Okay so, because of lack of updates on…anything, I decided that I would start writing little Taito drabbles. Why? Because they're cute damnit! Enjoy!

Dedication: This one is a birthday present for Yamato's Tiger Lily, CartoonHeroes, nEo-cHaN, and Keiran Himura (I think that's his name now). Happy Birthday, YTL! (Aug. 27th) Emu! (Sep. 11). Neo! (Sep. 15) and Josh! (Sep 25th)

"And now for my next trick, I, the great Taichi, shall perform a testifying stunt that will amaze you!" His blond best friend raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't the word death-defying? Not testifying?" he questioned the brunet with the black top hat and white gloves.

"Whatever, who cares. Anyway, to perform this trick, I need a volunteer…and since this is your birthday party, Yama, you get to be that volunteer!" Taichi proclaimed and pulled the blue-eyed boy to his feet.

"Wait, Tai! I don't want to get involved in one of your hair-brained attempts at magic! Use Sora or Mimi or somebody else!" Yamato protested as he was pulled to his best friend's side.

"No way, Matt, you're on your own for this one," Sora said with a smirk from her place on the floor, leaving Mimi giggling at Yamato's misfortune.

"Oh come on, Yama, don't you trust me?" Taichi wiggled his eyebrows and dug around in his bag momentarily.

"Frankly, no," Yamato stated bluntly. "And don't call me Yama," he added as an afterthought.

"Sure, whatever you say, Yama," Taichi retorted cheekily and pulled out a pair of shiny silver handcuffs from his bag. "All right, ladies and gentlemen, I shall now perform a new trick that I recently learned. We'll see if this works." He winked at his audience, or rather, his friends, and turned to face Yamato once again.

"…Tai…what are you going to do?" Yamato asked warily, eyeing the handcuffs suspiciously. Taichi proceeded to ignore the blond and talk to his crowd instead.

"Okay so this is how it's going to work. I'm going to start by snapping the handcuffs onto my own two wrists. But first, I'm going to throw away the key." Indeed he did lock the handcuffs onto his wrist, but not before reaching into the pocket of his black slacks and throwing the tiny key across the room into parts unknown, earning puzzled looks from his friends.

"Now, I am going to proceed in transferring these handcuffs on my wrists onto the wrists of my lovely and beautiful assistant, Yamato. By the way folks, be sure to wish him a happy 17th birthday." This raised a round of applause and cheering from their friends, leaving Yamato to grin awkwardly and Taichi to continue his show.

"Now, Yamato, I'm going to ask that you take that handkerchief on the table and drape it over my hands," Taichi instructed the blond boy.

"Only if you never call me beautiful ever again," Yamato grumbled but did as he was told, laying the cloth flat over Taichi's hands.

"Okay, now, your next step is to place your hands under the handkerchief as well." Taichi looked up into Yamato's blue eyes, mischief written all over his own brown ones. Resisting the urge to raise his eyebrow again, Yamato slipped his hands under the cloth. Taichi grabbed his hands and smiled at the audience.

"And now, to transfer the handcuffs," he announced dramatically. Never letting go of Yamato's hands, Taichi began to work his way out of the handcuffs under the cloth. His grip on the pale boy's hands was gentle and his thumb would run across the top of his hand lightly every now and again as he worked. Yamato shifted his weight from his left foot to his right, wishing he could pull his hands away from Taichi already.

'Then again, it's just Tai. Holding hands with him shouldn't be that big of a deal…I guess.' Yamato shrugged and blinked when he felt cold metal wrap around his wrist.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the results!" Taichi declared and whipped off the cloth, revealing Yamato's wrist occupying one of the handcuff loops while his own tanned wrist remained in the other. He blinked in surprise while Yamato looked on in horror.

"Bravo, the great Taichi. I thought the idea was to transfer the whole set of handcuffs, not just half of them," Takeru joked. Taichi cast his friends a sheepish look and rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.

"Well…obviously that didn't work," he laughed. Digging through his pants pocket, he bit his lower lip in concentration. "Now if only I could find that key…" Yamato lowered his eyelids and growled.

"Tai, you idiot, you threw the key across my apartment, remember!" he exclaimed. Realization dawned on Taichi and a small grin flooded his face.

"Oh yeah…oops." He shrugged and sent an apologetic look to his best friend. It took all of his willpower for Yamato not to let out a loud groan but clearly that wasn't enough as all of their friends started giggling at their predicament.

"That's it! Everybody split up and start looking for that key," the aggravated blond ordered. Not wanting to get in the way of the Ishida Rage, all of the teens on the floor, couch, and chairs got up and began pairing off.

"So…who am I with?" Taichi questioned, looking at his options curiously.

"Tai, just be quiet," Yamato sighed and pulled him slightly as they began the search for the tiny silver key.

"Yamato, face it, that key is so far gone," Hikari pointed out to the older blond as she, Takeru, and Daisuke all flopped down on the couch. Yamato shook his head and frowned.

"No way, guys, keep looking," he insisted and strode over to his large white bookcase, dragging an unwilling Taichi behind him.

"Yama, maybe they're right…besides, I don't wanna search anymore," the brunet whined and dug his heels into the ground. Yamato gave the handcuffs that still attached them together a sharp tug and began searching the ground around the bookcase.

"Oh no you don't, you're the one who got us into this mess!" Yamato reminded him and crouched down, pulling books off of the shelves and searching them thoroughly. Taichi sighed loudly and looked on the higher shelves. Yamato reached out and pulled a small vase off of the shelve. Sadly, there was nothing around, behind, or under the tiny container.

'Stupid Tai. He always gets us into these kinds of situations, dumbass. Why do I let him drag me along? I swear, if he would just think about some of these ideas, we'd save me a lot of headaches.' Yamato thought grudgingly and looked up at his best friend, fully prepared to send him a harsh glare. However, the look he saw on Taichi's face changed his mind completely. The mud-eyed boy's eyes were narrowed in concentration, squinting into the dark corners of the shelve. His lips were drawn into a thin line and his nostrils flared every now and again. Yamato bit back a snicker.

'Well, even if he does screw up a lot, he always puts in the effort to make things right again. I'll give him credit for that.' A smile graced the blond's lips. 'Besides, he looks so adorable like that.' He confirmed that thought with a nod. It didn't surprise him at all that he was thinking such thoughts about Taichi. After all, it wasn't the first time. He merely learned to accept the fact that he was attracted to his best friend and lived on.

Suddenly he looked down at the little vase in his hand and an idea struck him.

'It's worth a try…' He looked up at Taichi to make sure he was distracted before quietly emptying the contents of the vase into his hand. Mixed in with spare change, rubber bands, a wad of paper, and a thumbtack was a miniscule silver key, winking up at Yamato cheerfully. Sneakily, the blue-eyed boy pocketed the key for later use and stood up, throwing all of the other junk back into the vase.

"Well, it's not over here," he announced. Taichi looked away from the bookcase and nodded sadly.

"Yep…I'm really sorry, Yama. Your birthday party kinda just died," he apologized quietly, motioning towards all of their friends who were on hands and knees throughout the apartment looking for the key. Yamato returned with a shrug and pulled Taichi behind him.

"Don't worry about it," he reassured the distressed brunet, hiding his smile easily.

'Besides, now I have you right where I want you.'

Several hours later, no one else had produced the key and it was late, meaning they all had to part their separate ways. Except for Taichi of course, who was currently sitting on the couch next to an exhausted blond and still handcuffed just as tightly as they had been earlier that afternoon.

"We searched for almost four hours and we didn't find the goddamn key," Tai spat out angrily. Obviously he was just as frustrated as the rest of them had been. Yamato shrugged and stared off into space, linking all of his thoughts together before he voiced them. Unlike Taichi, he liked to think before acting.

"Yama, are you even listening to me?" Taichi's voice interrupted his train of thought once again. Yamato closed his eyes and decided just to talk without finishing his planning.

"You handcuffed us on purpose, didn't you?" The question caught Taichi off-guard. The brunet blinked in surprise and his mouth fell agape slightly.

"What makes you say that?" he questioned slowly, afraid to hear the answer.

"Oh please, Tai, it's so obvious."

"Well then what is it?" Yamato smirked and turned his head, looking at the side of Taichi's face. Taichi also turned to look at the blond, causing them to come nose-to-nose with one another.

"You have a crush on me." Yamato's smirk grew wider. Taichi's eyes widened and looked away from Yamato's.

'Yep. Right where I want him.' Yamato snickered.


"Look, Tai, I won't tell anybody on one condition." Taichi sighed and looked back into the blue eyes, knowing that there was no way out of this one.


"Kiss me."

"Huh?" And that was all that Taichi had time to say before Yamato pounced on him, pressing his lips against Taichi's own. Taichi's initial response was to throw Yamato off of the couch. However, seeing how they were still handcuffed, that would send him flying onto the floor as well.

Besides, Yamato wasn't a bad kisser. No, not at all. The two continued battling for dominance, eventually ending with Taichi flipping Yamato onto his back and leaning on his chest. The two pulled away reluctantly to breathe and watched each other carefully.

"Well…anything else?" Taichi panted, looking down into the face of his Yamato.

"Yeah, actually, there is." Yamato reached into his pocket and pulled out the silver key. Ignoring Taichi's sputters of protest, he unlocked their wrists and threw the handcuffs onto the table. "We'll have to keep those for a later use."

"So you…you kept me handcuffed this whole time so that you could freakin' make-out with me!" Taichi squeaked indignantly.

"You betcha." Yamato nodded. Taichi shook his head and sighed, wrapping his arms around Yamato's waist and leaning against his body.


"Only yours, Taichi. Only yours.

Eh, not how I thought I would end it, hope you enjoyed it all the same! Next one to come soon!