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3rd POV to sum it all up

Chapter 11: Finale

Naruto slowly moved his mouth against Gaara's, re-familiarizing himself with the red heads mouth. The two hadn't seen each other for months after the Uchiha's wedding and it was time for them to catch up in all that was missed.

Meaning they were making out in Naruto's office for a extremely long time.

"So how was it?" Naruto whispered in between kisses.

"Not that fun" Gaara responded before removing Naruto's hokage cloak. Naruto placed a hand on Gaara's shoulder, bringing him closer.

"Well how hard is it to have a peaceful conversation?"

Gaara growled, biting down on Naruto's neck, receiving a squeak from the shorter man.

"Well when they person you are speaking to is leader to another country who has been trying to start war with your own country" He looked up at Naruto's lustful eyes, "it get's difficult to stay peaceful."

Naruto grinned wolfishly and continued to kiss Raccoon boy hard on the mouth. Just as he was about to remove Gaara's own cloaks, a knock came from his office door.

"Maybe if we stay quiet, they'll go away" Naruto suggested. Gaara rolled his eyes and took a step back from Naruto, much to the fox boy's chagrin.

The blonde tried to embrace Gaara, but the redhead swiftly evaded him and made his way to the door.

"It's better not to keep them waiting." Gaara said as he opened the door. He was surprised to see Uchiha Sasuke, wearing an Anbu outfit, a wolf mask held in his hand.

The Uchiha looked surprised too, but didn't voice it. The two stoic stood staring at each other for several moments until Naruto popped up and grabbed Sasuke's shoulder.

"Sasuke! You've returned!" He grinned and pulled them man in, "So what do you have for me"

Gaara watched as Naruto sat back in his desk and Uchiha began giving a thorough report on a mission he had just returned from. From the sound of it, it was a complete success.

"Now, may I have another mission?" The dark haired boy asked. Naruto sighed in frustration and shook his head. He locked eyes with Sasuke and said, "You have to go home sometime you know. You can't avoid her forever."

Gaara had sat down on the couch and was listening to their conversation. He could only guess that "her" was the Uchiha's wife. Of course, he guessed he was right.

"I'll decide when I'm ready to go home" He leaned forward, slamming his hands on Naruto's desk, "No give me another mission"

Naruto narrowed his eyes and held an even stare with the Uchiha. Gaara began to worry and was about to stand to help his lover but a flash of light stopped him. Naruto stabbed the pen into the desk where Sasuke's hand previously had been. The Uchiha snatched his hand away before the utensil ripped through his skin.

"You don't demand me to do things, Mr. Uchiha. Mrs. Uchiha is waiting patiently at home for her husband to go home. I suggest you get the fuck out of my office to see her."

Sasuke glared, looking like he was about to say something back or, perhaps, even hit the Hokage but he did neither.

He bowed, apologized, and left the room. Gaara couldn't help but whistle in disbelief.

"I was worried there for a second" he said as he approached Naruto's desk. The fox boy still looked angry but when Gaara grabbed his hand and gently pressed his lips to Naruto's palm, the blonde melted.

"I was a bit worried myself…" Naruto muttered. Gaara smiled into his palm, lifted his head, and interlaced fingers with his love.

"You spoke like a true Hokage" Naruto smiled, grabbed Gaara's collar and pulled him down for a kiss.

It was light and lasted a moment. "Well, he's been pissing me off lately. He's been going on missions nonstop since a week after his wedding. Sakura's been depressed and well…"

Naruto let go of Gaara's hand and leaned back in his chair, raking a hand through his hair in frustration.

"I can't believe him. He's the one who agreed to get married. He didn't have to get married you know….He could have said no, canceled it last minute and…"

"and try to make you his?" Gaara interrupted, making Naruto look up at him in surprise. The look on Gaara's face was unrecognizable. There was emotion there, but Naruto didn't know what it was.

"Well, I would have obviously turned him down" Naruto said matter-of-factly, trying to relieve the tension he felt building up. "After all, I have you, who needs someone dark and broody when I can have Raccoon boy?" Naruto smirked at Gaara and the red head couldn't help but smile in return.

Gaara made his way around the desk. He went down on his knees to rest his hands on Naruto's lap. The blonde blushed as he looked down at Gaara who had a very come hither expression on his face.

"So your saying that even if the Uchiha hadn't married the woman, you would've chosen me?"

Naruto smiled nervously, the blush becoming a deeper shade of red. "Of course…"

"Even if he bribed you with ramen?"

"I'm not that much of a sucker for ramen…"

"Got you into bed with me, didn't it?"

"What?!" Naruto jumped slightly in his seat, "That never happened!" He clenched his hand into a fist, "stop making up stuff, idiot!"

His fist went down to hit Gaara but the man grabbed the fist in time and yanked Naruto to eye level with him.

"Your cute" Gaara kissed Naruto's cheek. Naruto pouted (as such a small statement could get his heart racing) and kissed Gaara on his cheek.

"And you're delusional"

"Yes but you love me."

Naruto couldn't deny it, because he did.

All worries of Sasuke and Sakura were forgotten once again as Gaara kissed Naruto, held him, and embraced him in such a loving way Naruto felt he was about to melt (or his heart was going to rip out of his chest).

"I missed you…"

"As did I, Mr. Whiskers"

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