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AU. Established relationship. Harry/Draco pairing.

Summary: Harry left Draco. For seven months Draco was alone with only a bottle to console him. Now, with Harry in St. Mungo's, Draco has a chance to find out what went wrong.



She walked up to him and sat without invitation. He coolly watched her as he sipped his well-prepared alcoholic drink. By the looks of her, he would need more quickly. With a nod of his head he motioned to the waitress to bring him another drink.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your company, Ms. Weasley?" Draco Malfoy asked in a cool emotionless voice.

Ginny Weasley wanted to hurt this man before her, cut him up into little pieces so small no one would find him. Ever. She reigned in the sudden viciousness of her thoughts to say what she had come here to say. "Let him go."

Draco raised an elegant eyebrow to her and asked in a bored tone, "let who go?"

"You know who I am talking about." She snarled. She was beautiful in her fury. "Quit hurting him and let him go."

Draco was silent as he contemplated his now empty glass. He looked around the room desperately trying not to catch her angry gaze. Where the bloody hell was his drink?

"I love him," she said, her tone showing how much this confrontation was actually costing her, "and like a fool I thought I could make him love me."

Draco fought to keep his face from showing how much her confession was hurting him, "I still fail to see how this involves me."

"Because, you bastard, he still loves you!" Ginny had tried to keep her voice from shrieking loudly but it was an impossible task. Silence fell as the waitress set down his new drink and took the empty glass away.

Draco looked away again. It was then that she finally noticed how pale he was and how his hands were shaking so that the ice in his glass gently clinked against the sides. His robes, once so immaculate, seemed old and dirty. His hair was neat but not in his usual style. The edge of his cuff, just peaking past his robe, was frayed, as if he played with it constantly.

Calmly, so calmly it was scary even to himself, he turned to say to her, "he is the one that left me, Ms. Weasley. I can not help you."

Ginny was stunned and all she could do was stare at him. Harry had left him? "But…I thought…"

"It matters not what you thought. Harry left me." Draco said coldly. He turned his attention back to his drink, intent on ignoring her.

He didn't know how long she stayed before she left but when he next looked up, he was again alone. Just like he had been since Harry had left him, seven months ago.

Not wanting to relive the memories he signaled the waitress and when she arrived he ordered two bottles of their finest scotch, told her how to call his house elf when the distraction charm he was going to cast on his booth wore off and then he proceeded to get very, very drunk.


Three nights later, same bar, same booth. He had not planned on coming here tonight but the thought of going back to the empty apartment had left him feeling more depressed than usual. He had managed to keep his memories at bay with enough scotch and he still didn't have the nerve to face them. He was sipping his second drink when he felt someone sit down beside him. He knew, without looking, who it was and he spat out before he could stop himself.

"I still can't help you, Ms. Weasley. Please, leave me alone."

"I can't." She whispered.

That drew his gaze and he saw her swollen lips and tear stained face and he was shocked at his concern. "What happened?"

"There has been an…incident." She said haltingly. "I need you to come with me."

Draco forced a sneer to his lips. "I have to go nowhere."

Ginny raised pain filled eyes to his cold ones, "it's Harry."

"Harry?" Draco could not keep the pain from his voice. He grit his teeth and taking a sip of his drink regarded her coldly. "It matters not what 'incident' involves him. I told you before, leave me alone."

Ginny shook her head. She had went against Harry's wishes by coming to see him and she was damned if she was leaving without him. "He's in St. Mungo's."

Draco felt the wash of fear that coursed through him at her words. He wanted not to ask. He wanted not to care. Damn it! He had left him! With a sigh Draco stood up, "let's go."

They apperated to St. Mungo's and walked silently down the corridor to where they were keeping Harry. He faltered when he saw Ron and Hermione standing in the hallway outside of a guarded closed door. Hermione was crying and Ron was doing his best to comfort her.

"What happened?" He asked the girl beside him.

Ginny searched his pale face and had to swallow down more tears and anger, "he found out I went to see you. He…look Malfoy, I love Harry, but there has never been anything between us. There could be but…"

Draco waved her to silence. He didn't want to hear her hopes and dreams about his lover. "What happened?"

"He tried to kill himself." There was no way to say it gently and she could tell that it hurt him greatly.

Draco stopped in the middle of the hallway and just looked at her. His last thought was that it was a good thing he was in a hospital before he let the blackness overcome him.


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