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Fanfiction: Gundam Seed

"Double Identities"

By Tsubame Ongaku

Summary: Athrun is engaged to Orb's perfect princess, Cagalli Yula Attha. He obediently accepts his fate but one day he met a fiery beauty named, Eulla. She is everything the princess is not but why does he still find himself falling in love with her?

A/N: What you should know before reading this fic…

-The war was over

-Athrun is twenty-one

-Lacus, Kira and Cagalli are eighteen

-Athrun does not know Cagalli but knows Kira because they are Bestfriends

-Uzumi Attha is still alive and ruling Orb

-Patrick Zala is still alive and is the Head Chairman of the PLANTS instead of Seigal Clyne

-Athrun is not engaged to Lacus but are close friends

-Kira recently found out that Cagalli was his twin and now lived in Orb as Head of Security

Chapter 1: "The unexpected engagement"

Athrun Zala, ace pilot of ZAFT, always did what he was told. Whether it was in the battlefield or out, he always followed orders and did what was expected of him. He did it for the PLANTS, his home and Patrick Zala, his father…

That morning, Athrun had received a message from his father to go to his father's office immediately. Whatever it was must have been of great importance. Though Patrick Zala was his father, Athrun wasn't invited into his father's office very often. His father insisted that formality be kept between the two of them.

Dressed in his ZAFT uniform, he entered the office of his father, the most powerful man in the PLANTS.

He did not allow himself to feel overwhelmed by his father's presence. He was not a child anymore and he was trained to be better than that. To any other man, standing before Patrick Zala could reduce them to trembling fools.

The office was big…humongous! It was really what you'd expect from the Head Chairman. Everything was dark, neat and if not for a single framed picture of little Athrun with his mother, Lenore, on his desk, you'd believe it was owned by someone without a heart.

Athrun stood erect and saluted to his father. "You called, Head Chairman?"

"At ease, Athrun, and sit down. This is going to take a while. "

He did. He was still wondering what in the world his father wanted. He passed his latest report without any problems.

Patrick Zala tucked the last folder into one of the drawers on his desk before returning his attention back to his son. "Athrun, you know who the Head Representative of Orb is, don't you?"

"Of course. It is Lord Uzumi Attha."

"Did you know that he has a daughter?"

Athrun couldn't understand what his father was trying to tell him. "Yes, I am aware, but I've never seen her. Father, what are you trying to say?"

Patrick Zala ignored the stiffness in his voice. "Pack your bags, Athrun. In two days, you are going to Orb to meet your new fiancée…"

"My fiancée? But Father…"

"Lord Uzumi and I have already made an agreement. You are going to Orb in two days whether you like it or not."

"Father, I don't even know her and I've never met her. How could you expect me to marry someone I haven't even met?" Athrun argued.

His father frowned. His son didn't usually go question his wishes. "You will meet her in a few days."

"Please listen…"

"My decision is final, Athrun. Are you going to oppose me?"

Athrun frowned, but stopped his argument, even though he didn't like the idea of marrying a complete stranger. "As you wish, Father."

"Good and Athrun…you know better than to call me that here…"

The next couple of days before his departure, Athrun spent them doing research on his said fiancée, Cagalli Yula Attha. He bought every magazine, every picture and every article about her. There had been hundreds, but none of them were really very helpful. All he got from his research was that she was the perfect princess of Orb.

The media praised her poise and beauty, but he found nothing about what she was like behind the limelight. There was not even one bad publicity about her.

Athrun stared into the picture of a lovely, blonde-haired woman. She had the most beautiful, bright, amber eyes. She was wearing a lovely cocktail dress with a shade of light green. The picture was taken during one of Orb's conventions. She stood beside her father smiling for the camera. Behaving like the perfect lady.

Suddenly, the emcee's voice echoed, "The shuttle for Orb is now ready for boarding."

Athrun sighed. It was now or never. He glanced at the picture one last time before tucking it into his briefcase.

Orb was waiting…

"Father, how could you?" Cagalli screamed so loud that Kisaka could have sworn the earth shook.

"Cagalli, I'm sure your father had your best interest at heart," Kisaka said, trying to calm her down.

Very few people knew how unpredictable the princess could be. To the eyes of the public, she was perfect. She was beauty, brains and poise molded into one. Very few people also knew how she really hated that image and how she hated dresses.

At that moment, she was not wearing her traditional Orb princess dress. When at home, she would rather wear her comfortable cargo pants and red shirt. She was more comfortable with it than parading around with high-heels and skirts.

Cagalli had just found out from Kisaka she'd been engaged to a complete stranger. Needless to say, she didn't take it very well. Lord Uzumi was still busy at the PLANTS finalizing the treaty. It was a good thing too because Cagalli felt like murdering someone, specifically her father.

"How could he have done this to me? I just turned eighteen last month!"

"Maybe that is the reason why he wants you to be engaged."

"You're not helping, Kisaka. " She dropped unto the couch in frustration.

Kisaka stared at her. She was so different from how she was in the limelight. She was the perfect lady in public but in truth she was quite a tomboy. She hated dresses, make-up and etiquette. The last thing she wanted was to get married when she was just starting to live her own life. She wanted freedom, which even Kisaka couldn't give. There were times that Cagalli placed it in her own hands and sneaked out. It drove Kisaka crazy. It took hours to find her again.

"When do I meet him?" she asked. If she was going through with this she might as well know when she'd meet him.

"At the ball."

"Great!" she replied with great sarcasm. Just when she had earned her freedom, she was going to be tied to somebody else.

"Look in the bright side. At least your engagement with Yuuna Roma Seiran was cancelled. Who would you prefer? Seiran or this coordinator."

She shivered at the memory of her ex-fiancé. "I guess you're right. I would choose the lesser evil."

"And who would that be?"

She grinned. "I'll take my chances with a complete stranger."

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