Chapter One---Smashed Into Pieces

Change was frightening to someone who thrived on routine. To someone who never had a single hair out of place, whose shoes were always neatly alligned at the back of her closet. For someone who knew change always had bad results. However, change was imminent. It was an uneasy feeling, not unlike walking on ice, knowing that at any moment it could crack. You just never knew when. And not knowing always makes you uneasy.

Quistis sat down with her coffee in one hand and a stack of paperwork and assignments in the other. Of course, those papers were organized in order of importance, least she miss a deadline. Looking around, blue eyes noted she was alone and with a glance to the clock she knew she would be alone for quite some time. Perfect. Quistis always worked better alone. On the down side, she let her guard down when no one was watching. After all, one of the worlds saviors could not be seen losing her cool. It simply would not be acceptable.

"Another day, five more stacks of paper all due immediately." Quistis mused aloud. Somehow, the sheer predictablity of her life was ironic and at the same time frustrating. However, change was unacceptable. Change was the enemy. So, placing a cd into the cd drive of her laptop (one that would no doubt be considered a scandalous possession for Quistis Trepe), she set about her work, precise and carefull as always. But today was different. Today would change everything.

"Ms. Trepe?" Quistis looked up with startled colbalt orbs. The only thing that entered her office was more paperwork hand delivered by the Commander himself. However, this was a person and not Commander Leonheart giving her yet another mountain of tasks to be completed before the next day.

"Yes? Can I help you?" The man smiled and handed her a clipboard.

"Sign here...and Ms. Trepe?" Quistis handed the clipboard back, her pretty signature gracing the bottom.


"Congratulations. Your one special woman to him." Quistis frowned as the man left. To whom? Who was this...this him? Quistis was nothing but an employee and an instructor.

Nothing more. To anyone.

"Here you go. Have a nice day." The man returned with a large assortment of flowers. However, three more people entered her office, each toting a large vase of flowers. And these were not roses. Thank god. Quistis hated roses.

No, these were unusual flowers. Like violets, lillies and snow drops. They were interesting. Especially since each vase contained a different arrangement. Quistis set them all along the far wall of her office and returned to her desk, turning her music back up. The Trepie's had really out done themselves. A flash of white caught her attention. Biting her lip, she debating on opening the card.

I didn't know which was your I picked all the ones that remind me of your smile. All the ones that were different from the rest.


Quistis read the note again. And again. This simply made no sense at all. Sweet yes, but not sensible. Quistis was a sensible woman. Who was this S.F? She couldn't recall anyone with those initials and she had a very sharp memory. Sighing, she placed the card in her purse and went back to work.

Those papers would not finish themselves.

"Hey! Who are all these flowers for?" The woman asked, cheery emerald eyes bright. The man smiled.

"Ms. Trepe." A jaw dropped.

"Quisy! From who!" The man shrugged and continued on his way. Selphie tapped her chin. Well, this certainly was different. Quistis of course had her share of love-struck students. But somehow, Selphie felt these flowers weren't from the Trepies. Tapping her nose in thought, she went over a mental list of who they could possibly be from.

'Let's see...Zell?Nooo...Seifer? Nope, Fujin would murder him...Squall? Nope. I'd murder him...Irivne...nope...we just won't go into to that' Selphie decided to do a little investigating. Not one her own, of course. She would enlist the help of Garden's number one undercover SeeD.

Looking up, Quistis found that it was time for luch. Normally, she would have worked through lunch. But she was hungry and most of her work was finished anyhow. She turned off her music (list anyone spread the word that Quistis Trepe was irresponsible and unrespectable rocker) and headed down to the cafeteria.

"Here you go Quistis." The lunch lady smiled, hading Quistis a tray of her usual meal. A salad, a half turkey sandwhich, no mayo, no tomatoe, cheese and a chocolate chp cookie and her favoite energy drink. Amp.

"Thank you." Quistis found her table, the one in the far corner and sat, looking forward to a quiet lunch with her two best friends. Speaking of which.

"QUISSY!" Quistis raised a brow and found Selphie bounding over with her usual overabundance of energy and Fujin following behind at a lesiurely pace, a small smile on her lips.

"So, Quissy. Who were the flowers from? Who have you been romancing when no one was looking?" Selphie winked at her and Quistis had the state of mind to hold back a blush while she attempted to not choke on her drink.

"I have been romancing no one nor has anyone been romancing me. Someone is simply sending me flowers. I, however, have no idea who and I don't want to know. I don't have time for a relationship." Selphie pouted while Quistis went back to her food, successfully ignoring the pout.

"But Quissy! That was really sweet of someone to send you all those flowers. And you know you could use a break."Quistis avoided the topic of needing a break and enforced her decision of not wanting to be romantic with anyone, Trepie or otherwise. Fujin simply snickered throughout the conversation while Selphie tried to insist that Quistis really could use a significant other.

"Selphie, no. The only person I can truly rely on is me. I know me. I don't want to get into a relationship. They're risky and unreliable." Quistis stood, dumping her tray and headed back to her office. Selphie stuck out her tonuge at the blonde's retreating back.

"Selphie, come on. Quistis is a work-a-holic. She likes her privacy and of course her so called contraband rock music. Leave her be." Selphie looked to Fujin with shock.

"Leave her be! She needs me!" Selphie shook her head in amazement at Fujin's suggestion and went about finding a way to find Quistis' mystery lover.

Quistis entered her dorm at precisely 9 on the dot. She placed her laptop on her desk and set her work down beside it, walking into the kitchen to make herself some coffee to keep her company over the next few hours. However, something was different about her kitchen. Frowning she went into the bedroom, the bathroom and looked about her 'laundry room'.

What she saw both frightened and pleased her.

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