Author's note: There has been a lot of speculation as to what the big twist would be that Alicia indicated on the Soap Secrets show. Here is my wild guess. I tried to be medically accurate, but there is only so much research I'm willing to do for a fanfic. I have no plans to continue this story, but who knows.

Greenlee squeezed Kendall's hand. Kendall looked up at her and they both grinned like idiots. This was an exciting moment – they would be hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time. They had hoped to hear it last month, when Kendall was eight weeks along. When they didn't hear it, they were crushed, but Dr. Madden assured them that it was perhaps a bit too early. He said that they would be able to hear the heartbeat for sure on the next visit, when she was twelve weeks along. So here it was, the moment of truth. Greenlee squirmed with anticipation. Dr. Madden turned on the doppler device and pressed it against Kendall's abdomen. Static. He moved it to another location. More static. He continued moving it along various parts of Kendall's stomach, and still did not hear anything. Kendall clenched her jaw. "My tummy's not that big, Doctor. Shouldn't we have heard something by now?"

Dr. Madden's expression was grave. But then again, it usually looked grave. "Theoretically, yes. But these doppler devices aren't always reliable. Also, Kendall's abdomen is not protruding as much as is typical for twelve weeks along, which probably means that she is carrying the fetus more internally. That would make it harder to hear the heartbeat. I'll tell you what I'll do. We have an ultrasound machine here in the clinic. Let me see if it is available, and we'll just go ahead and have the ultrasound earlier than planned." Greenlee's previous apprehensive expression turned to one of joy. "You mean we'll get to see him or her? A month early? Did you hear that Kendall?" Kendall smiled wanly. She was a nervous wreck.

After placing a call to the ultrasound tech, Dr. Madden led them to the room with the ultrasound machine. The technician, Brenda, smeared some lubricant on Kendall's abdomen, then pressed a scanning implement against her skin. Kendall and Greenlee stared at the monitor, which seemed full of gray and black blobs. Brenda pointed. "There's the uterus." She continued to inch the tool along. "How far along did you say she was, Dr. Madden?" He glanced at her. "Twelve weeks." Brenda gave him a swift glance. She paused the instrument over one spot and stared at the screen for a moment. She pressed a button, and immediately came the sound of a heartbeat. Kendall and Greenlee gasped in unison. Greenlee clutched Kendall's hand and hopped up and down. Brenda pressed a few more buttons on the monitor, and a moment later, Kendall saw what looked like a picture pop out of the machine. Brenda handed the picture to Dr. Madden. She gave him a confused look. He gave her a meaningful look. Kendall was starting to freak out on the inside. Oh no, oh no, something's wrong. Why did Zach have to be in Thailand? Why couldn't he be here with me?

Dr. Madden turned towards Kendall and Greenlee, and smiled. He held out the picture and pointed towards a small spot. "Here is the little peanut, right here." He was being cutesy, something was definitely wrong. As Kendall wiped the goo off her belly and straightened her clothes, Greenlee stared at the picture. "Why couldn't we hear the heartbeat with the doppler machine?" Dr. Madden held his hand out towards the door. "Lets go to my office and have a chat." Greenlee went out the door first, and Kendall followed. She glanced behind and saw Dr. Madden conferring quietly with Brenda.

When they got to the office, Dr. Madden rummaged through one of his drawers. He produced a piece of paper and handed it to Kendall. "Have you had any of these symptoms?" She hesitantly took the paper and looked at the list. "Umm…right after the one month appointment, I had some cramps and some spotting." Greenlee's eyes widened. "And you didn't tell us? Kendall!" Kendall blinked her eyes rapidly. "I thought it was supposed to be normal! It wasn't nearly as severe as what Greenlee endured when she lost her baby, so I thought it was fine. Greenlee, I didn't want to upset you over nothing." Greenlee looked at Dr. Madden for confirmation. He cleared his throat. "It can be perfectly normal." Kendall clenched her fingers together. "Can be? Dr. Madden, did I do something wrong?" He fiddled with his pen. "I have one other question to ask you, Kendall. Did you have sexual relations any time after the spotting and cramping?"

Greenlee waved her hand. "Of course not. That was one of my very first rules for Kendall. No sex during the pregnancy. Right, Kendall?" Kendall looked down, twisting her wedding ring around and around. Greenlee tugged on her shoulder and hissed at her in a low voice. "Kendall? You do recall the conversation about no eclairs or baguettes near my bun?" Kendall glanced up at Dr. Madden, who was staring at Greenlee as if she just sprouted horns. Kendall swallowed hard. "I did have sexual relations, Doctor. A few times, I guess. Maybe more. I didn't really count." Greenlee shot up from her chair. "Kendall! Oh my God, it was Zach, wasn't it? He put his éclair in your oven!" Kendall gave her a guilty, yet defiant look. "It was more like a baguette." Greenlee threw her hands up. "Too much information!"

Kendall looked at Dr. Madden beeseechingly. "Its been awhile since we've done it. Zach's been in Thailand for over a month." Greenlee sat back down in her chair. "You mean if he were here, you'd still be going at it like jackrabbits, hammering away at my poor baby?" Kendall slammed her hand down on Dr. Madden's desk. "Damn it, Greenlee. Sex does not hurt the baby in any way. Every book I've read says that." Greenlee waved her hand at Dr. Madden. "Then why did he ask you whether you had sex? I'm sure it isn't because he gets off on it." Dr. Madden stood up. "Ladies! May I answer the question?" They looked at him expectantly. There was a knock on the door, and Brenda poked her head in. "I have those pictures you wanted." She bustled in and put a file on his desk. He nodded. "Good timing, Brenda. Thank you." She left the room.

Dr. Madden perused the file for a moment, then pulled out two sonagram pictures. "This is what a fetus looks like at twelve weeks. And this is what a fetus looks like at seven weeks." He laid the pictures side by side. Greenlee held up the picture from Kendall's ultrasound. The size of the baby more closely matched the seven week picture. Greenlee's voice was barely above a squeak. "So the baby is really small. Is that a problem? I'm petite. Maybe it just has my petite genes." Kendall shook her head in confusion. "I don't understand. What does the size of the baby have to do with my cramping and then having sex? Did I somehow stunt its growth? Please tell me I didn't hurt the baby." Her face crumpled in anguish.

Dr. Madden came around the desk and put one hand on Greenlee's and one hand on Kendall's. "I know this is hard to understand, ladies. What you have to realize is that fertilized egg implantation is a hit or miss process. Even if one or more of the eggs successfully implants, it is not a guarantee that it will stay the course until birth. Like with any other pregnancy, the chance for miscarriage is there." He sighed heavily, and picked up Kendall's sonogram. "There is a little baby here, on this sonogram. But I very much doubt that it is the same baby that was implanted into Kendall's womb twelve weeks ago." The two women stared at him in shock. "I think that Greenlee's baby miscarried after four weeks. And I think that Kendall became pregnant just a week later, when she had sex with her husband."