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"Double Identities"

By Tsubame Ongaku

Summary: Athrun is engaged to Orb's perfect princess, Cagalli Yula Attha. He obediently accepts his fate but one day he met a fiery beauty named, Eulla. She is everything the princess is not but why does he still find himself falling in love with her?
A/N: If it is in italic, that is a flashback… hehhehhee….

Chapter 9: Sneaking out!

"What do you have for me, Sai?" Kira spoke through his videophone. "Is there any progress on the captured assassins?" Sai Argyle was one of Kira's most trusted men. He was helping Kira in the "Clyne Assassination Attempt Case." Kira had as few men as possible working with him. He couldn't risk having a spy among them.

"None of these guys will crack, Kira." Sai was looking worried. "They are really top-class professionals. Whoever this guy who wants the Pink Princess dead, is not kidding around." He pushed back his orange-tinted glasses, still looking quite serious. "This could be dangerous, Kira. Be careful."

Kira smiled, trying to look cheerful. "What are you saying, Sai? It is like you don't even know me." He spread the profiles of each of the captured assassins on his desk. He shuffled through them one by one. Sai was right. They weren't just ordinary assassins.

"They are druggies…" Kira didn't want to believe it. "I thought the drugging process was made illegal after the war was over." He looked through each the men's medical records. He hadn't seen results like these since… those three."

Sai nodded. "Shani Andras, Clotho Buer and Orga Sabnak." He remembered these three all too well from the war. They had caused a lot of problems for the Archangel. Sai though that they would die during that time. They were dangerous people. "For some reason, they are not as good as those three in the war. I suspect that they are new. Although their records are similar, there was a slight difference in the contents of the drugs themselves."

Kira looked up from the records to Sai, frowning. "Yes, you did mention that you found some drugs in their pouches."

"Like the first druggies, they can't survive without these drugs anymore," Sai muttered, almost angrily. "Whoever these guy is, is trying to recreate those three illegally."

Kira couldn't say anything at first. The case was getting more and more complicated. This wasn't good. His worse fears were becoming real. He tried so hard to prevent people from suffering that fate again but Kira supposed that I was probably inevitable. People will always be people, no matter what age or era.

"What are we going to do, Kira?" Sai awaited his superior's word.

Kira sighed and leaned back on his chair. "Have the labs discover a cure for this as soon as possible… and then, we wait."

Sai was surprised. "Wait? Kira, do you expect us to just wait?"

Kira nodded. "Yes, because we can't make a move until he makes his." He glanced over at a photograph of Lacus during one of her concerts. She was accepting a bouquet from one of her fans. She looked simply beautiful in her White concert gown. "Don't worry. I won't let him win."

Later, Kira hung up the phone, tiredly. The case was sapping up most of his energy. Suddenly, his sister's face appeared in his head. He began to fret, knowing his only sister all too well. "Cagalli, I hope that you're keeping yourself out of trouble…despite knowing you all too well."

Cagalli suddenly sneezed in the middle of one of her endless and boring interviews. She couldn't understand why she had a feeling someone was thinking about her. She sighed, if there was… it was most likely to be her brother. She was both surprised and relieved. She had half expected that she was going to yawn. That was a no-no in front of so many people.

"Are all right, Ms. Cagalli?" Athrun whispered in her ear. "You're not sick are you?"

Cagalli gasped. She could feel his breath in her ear and it was sending shivers down her spine. This Zala person was making her feel strange all of a sudden. What was the matter of her? "No, I'm fine," she assured him. "It might only mean that someone is talking about me out there." She leaned closer to his ear. "Considering my status, that isn't so farfetched, is it?"

Athrun chuckled. So, the Princess of Orb did have a sense of humor. "I guess you right." Athrun went back to talking to the press. Inside, he was feeling so guilty. Only a day ago, he had kissed another girl. It wasn't like him. He wasn't the type to two-time. He sighed. Was it because they looked so much alike?

He shook his head, violently. He couldn't make that excuse. They were as different as night and day in the inside. Cagalli Yula Athha was the picture of elegance and royalty. She was going to be his future bride and they were going to unite two warring people, the Naturals and Coordinators."

Eulla Hibiki was head-strong, tomboyish and as predictable as an active volcano. But he had so much fun with her, more fun than he'd ever had with other girls. He groaned. Unfortunately, Nicol had a crush on her too. He confirmed it when they were on their way home from taking Eulla back to her hotel room.

"Miss Eulla is so much fun to be with!" Nicol exclaimed. He was laughing and remembering everything they did while in the amusement park. "She was just like one of the guys… except maybe in the Haunted House. Who would have thought that a tough gal like her was afraid of ghosts?"

Athrun didn't say anything but he did nod. He enjoyed himself too though he would never admit it.

"But, Athrun… why is it that you always picked fights with her?" Nicol asked him. It had been bothering him the whole day. "Atrhrun and the blonde always seemed to fight every few minutes about something as trifle as the flavor of cotton candy to who bought the tickets."

He shrugged. "Don't you think that she's too much to be one of the guys? Shouldn't girls be a bit feminine?" In truth, he liked her the way she was. He had never met a girl quite like her before. All the women he'd known in his life were feminine to the bone.

"I don't know…" Nicol muttered. "Hey, Athrun, do you remember the Haunted House? While we were outside, she had been so tough, right? She kept saying that going in there was child's play."

Athrun grinned at the memory. He remembered well. He was the one that coerced her into going. "Yeah, I do…"

"While we were inside, the way she clung to Rusty was definitely feminine… and kinda cute too."

Athrun ground his teeth. How could he forget? He had to pry her fingers from Rusty's arm. Rusty didn't mind her clinging but Athrun did. When he finally did get her fingers off his arm, there was another ghostly howl that sent her wrapping her arms around Athrun's neck.

Athrun blushed remembering that. She had been so cute. "Let's go before Dearka decides not to let us have dinner…"

Looking back, he knew he was jealous. He was as jealous as he was at that moment when all the male interviewers seem to shower her with compliments and blind affection. He kept reminding himself that she was their princess and this was just a normal reaction.

"Your Highness, when is the wedding?"

Atrhun knew that this question was bound to surface sooner or later. Even he didn't know the exact date. His father wasn't much help in the preparations. He glanced towards the lovely woman beside him. She was smiling confidently and serenely. It made him wonder how she did that. She was as clueless about the preparations as he was. He was sure about that.

"We are currently not concentrating on that matter." She reached for his hand and squeezed it tight. He blushed but she still looked sure of herself. How she did that, he didn't know. "We are currently busy trying to get to know each other first. Isn't that right, Athrun?"

"Y---yeah… I mean… yes." He was stuttering. He was making a fool of himself. "But so far, our relationship has been wonderful."

"This is unfortunate news for all your fans out there," another reporter voiced out. "You are getting married so young."

This time, Athrun thought that he saw Cagalli's smile waver. Athrun thought that maybe it was his imagination. He realized later that she was indeed so young. Not long ago, she had turned eighteen. He was only twenty himself. He didn't mind at all but Cagalli had barely just begun to live her life.

"I know, but we're not getting married right away, you know." She hid her uncertainty in her bright smile. "We were hoping on having a long engagement and we'll see what we can do."

"Cagalli…" he whispered. She was sacrificing herself. She squeezed her hand back, trying to give her as much comfort as he can.

Before they knew it, they were staring at each other with affection in their eyes. Athrun really cared about this girl. It was difficult not to, knowing very well what she was giving up. It ate him up even more, remembering his kiss with Eulla. Was it possible?

He was in love with two women?

"But I thought we were going to talk about the aquarium," the princess chuckled. "Why are we talking about this matter?" She bowed respectfully. "Thank you all for coming to this opening. Welcome to Orb's new Aquarium. I hope you enjoy yourselves."

Little by little, the press disappeared from the spacious press room. When the last man finally disappeared beyond the doors, Cagalli finally sighed with relief. "That was tiring. I thought they'd never leave. My smile was beginning to hurt."

Athrun couldn't move for a moment. The gentleness in tone was definitely the princess but for a moment, Athrun thought he could hear Eulla's character in her speech. He dismissed it as his imagination. "Cagalli, do you want me to give you a massage?" He paced his hands on her bear shoulders. Athrun thought he could feel her shiver.

"That…that would be great! Thank you, Athrun," she smiled whole-heartedly. It was giving his stomach flip-flops.

He ran his hands through her blonde hair and raised it above her head. "Do you have a hairclip?" She handed his one from her purse. He clipped it on her hair to keep her hair from getting in the way of his massage.

"She has very smooth skin… and such slender shoulders," he thought as his hands massaged her tired neck and shoulders. He ran his hands up and down her neck, trying to release some of its tension. "Her neck is so graceful."

Athrun's massage was bliss. Cagalli couldn't help but groan. He was good at this. She could feel much of the tension she felt earlier melting away with his touch. Athrun continued his slow torture for a few more minutes before finally asking her, "Cagalli, do you really want to marry me?"

She was silent for a while, probably too shocked to reply. She finally got herself to chuckle. "You're not getting cold feet, are you, Athrun?"

"No, but you are," he whispered sadly. "I told you before. I want to marry you, Cagalli. What I want to know is that, do you?" He bent down and kissed her neck softly. He could feel her shiver in his touch. He smiled. She was so very feminine.

Cagalli was suddenly having great difficulty breathing. The way he was touching her in such a way took her breath away and taking much of her ability to think rationally. What was Athrun doing to her? She was turning to one of those type of girls that she hated. Was he acting this way because he liked her… or because he had to because she was his fiancée?

"You don't have to pretend to like me, you know," she mumbled. "If there is someone else you like, you can tell me. I'm not the simpering blonde that a lot of people believe that I am."

"I never said you were," He pointed out. "Simpering blonde is the last thing I would ever describe you." He pulled the hairclips from her hair and watched as golden locks tumble beautifully down her face. "You're amazing. The way you handled the press was just amazing. I honestly didn't know what to say but you handled them like a pro."

She blushed and brushed his hand away. "If you were raised like me, you'd be able to do it too."

Her fiancé laughed. "I was raised like you. I am the son of the Chairman of the PLANTs. For the first time in my life, I didn't know to say because I didn't know anything." He tipped her chin to get her to face him. "I'm guessing you're no different. I'm guessing that you're father didn't tell you anything either."

She shook her head. "He didn't tell me anything either. All I know is that we're getting married soon but I hope not too soon." She walked towards the window and watched the happy people pass by. They weren't trapped in a bubble like she was. "I never knew how it feels to be normal, to be able to walk around someplace without getting chased by the paparazzi."

She looked so forlorn that he almost felt sorry for her. Suddenly, he got an idea. "Cagalli, follow me!" he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door.

"Are you crazy? Where are you taking me?" She tried to pull her hand away from his.

"You want to go outside, don't you?" he asked her. "Why don't we?"

"Because of who you are and who I am, someone might recognize us and besides," she wrinkled her nose. "Don't we have another interview in ten minutes?"

He hushed her as he began to scan the hall for any guards on duty. Finding none, he pulled Cagalli with him outside. They crept slowly down the corridor. Cagalli held his hand tightly, not understanding what he was trying to do.

"Athrun, where are you taking me?"

He suddenly stopped and pulled her into the nearest closet. He wrapped his arms around her waist and closed his eyes, listening for any sounds.

"Athrun?" She was confused. What was he doing?

He shushed her and continued to listen. A few minutes later, he could hear footsteps walking down the corridor. They were most likely guards hired to keep an eye on them until the interview later.

"Hey, did you here?" One voice said. "That cute princess is here at this moment. Do you think that we'll be able to ask for an autograph?"

The other chuckled. "Don't bet on it. That girl is being watched like a hawk. What for anyway?"

"I'm a big fan of hers!" He exclaimed, it made both Cagalli and Athrun shiver. "Do you think I'd stand a chance?"

"Are you crazy?" This time his partner burst into a full-fledged laugh. "Do you know who she's engaged to?" He laughed again. "Athrun Zala, the son of the Chairman of the PLANTs, a famous war veteran and a real babe magnet."

Athrun blushed at the comment and he could feel Cagalli stiffen. He wanted to tell her that it was a bit exaggerated but it wasn't the time to talk. The guards were still outside. And they were not doing much good for his reputation. They were making it seem like he chased anything in skirts.

"It is such a shame that our princess is marrying a coordinator," the guard with a crush on Cagalli sighed. "I mean… can we really trust these guys now? Not long ago, we tried kicking each other's butts."

"I know how you feel," the companion replied. "She should have married someone from Orb. Someone the people trust. You know… like Seiran guy."

"Are you kidding me?" Came a spat. "That guy is like gay!" He rolled his eyes. "Don't you remember that LIVE televised report? He ran away in a middle of a battle… screaming like a baby!"

The other chuckled nervously, probably remembering it. "Okay, maybe he isn't the best choice but there's got to be someone here in Orb."

"Name one," he challenged.

"There is…Master Kira?"

"Good idea!" The man exclaimed sarcastically. "If only he wasn't the princess's brother. We don't exactly promote incest you know."

"Yeah… yeah…" He drawled, finally moving away.

Athrun listened until he was sure that they were moving away. He waited a few minutes before coming out of the closet. Then he pulled Cagalli out too.

"Come on, we don't have much time," he looked down to her and he saw her lovely flushed face. He couldn't help but stare. Stare long and hard. She looked too adorable. He wondered if she even knew that.

She bit her lip, embarrassed. Athrun was always so sweet to her, so it shouldn't really surprise her that a lot of people find him attractive, right? She tried to avoid the beautiful emerald eyes staring so curiously at her. She hated having him see her so flushed. She never flushed. It was so girly. She didn't know how much of what the guards said was true.

She finally found the courage to look at him, only to regret it. He was just too beautiful. She might not know much about him, but he was everything she could ever want in a guy. He was perfect… too perfect. But she…was nothing but a fraud.

"Cagalli, are you okay?" He brushed his knuckles against her cheek. "You look flushed. Was it hot in the closet?"

"No! Not at all!" She assured him, still mesmerized by his eyes. "I mean…" He had to stop looking at her that way. She can't think straight when he looked at her that way.

"Cagalli, whatever you heard about me, not all of them is true," Athrun told her. He misunderstood her silence. He believed that her silence meant that she was ashamed to have a "playboy" fiancé. "I don't fool around with girls. Actually I am not around girls so much." He blushed as he said this.

He was just too cute. Athrun continued to babble to her about how you shouldn't believe rumors… but she was too busy staring at his lips. She watched as he drawled out each word. She knew she had to stop. She couldn't.


Was it the sweet sound of his worried voice that enticed her? Even Cagalli didn't know the answer. His lips…his lips…she couldn't think straight. She wanted nothing more than to taste them again. Will he taste the same as before? Their first kiss tasted of tea and chocolate.

She didn't want to want it but… she wanted more.

Before she knew it, using his tie, she was pulling him to her and pressing her lips on his. Cagalli didn't know what she was thinking. A princess shouldn't be doing things like this, right? A princess wouldn't even dream of kissing a gentleman the way she wanted him to kiss her.

Athrun was shocked to say the least to feel his fiancée's soft lips on his. At first he was still then he began to respond to her kiss. Seconds passed, Athrun never even noticed their kiss was getting more and more passionate. Athrun heard footsteps in the distance. The guards were returning. Without taking his lips away from hers, he pulled her into the closet again.

"Maybe we should stay in this closet a little longer," Athrun said between kisses. "Escaping can wait a little while longer…"

"Has anyone else noticed that Miss Eulla is missing?" Nicol said suddenly.

His companions looked up from sipping their tea, eyes widened in shock. They looked at Nicol and then each other. He was right. They hadn't seen Eulla since she they arrived. She left to go to the bathroom… and that was three hours ago. The question was… where was she now?

"Do you think she's lost?" Dearka asked. He was a bit worried about her. He began looking around but there were just too many people that were here for the opening ceremony.

"Did you guys notice something strange?" Rusty spoke up. Something had been bothering him since they had watched the ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier. "The princess that was with Athrun, don't you think that she looks like Eulla? I mean… I couldn't believe it either but I couldn't help it. Except for Eulla's blue eyes they could actually be twins…"

Yzak snorted. "I did notice but don't be ridiculous, Mackenzie. That tomboy couldn't be the princess." He tried to wave the thought away. "Did you see her etiquette? It is impressive for a Natural."

Rusty sighed. "Maybe you're right. What was I thinking?" In the distance, he saw a flash of a blue dress. He could have sworn it was the same colored dress Eulla was wearing that morning. He began walking towards it.

"Hey, Rusty. Where are you going?"

The others stood up to follow him, leaving their payment and a tip on the table. They had a hard time navigating through the sea of people going here and there.

"Rusty, wait up!" Dearka rushed towards his friend. "What's with the rush?"

"I thought I saw Eulla," he replied, brows wrinkled then shrugged. "But that couldn't be her."

"Why do you say that?"

Rusty folded his arms in front of him, deep at thought. "It couldn't be her… because I could have sworn that that girl was with…a guy."

Yzak and Nicol caught up in time to hear what he said. "That could be Athrun, you know," Nicol suggested. They must be looking for us.

Rusty shook his head and snorted. "I'm really sure that is not her…I did not see her face but I got a good look at her. I am pretty sure that Eulla is not as well endowed as that girl…"

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