Chapter Three--Take This From Me

Quistis entered the crowed club with her two best friends, tired and in a very bad mood. Squall had been snappy, Seifer had been...well, Seifer and on top of all that Selphie just had to let it slip that Quistis had a secret romance going on. Thanks Selph.

"Come on Quissy, cheer up! Have a drink, dance. It's Friday!" Selphie was in a good mood. But then, when was she not? Fujin snickered at her and headed to the bar first thing. Quistis found a booth in the corner and sat with a sigh. She loved the band playing, but she really wanted to be at home in her pajamas and in her bed. That didn't look like it would happen anytime soon.

Quistis finally stumbled through the door at exactly 2:03am with a pounding head. Selphie had convinced her she needed a drink and then she convinced herself she need another to get Selphie to go away.

Oh, her head.

She spotted the enevelope on her desk but was far too tired to read it just yet. Sleep sounded sooo good...

"Quistis!" The banging on the door refused to cease. Quistis groaned and rose to open the door, revealing a very angry Squall.

"You have a class to teach, Instructor!" Quistis glared at him.

"Well, if your cheery little girlfriend had had me out all night drinking, I would be there! Go away Squall! I'll be there as soon as the room stops spinning, ok? Ok." Quistis slammed the door in his face, to tired and angry to care that she might have pissed him off even more.

Coffee. That was first. Then a shower and then off to class. Boy, was she letting herself go. Twenty minutes later, she gathered all her things off the desk, stuffed them into her bag and hurried out the door. If she was lucky, she been in time for second period.

"Ms. Trepe, are you alright?" One girl in the front row asked. Quistis nodded and flopped herself into her chair. It was going to be a long day.

"Ok...I all..." Quistis thought a moment. She was a strategist and statistics teacher. Not to mention a top notch Junctioning instructor. So why not have the kids show her what they learned?

"Alright. We're all going to the Training Center. I hope your all appropriately junctioned. Of course you are." The class exited the room and a raven haired boy tapped her shoulder.

"Ms. Trepe? I'm Stone, HeadMaster assigned me to you." Quistis smiled at the man and lead him to the Training Center with the others. This was the second student transfered to her class. That other boy...Shaine.. soemthing wasn't right with him.

"Alright, team up teams of two or three. I want NO loners. I'll have no lone heroes in my class, I don't want to write your mothers telling them your dead because your pride got in the way. Stone, your with me." Stoned grinned at her, and Quistis couldn't help but notice how adorable that grin was.

Quistis sat at her desk, penciling in the lesson plans for the next day when she remembered the letter in her bag. Indeed, it had made her smile and somehow she caught herself thinking of a certain young man, but of course, that was impossible. Smiling and taking out a sheet of paper, Quistis wrote;

I'd be careful with the term angel you seem to use so loosely. I'm no angel. I've seen and done things no angel would have. I'm a soldier and a teacher. I teach my students how to survive andto kill the enemy. Angel? I think not.

I'm sure you're not an illiterate vagabond either, afterall, we wouldn't be having this conversation if you were now, would we? Though I must admit I am surprised you haven't heard of me. I can understand possibly not knowing the face, but the name was once everywhere. Not so much know, but its still widely known. Save the world once and you're known for life. Not exactly a fair exchange in my mind.

Q.E. Trepe


Fate is an elegant, cold-hearted whore, she loves salting my wounds

yes, she enjoys nothing more...

I bleed confidence, from deep within my guts now,

I'm the king of this pity party with my jewel encrusted crown.

Quistis smiled. That should do it. A small...humming sound from the hallway caught her attention. Curious, she stuck her head out the door just in time to see Stone heading down the hallway, smiling to himself and singing a song. One she knew in fact. The very one her mystery man had just written her.

Strange indeed.

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