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Once upon a time, in an ancient Japan there lived a war lord by the name of Malfoy-sama and his lovely lady. They were evil and mean and most of there subjects hated them. In a province nearby lived their enemy Potter-sama and his son Harry-sama. Potter-sama hoped one day that their lands would be united by the marriage of their children.

For years Narcissa-dono in her vanity refused to have a child. But finally she caved in, her lord needed an heir and she refused to let anyone but herself carry this child. She then finally had her child a beautiful baby boy. They named him Draconus Latin for dragon for they wished him to be as strong as any komodo dragon that ever walked the dirt roads of their homeland.

They had a great ceremony to celebrate the young heirs birth. People came from all the provinces to celebrate, bringing gifts and good wishes to little Draco-sama. Ladies and gentlemen dressed in their silk kimonos, and samurai in their hakamas rushed into the fine Japanese castle. Everyone wanted to see the sweet baby dragon.

Potter-sama and Harry-sama were among the first to arrive. Malfoy-sama greeted them with a sneer wondering why of all people his enemy would be here to congratulate him on this happy day. Potter-sama fell to his knees and bowed respectfully and spoke to the lords feet. He spoke of his dreams to unite both provinces, and Malfoy-sama agreed with him. The provinces would at last be united. The young Harry-sama looked down at the child that would one day be his husband with disbelieving eyes.

Then a gong sounded and three ninja entered the room. The people were frightened and they murmured. They had come to bestow their gifts on the infant lord. The first ninja approached the cradle. "I am Chiba of Odawaru. Little lord my gift shall be the heart of the dragon: courage, tact, dependability, judgment, justice, knowledge, and loyalty." Then Chiba-san took a bead from his pocket and gave it to the infant lord to swallow. Chiba-san stepped back and The next ninja went unto the cradle. "I am Genji of Kyoto. Tiny lord my gift shall be the heart of the warrior: bearing, decisiveness, endurance, enthusiasm, selflessness, initiative, and integrity." Genji-san took out a bead as well and gave it to their lord to swallow. At last it was the third ninjas turn to present a gift to the baby. The last ninja walked quietly up to the cradle. "I am Fuji of Edo. Sweet lord my gift is the. . ." But Fuji-san was thrown across the room by an unseen force. Suddenly an apparition appeared in the middle of the room. errified screams filled the room.

It was an obake. "Its Mitsuhide!" Genji-san gasped. Everyone cowered in fear waiting for Mitsuhide-dono to speak. "As the infants great grandfather I have come to bestow upon him a gift." He glared at everyone requesting silence, and he got it. "Listen well all of you. The lord shall indeed grow in mind and in spirit, but on his sixteenth birthday he shall cut his finger on a piece of calligraphy paper... and die." Everyone gasped in horror. "Oh-no!" cried Narcissa-dono. She ran to the cradle and held her little boy tight. Mitsuhide laughed a cruel heartless laugh. Malfoy-sama could bear his evil no longer. "Priests exorcise that man!" he shouted. But before the priests could move three steps Mitsuhide-dono disappeared into the shadows. The lady held her precious little lord tightly. Malfoy-sama tried to console her.

It was Chiba-san who spoke next. "Don't fret your Lordships. Fuji-san still has his gift to give." Fuji-san was a mere ninja not a high priest. All he could do was soften the curse. "Sweet lord there is still hope. When you are cut by the piece of paper you will then fall into a deep sleep, and you will only wake to your true loves first kiss."

Malfoy-sama was still afraid for his young son. To stop the curse he ordered all calligraphy paper be burned. That night all of the calligraphy paper in the providence was brought to the castle and burned. Malfoy-sama and his lady felt that their son was safe. By dawn there was no calligraphy paper to be found.

But Genji-san, Chiba-san, and Fuji-san knew that the young Malfoy heir was far from safe. They were forced to create a plan. Chiba-san was first to come up with an idea. "But Malfoy-sama and Narcissa-dono will never agree... But Its the only way..." "We'll disguise ourselves to be peasant women and raise Draco-sama as an orphan. Mitsuhide would never expect to find her there!"

It was not easy to convince the lord and lady of their plan. Sixteen years is a long time to go not seeing your child. But in the end it was decided it was best for the ninja to take the boy to live with them. Soon after the ninja came for little Draco-sama and his parents were forced to say "good bye".

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