Title: Sail Away!

Summary: What! Shanks, yes, RED-HAIRED SHANKS, drank from…THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH! And now he's 19! But why? To get a certain black-haired boy that is. . But he's not the only Luffy-wanter on board………… (Yaoi) (Shanks x Luffy) (Zoro x Luffy) WAARRRRR! Grrrr!

Genre: (Attempted XD)Humor/Romance

Rating: M (for lime and bad potty words!)

Warnings: YAOI! And MAYBE some extremely random bashings for random people and things and sometimes animals?

ME: Hey everyone! This is an attempted humor kinda thing. Heh…but so what? Now:Claps hands twice: Shanks, darling, please say the disclaimer.

Shanks: Eh? For YOU? Hell, no! XD

ME: You Soon-To-Take-Poor-Innocent-Luffy's-Virginity-Evil-Child-Molester.

Shanks: Why…THANK YOU!

Luffy: She dosen't own One Piece. I hope.

ME: Oh, yes…:cackles: I'll get you my pretty!

Luffy: O.o

Luffy was stupid…S-T-U-P-I-D…(AN: O.o? I dunno why I keep saying that in intros…I guess it's the only word I can describe Luffy! Srry! XD:runs:) cause he doesn't know about a excited Zoro behind him all ready to pounce…so…the green-haired 19-year old crept…closer…and closer…and closer…AND CLOSER…AND-


Luffy turned around at the sound of his name. At that exact moment Zoro quickly ducked behind a barrel to his side. Whew, that was too close. If he keeps this up then Luffy will probably then be disgusted in him before he even knew it…but Luffy isn't THAT smart…is he? What if he walks in on me…in the bathroom with…uh…my…H-On? But then again…he probably doesn't know what it is! Yeah! That good! Then he'll help him with it:Gasp! That is perfect: I hope he doesn't know what sex is! Then-then…

The said man above was too busy drooling over the images and bliss that encountered his mind to hear footsteps behind him. Tap, tap.




Tap, Tap

"Hey, Zoro."

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap




Robin rolled her eyes at the drooling man with an extremely perverted look on his face.

"Eh? Robin?...:drool:."

"Shanks here."


"…………………………………And he's molesting Luffy as we speak."


AN: Like? PLEEEEAAAAASE REVIEW! Cliffhanger:Evil look:

Shanks: Luuuuuuuuffy! Love is in the air! Can you feel it in your nether regions:Hearts:

Luffy: In my Norway?

Zoro: Hey, psst Luffy! Wanna sleep with me tonight?

Luffy: But I like my bunk.

Zoro: Do you know what sexxx is my Luffy-er Luffy?

Shanks: Of course he doesn't! That's why I'm gonna take his first!

Luffy: Sax?

Chopper: SEXXX? You people talking bout SEXXX? With THE triple XXX?

Shanks and Zoro gaining on Luffy: How bout a threesome? Except Luffy is the only one going to be naked!

Shanks and Zoro pounced on Luffy and dragged him away to their quarters leaving their "MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA's" behind…and also a unconscious Chopper.

Luffy is totally STUPID and clueless.