Chapter 3

The Wheel Turns

Four people sat in the blowing wind known to occupy D-point. It playfully tugged at them, leaving all of them freezing and irritable. "I can't take this anymore," whined Jadeite.

"Just a few more moments, Sailor Moon's been taken inside the base. Okay you three get up," Apollene commanded.

All three generals stood shakily. They were about to pull a dangerous stunt. In moments they were going to be engulfed by the light of a very powerful crystal, one that would be at full strength when used. The question was would they survive the contact. When they'd heard there was a possibility that they make it out alive of course they were a little hesitant. The foolishness of the situation was pointed out by one of the generals. However Apollene would hear none of it, "I'm taking no chances here. I may have rescued you but there's always that chance you'll be kidnapped again and be turned against me. Besides your only touching the light of the crystal, it isn't like your actually going to be standing in it."

"Now let's get going. We've got twenty minutes before the battle between the princess and Beryl and I want to be well concealed before them." Quickly they moved across the icy landscape, making it to their destination. "This here is the edge of the crystals power radius. Once Serenity releases the final blast from the crystal, completely vaporizing Beryl its power will consume the area for about a mile ending here. You three are to stand here," she drew a line in the snow with her boot, "Do not move from this spot. From here you'll only get a small dose of the crystals power. Any farther in and I have no idea what else may happen to you. I do not want to return withdead generals."

There was an explosion in the distance. A pillar of ice had formed and on its platform stood a woman with long golden blonde hair wearing a white dress. In front of her stood a giant with green hair flowing up rather down. "You dare challenge me, the ruler of this planet," the giant exclaimed. She raised her hands above her head summoning black lightning into her hands, "You've met your end Moon brat," she yelled has she sent the blast to the silent girl.

The blonde raised the crescent wand in her hand and shouted, "Moon Crystal Power," and the battle began.

The two opponents were deeply locked in battle. The winner would decide the fate of those that lived on this planet. At one point it seemed that the blonde girl was nearly defeated but four others joined her, slowly fading into positions next to her and becoming solid. They each shouted out a phrase and the blonde girl ended with another shout sending a huge blast of energy towards her foe.

"No!" The woman was absorbed by the light the light slowly expanded slowly consuming everything in its path and erasing the traces of darkness and healing everything within it.

"Are all of you ready," Apollene asked the four men. They all nodded and took their positions as the pink light slowly inched towards them. A moment later they were taken by the light, but it wasn't quite sure what to do with them. Each one succumbed to the darkness at the edges of their minds, leaving behind everything they once knew.

He sat in the darkness, his movements restrained. Something in this place was pushing him down never relenting and the hope he'd once held slowly diminished. His reason for living had once disappeared. He didn't even remember what it was. In the beginning had refused to succumb to this beings will. He searched and searched for that light that was in this darkness. When he finally found it, the light slipped through his fingers escaping him and never returning. Since then he'd given up searching and gave in to this, but never completely losing that hope that his light would return to him.

Now here it was shining brightly in front of him, asking him to come back. Asking him to leave this place and redeem himself. He wanted to leap at the chance but hesitated. What if he lost it again? Why take the chance of this light slipping through his fingers, once again deeming him unworthy of its presence. However he didn't want to be here, in this place of darkness. Slowly he stood, forcing himself to stand against that oppressing force. It wouldn't let him go without a fight though and he felt its constant pressure increase, but he remained vigilant.

Once he was on his feet, he slowly moved towards the white light, and within it stood a woman with long hair holding out her hand to him. Slowly he reached for it and took the woman's hand. Softly she said, "Welcome back, General." The darkness disappeared and he fell into another. The wheels of destiny had started to turn taking him and others with it.

Each general awoke to find a women standing over them with a gentle smile. "Welcome back Generals. Let's get to work; we've got a lot of planning to do."

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