Insert disclaimer here: I do not own Yugioh. And that is probably a good thing. If I did, it would be filled with things like the following story. And 4 Kids entertainment would die of a brain aneurism from simply trying to edit it for ages 7 and under. No… wait… maybe that would be a good thing after all…

After the events of the Battle City Tournament, Ryou Bakura was glad to put some things behind him. The shadow realm was one of them.

How was he to know, though, that he took away from that experience a lot more than he originally bargained for...

Ryou had woken up that morning with a scratch in the back of his throat, a few unexplained aches, and the tickle of a slight cough. He sighed as he brewed a hot kettle of herbal tea. The second term of the school year would be starting in a few days. The last thing he wanted, or needed, was to start off the term with an unnecessary absence. And despite his usual precautions, it felt like a flu bug had become an uninvited guest.

"… just my luck, it seems…" he muttered to himself, pouring his tea into a cozy mug. He picked up a thick book, with the intention of taking it easy for the rest of the day.

His yami didn't respond.

Or at least, not as Ryou had intended.

'Something's wrong in here, host. Not that it matters to me.' The gruff voice shouted in the back of his head. 'But what'd you do?'

He had half expected the spirit to brush off this possible illness with contempt. Instead, his response almost sounded like genuine concern.

"I didn't do anything, yami." Ryou answered aloud, using the book as a coaster. "I'm just feeling a little under the weather. Flu season must be starting early this year."

'No. It's not that.'

He could feel his yami pacing in his soul room. Was something the matter?

"… yami?"

'Something's wrong in here. Very wrong in here.'

"Yami, I know you don't like it when my body gets sick, but you'll just have to accept it sometimes." Ryou attempted to explain. "Human bodies get sick from time to time…"

'You're as naïve as you are stupid!' Yami Bakura shouted.

He materialized in spirit form on the couch beside Ryou, thrusting his finger onto Ryou's chest.

'Something's very wrong in there. It's not like your petty human illnesses.' He grumbled. 'And I should know. You're sick a lot.'

Ryou resisted the urge to argue with his yami. In his mind, a couple colds a season wasn't 'a lot,' but to his yami, it must have been torture. The spirit, who detested weakness above all else, never took control if there was even a twinge of illness on the horizon.

"What are you talking about?"

'I'm not… I'm not sure. I can feel it, all right? There's something in your body that doesn't belong there…'

Ryou muffled a weak cough, and cleared his throat.

"Yami, that's ridiculous." He replied quickly. "I feel fine. Just a touch of the flu."

Yami Bakura didn't respond.

"Besides, if it didn't belong in me, where would it belong?"

The spirit leaned forward, playing with his copy of the millennium ring. His voice grew very quiet, almost remorseful as he disappeared back into his soul room.

'I think it belongs in the Shadow realm.'