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(-)(Kimiko's POV)

"Jack, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!" I shouted. "My Shroud of Shadows for your Eye of Dashi."

"I accept, what's the game?" Jack asked, grinning of the glowing Shen Gong Wu.

The grin was repulsing. "The showdown is Truth. Say something about yourself, and back it up with proof." It was a lame showdown, but it was the first one that came to mind.

"Alright," he said. "Xiaolin Showdown!"

The tree we had been standing on became two. It grew to a height that couldn't be matched. The branch became a bridge, the Wu in the middle.

"Gon Yi Tampai!" we shouted.

I started the showdown. "I have black hair!" I pointed to the pigtails that I had up.

"Well I have red hair!" Jack pointed to his hair.

And so the long, and seemingly endless showdown began.

(-)(Jack's POV)

I was starting to run out of ideas. Kimiko was too, I could tell. Kimiko had just finished hers. It was my turn, and I had no clue what to say. The timer was running out. I said a completely random thought.

"Uh . . . I'm a good kisser!" What? I had never kissed a girl before! How the heck was I supposed to know?

I saw Kimiko go pale. I remembered the next part I had to do. I had to prove it. I felt myself go sick. Kiss the enemy? Gross!

(-)(Kimiko's POV)

That evil, mindless, dumb, idiotic, freak of nature! He had to say something like that! I had to go trough with it. If I didn't, I'd lose the showdown. So, I thought, it's for the Wu.

"P-p-prove it," I stuttered. I couldn't believe it! I could've hurled on the spot. My first kiss was gonna be with Jack Spicer. YUCK!

He nodded slowly, as if he regretted what he said. We both walk towards the center, very reluctantly.

We reached the middle, face to face. Jack took a deep breath, and went for it. It's not that bad, I thought. In fact, it's lovely. I murdered that thought, but it was like a zombie, coming back to haunt you. Oh well, another voice said. I gave up on trying to dismiss the thought.

(-)(Jack's POV)

I couldn't believe how great that was. But when we broke apart, I knew I'd fall. I waited for my stomach to drop, but the feeling never came. Instead, I watched Kimiko fall. I looked up. Her timer was on zero.

After the special effects of the showdown disappeared, I saw that everyone was staring at Kimiko and me in disbelief. I couldn't take it. I grabbed the Wu and left, Wuya following me closely.

(-)(Kimiko's POV)

As soon as Jack left, I faced the others. Act as if it's no big deal, I thought. The questions started.

"He's actually a good kisser? You enjoyed that?" Rai asked in disgust.

I shook my head, some of my former self returning. "Of course I didn't enjoy that!" I snapped.

Omi piped in his thoughts. "Then how did you lost the showdown? And how could Jack Spicer be good at putting his lips on yours? Is it a skill? If it is, I must conquer it!" But before he could even move, Rai grabbed his bald head.

"Little dude, you don't even wanna try," he said as Dojo appeared out of the bushes.

"Was it a win or loss?" he asked. That broke the little self control I had.

"Shut up! I can lose a showdown once, can't I!" I screamed. "Hurry up, I want to get out of this freaking place!"

Dojo looked taken aback, but none the less grew to his 40 foot size. I got on, thinking about how bad things would be when I got back to the Temple.


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