Sleeping Beauty Chapter 4

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"Um. . . I can explain. . . Fuji-san?" Said Chiba a light pink tinge to his cheeks. "Well, yes. . . We are men. . All three of us. And there's nothing nothing wrong with two men in lov-" Fuji started. Tadayuki turned around suddenly and interrupted Fuji, "I never said there was anything wrong with men being in love. I-I'm in love too. And before you say anything he is a man. I just want to know why you all lied about being women. I just don't understand." "Well. . . Can we get dressed first?" Tadayuki nodded his approval before walking down the hall to his room. Tadayuki slid the door shut and moved to sit on his futon that he had never put away before the last mission. Thinking of the mission put his mind somewhat at ease. He had met the most wonderful guy.


During the last mission in the provinces of Potter-sama

I had left home with little but a rushed 'good bye'. I met my team and we climbed down the mountain, and ran as fast as possible to Potter-sama's residence in the tiny town at the base of the mountains. Someone had sent us a mission to stop an assassination on Potter-sama himself.

Upon arriving at the residence we promptly snuck around to the back. We snuck in one of the back windows that had been left open an closed it behind us. We then searched out the lords chambers. We knocked once and was quickly let inside. We were filled in on our jobs and took our places. Unfortunately the attackers were a no show.

So we headed to the nearest pub. Once there my teammates decided to get drunk and I got us a room at the inn next door. Climbing up the mountain with drunks was no fun. After arranging the reservations I decided to have a walk around town. I needed to clear my head. I was a little angry about missing my birthday party for a sucky mission that was. . . well, a big waste of time. I was lost in thought when I bumped in to someone. "Sorry." I said barely glancing at whoever it was before continuing on my way.

"Do I know you?" "No." I replied slightly annoyed. "Are you sure? I am sure that I have seen you before. . . Will you please stop and look at me." The stranger went on. "Please just. . leave. . . Huh?" Tadayuki had said finally taking in the handsome features of the stranger. "Would you like to talk?"

We ended up talking all night until the late afternoon. That had undoubtedly been the best few hours of his life. And they had almost kissed as they said their farewells.


Back to reality with a knock on the door. He was daydreaming about Harry again. He couldn't get him out of his head. If this wasn't love-KNOCK KNOCK! "Oh! Sorry! Come in." Tadayuki caught himself dreaming again. "Hey." Said Fuji as they entered and sat on the futon with him.

"Sorry we took a while. . ."

"S'ok. . So will you please explain?"

"Tadayuki this is going to be hard to believe. Your name is really Draco and you are Malfoy-samas son."

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