red flipped her over and checked her diaper. "Did you pee?"

Magenta flipped herself back over and continued staring blankly.

Red mirrored her gaze. "...Hmmm...um...PURPLE!"

His co-Tallest was in their chambers, seemingly sound asleep. "Zzzzz..."

"Purple!" Red shook his shoulder. "Wake up!"

"ZZZZZ!" Purple said.

"Grrrrr..." Red fumed, but then he got a mischevious idea.

"Hey, Magenta," Red whispered and smirked. "Wanna see mommy squeel louder than you?"

"...Me?" Magenta said as Red set her down on a nearby counter top. "Suwaaa...(This should be good...)"

Red crouched low to the ground and crawled until he'd reached his side of the bed.

Purple continued obliviously snoring. "Zzzzz..."

Red suddenly sprang up beside him laughing dementedly. "HEEHEHEHEHEHEEEE!"

"EEEEEIIIII!" Purple cried as he fell out of bed.

Red laughed some more. "HAHAAHAA! TOLD YOU!"

Magenta too had been startled into falling from her perch and was lying on the ground with a lump on her head. "Ibabeh bobi...(I wonder if it's too late to get different parents...)

(Page break)

Back on Earth. Dib, Zen and Gir were at the park, just sitting on the grass and eating dirt...or at least Gir was eating dirt while Dib watched him.

Dib sighed. "Fwoooo...Little Zen takes a lot out of me...I'm glad he's finally taking his nap..."

Gir put aside the fuzzy rock he was about to lick, and turned antiously to him. "Now that you got some down time, can you get this dent outta mah head?"

Dib popped Gir in the face. "Better?"

Gir felt his face to make sure the dent was gone.

It was. "Yeah, thanks...soooo...yeah..."

Gir spotted something in a nearby tree and ran for it. "PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY!"

"..." Dib shook his head. "When did my life get so weird?"

He looked up at the sky, as if it held the answers. "Mabye I should call Zim..."

(page break)

"...Well, that's it." Zim said as he put the final touches on the transmission block. The Massive had many override codes, but the trouble of finding the right one might discourage them from trying to contact him. Now Zim really was alone. What should he do? He couldn't return to Earth nor Irk. He was low on funds and fuel, so his space base and food rations wouldn't last that long. Maybe he should...

"Incomming transmission," the computer intterupted his thoughts. "It's from-"

"They broke through already?" cried Zim.

He jumped at the screen with tears blurring his eyes, and hurried to explain himself to his Tallest so that they would know to leave him alone and get it over with.

"MY TALLEST!" said Zim. "I cut the transmission so that I wouldn't further ruin your lives like I have mine! I'm glad I could help you with your smeet but I've lost the one person I ever cared about in the process! Please understand that I just want to be alone...My life without Dib and my smeeby is pointless and I don't care about my irken honor anymore! I just...I just wish I hadn't been so stupid and selfish. THERE! I SAID IT! And if Dib were here right now and told me he'd take me back if I gave up everything connected with my irken life I WOULD! I'd hug him and tell him I made a big mistake and that I'm sorry and then I'd make sure I never did anything that would make him leave me ever again! I'm sorry..."

The Tallest were quiet for a long moment. Zim began to wonder if maybe confessing his true feelings had just made him a traitor to his own race and they were considering killing him. Zim hung his head and awaited judgement, knowing he probably deserved whatever punishment they decided to give him.

He didn't expect the voice that whispered his name softly. "Zim..."

Zim's antennae perked in recognition and he wiped his eyes to clear his vision. "...Dib?"

He looked up and found himself looking into the eyes of his former human lover. "DIB!"

"You really were sorry..." Dib sniffled. "...I...I'd called to say...I'd called to say that..."

Dib sighed and swallowed down the knot forming in his throat. "I miss you, Zim..."

Zim stared at the boy incredulously. Was he dreaming? Was he so overcome with grief that he was hallucinating? But what if it was real..?

Zim then suddenly started pressing the a series of bottons on his computer screen, and his space base began to tilt, then turn, and then shot its way to make a crash landing on Earth...because that was the only way he knew how to land things. Anyway...

Dib raised an eyebrow at what Zim was doing, but had no idea what it was until he heard a distant humming outside his window. He left his laptop and stuck his head out, looking at the quickly approaching barn-sized space ship aimed right at his house. "OMG! ZIM! WTF ARE YOU DOING?"


Luckily, Zim's aim was just as good as his landing so he missed Dib's house completely. He cralwed out of the crater he'd made in the middle of the street and heaved himself onto the sidewalk, coughing and dusting off the dirt that covered him.

He heard a door opening and towards Dib's house, to see him coming out and racing over towards him. Zim smiled and held his arms out, eager to hold his precious human in his arms once more. "Dib..."

"Zim!" Dib said as he reached him and wrapped him in a tight hug. "ARE YOU INSANE? Wait... don't answer that...Are you okay?"

Zim smiled and nuzzled him. "Mm-hmm...now that you're here..."

Dib smiled and nuzzled back. "Okay...good."

Zim closed his eyes happily and turned his head up towards him, parting his lips slightly, expecting a kiss.

What he got instead was a slap to his face.

"OW!" Zim's eyes popped open as he cried in surprise. "What was that fo-OOOOOR!"

Dib had just given him a weggie which he followed up with a swift punch to his gut and a kick to his groin.

"OWW-OWW-OWW-OWW!" Zim curled up into a ball and shielded his head. "I GIVE UP! I'M SORRY! PLEASE STOP IT! I'M VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY SORRY!"

Dib crossed his arms across his chest and glared at him. "That was for screwing me over...I forgive you, Zim and I still love you, but I'm also still mad at you! You better be ready to make it up to me! Now, come on. It's dinner time."

"But..." Zim stood up and limped behind him. "I don't eat Earth food..."


(Page break)

Inside, Membrane greeted the two boys as they came in the door. "Hello, little green boyfriend of my son! Nice to see you again!"

"Uh..." Zim began awkwardly. "Aren't you angry with me for... you know... ruining your son's life?"

Membrane startled. "That was you? Dib told everyone that he impregnated a girl from another skool..."

Dib gave his father a blank stare.

"...Oh!" Membrane said. "That's right! It was a cover-up..."

He walked off rubbing his head. "Oh dear..."

Gaz was next to greet him. "Hey, Zim..." then she, too, walked off.

Zim watched her leave. "...Isn't she going to kill me?"

Dib shrugged. "They forgave you sooner than I did."

Zim gulped. "Okay."

"MASTA!" Zim heard someone call to him. "MASTA MASTA MASTA I MISSED-ED YOUUUUU!"

Gir came running out of the kitchen and jump-latched himself to Zim's face. "WELCOME BACK, MASTAAAA!"

"AHH!" Zim flailed as he tried to regain his balance but fell back on his butt anyway. "Ehhh..."

He patted his robot's head awkwardly. "I missed you too, Gir...now get off me..."

Gir jumped off and saluted. "OKAY!"

"Zim!" Dib interrupted their little reunion.

Zim gulped. "Y-yes..?"

Dib turned around and walked upstairs. "Follow me."

Zim obliged. "Okay..."

Once inside Zen's room, Zim took the opportunity to look around. The room was dark pink-ish red and green and had stars all across like a planetarium. It even had a full scale model of the milky way. Zen's bed looked just like Tak's old ship...all the toys were little aliens and all the baby stuff just screamed IRK.

Zim smiled shyly. "So, you didn't forget me..."

Dib blushed. "Shut up...shhh, look." He said as he pointed at a sleeping Zen.

Zim looked in and had a better chance to look in on his son.

"He's so cute..." Zim concluded, as he reached over to rub Zen's head. "He he looks just like you..."

"Hardly...he looks more like you. Yeah, he is cute. His name is Zen."

Zim smiled. "Z-zen...EEK! THAT IS SO CUTE!"

"Shhhh!" Dib smacked his hand over Zim's mouth. "You'll wake him."

"Sorry..." Zim said when Dib took his hand away.

Dib nodded then pulled Zim out and towards the kitchen. "C'mon. I don't want the food getting cold."

(20 minutes later...)

Zim was back in Zen's room, feeling full after eating the wonderful dinner Dib had prepared. It really hadn't been that bad for Earth food... "I love you, my little Zen..."

"Hi, Zim." Dib whispered as he came in to stand next to him.

Zim nuzzled Dib slightly. "I'm proud of you, Dib...you did a fine job looking after yourself and our son even after all I put you through. I love you."

"I love you too, Zim." Dib said as leaned on him and hugged his arm. "But if you ever do something like that again...I'll kill you."

Zim gulped.


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