Disclaimer: I don't own FF7 or it's characters. Just having a little fun with them after some interesting conversation in an Advent Children related IRC chat. Enjoy!

Can you hear me now?

by: Teneshi


Cloud stood there for a moment before reaching down and grabbing the small black object from his pocket. After flipping it open he pressed a couple buttons and listened to the ring. A click indicated that someone had picked up on the other end and so he began to speak.

"Tifa. Hey, can you hear me now?"

Expecting an answer he was somewhat surprised to recieve only silence. With a slight shake of his head he tried again,"Tifa, hey can you hear me now?"

Again silence met his ear and then a sort of scraping sound. What unnerved him was the fact the scraping sound seemed to come from nearby. A strangely familiar sense of dread started to climb up his spine as the sound came again. Trying one last time he asked into the phone,"Tifa, are you there? Can you hear me?"

When nothing except a click and dial tone met his ear he turned back towards the Highwind. It was parked about ten feet away in a field. He had gone out to test the PHS system though apparently it didn't work right. As he turned his eyes locked onto the most horrifying sight. The PHS dropped from his hand and made a small crunch that indicated it's lifespan was at an end. Cloud was vaguely sure his was soon to follow as he watched Jenova scrape and slither her way towards him, Tifa's PHS in hand.

In that moment Jenova lifed the small black object to where her head should have been, but was not. It was then that a voice thundered into Cloud's head and made him fall to his knees.

"No I can't hear you now puppet... But my eye nipples can see you."

At this the PHS in her hand was crushed and she swooped over, descending on Cloud's crouched form. A shriek pierced the night and Tifa looked up from her position on the Highwind deck. She'd gone out looking for her missing PHS but had no luck finding it yet. With a shrug she went back in to wait for Cloud's return.