You're Under Arrest: Winds of Change

A You're Under Arrest Fanfiction novelization by: Patrick Nguyen Huu

Disclaimer: I don't own YUA, that credit goes to Kosuke Fujishima.

Summary: With Natsumi's transfer to the Special Operations Division, the Bokuto Traffic police receives a replacement officer, a transfer from the investigations department upon his own request…And Aoi meets someone he never expected to see again.

Genre: Romance/Action/Comedy

Author's Note : I'll refer to Aoi as "she", simply because, well, Aoi's more woman than man, from my perspective.

Chapter One: The New Transfer

"A new transfer?" Everyone in the office looked up at Yoriko's startled exclamation. The chief just nodded and raised the newspaper again. "Since Tsujimoto transferred, that leaves us short one officer. He'll arrive any moment now, make him feel welcome." The bespectacled girl hadn't even heard the last statement, instead having turned to her colleagues to share the newest gossip.

"I hope he'll be nice to work with. But why another cyclist?" Saori wondered out loud as she listened to Yoriko. Aoi nodded her consent. "True, we're short one female patrol officer." Glancing over the desk at the male section of the office, she noted none of the motorists were very thrilled about the new addition to their ranks. "So, what do you think he'll be like? I hope he's cute!" Yuriko had stars in her eyes. They vanished nearly immediately after as she realized she had set up a Goukon for later that week.

The chatter was interrupted when the door opened and someone stepped into the office. "Officer Kurichi Kei, reporting, sir." The young man standing before them was in the blue uniform of the traffic police's motorcyclist division, a helmet clutched under his arm. The only thing that distinguished the uniform from any other were the two insignias pinned to the chest. One was the silver eagle of an ace driver, the other was a small blue cross with a shield.

The room's attention was immediately riveted on the new arrival as he snapped to a crisp salute, and every single pair of eyes focused to evaluate him. He was lean, at 5'9" he was about Aoi's height, and, while not of Nakajima Ken's muscular build, seemed athlethic enough and moved with an uncanny grace that unsettled many of the veterans of Bokuto. Shoulder-length black hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail, and wild strands fell into clear blue eyes.

The chief stood, returned the salute, and gestured towards his personnel. "Welcome, Kurichi-kun. Settle in, and prepare for your first patrol. I'll assign officer Nakajima to show you around Bokuto Precinct." Kei nodded. "Thank you." His eyes wandered around the room, resting briefly on Aoi, before he grinned at the large policeman. "So, Nakajima-san, shall we?"

"Now?" Ken nearly bolted from his desk. "It's not even time for the morning patrol yet!" Kei smirked, turned around, swinging his uniform jacket on as he went. "No time like the present, eh? I'll meet you down at the garage then." After he had left, Nakajima glanced around the room. Seeing that no help or advice was forthcoming, he shrugged and headed down, as well.


Aoi froze as sky-blue eyes met her dark green ones. She could have sworn she knew those eyes. Working over her memory, she searched for any face that matched the name or the eyes she had seen, but drew a blank. Who is Kurichi Kei? That face…it's so familiar. She knew that she had met Kei before, but couldn't by her life remember where or when. Everything about him seemed familiar, the way the ponytail swung, the graceful movement, the eyes, the rough but slightly effemiate face.

"Aoi-chan? Aoi-chan, you all right?" Aoi turned to the voice that had jolted her out of her reverie. "Oh, Miyuki-san. Yes, sorry, I was just thinking about something." Yoriko nudged her with her elbow. "It's that new officer, isn't it? Aoi-chan finds him cute! Aoi-chan finds him cute!" Aoi blushed and waved her hands in an attempt to stop her friend's sing-sang of "Aoi finds him cute."


The car raced up ahead, clearly intending to take the turn on the highway, in an attempt to shake the pursuing Today. Saori reached for the radio as she hung on for dear life. Since Natsumi's transfer, Miyuki's driving hadn't mellowed out. In fact, it had gotten wilder, if such a thing was possible. How her idol could make the mini patrol car dance on the street like she did, Saori would never know. "This is Bokuto One, we're in pursuit of a red Toyota Camry, heading north on Bokutei Road."

"I've got him," the reply came over the radio as the car in front of them swerved right to avoid a collision with the motorcycle that had just shot out of a side-street. "Nakajima-kun!" Saori could hear the smile in her partner's voice. "Saori-chan, hang on tight," Miyuki ordered. The junior officer did as she was told, and Miyuki reached for the dashboard. "Nitro, on."

The engine roared as the new mixture was injected into the combustion chamber, and Today took off, speeding past their target. Reaching for the hand brake, Miyuki brought her car around in a J-turn, blocking off the offending vehicle's path, while Nakajima's cycle pulled up from the side. The traffic violater, didn't exactly comply with their plan, and turned into the oncoming traffic, narrowly missing an oncoming trailer.

"He's insane! Someone's going to get hurt if he drives like that!" Miyuki started the engine again and began to bring the car around. "We're going to loose him," she murmured, angry at herself. "I got him," a new voice chimed over the radio, and a second cycle raced past the still Today, it's siren flashing. "Who…Kurichi-kun?" Miyuki smiled as she pulled Today along, the patrol car slowly gaining ground towards the police cycle and the pursuit vehicle.

"Got it in one, Kobayakawa-san." There was a muffled swear over the radio, before Kei continued. "He's not going to stop at this rate. You've got him in sight, Kobayakawa-san?" "Yes."

The cycle in front of the car sped up slightly. "Good. Don't loose him." The two policewomen in the car stared dumbly as the cycle swung right, into the traffic, dashing past honking cars as it accelerated. "What are you doing, Kurichi-kun!" Nakajima's angry voice crackled over the radio. "Return here at once, what you're doing is dangerous!" "So? He's not stopping if we don't stop him."

A moment later, Miyuki was forced to hit the brakes hard as the red Toyota they had been chasing broke out of the lane of the incoming traffic. Tires screeched on the ground as it slid to a halt, the white cycle stopping just next to it. Kei dismounted and knocked on the window. "Let's see…we've got speeding, reckless driving, endangering of the public, disregard of an order to stop, disregard of public safety laws, and drunk driving. Your license."

He turned to wink at the two in Today, before tipping his head in salute and driving off again.


"You should have seen it, it was so cool," Saori had stars in her eyes. "He drove right into the incoming traffic, and caught that speeder!" Aoi sighed, recognizing the glint of hero worship in the junior officer's eyes. "But what he did was reckless, and dangerous. He could have caused an accident himself," she commented as she sipped her tea. Saori shook her head. "I thought about it, he wasn't stopping, and had almost lost Nakajima-san and Miyuki-sempai."

Aoi shook her head and turned away slightly, glancing at where Kei was standing in front of the chief's desk receiving a scolding and commendation at the same time – something that, to this day, only Natsumi had been able to achieve. So reckless, Aoi mused, but it's odd, even Nakajima-san doesn't dare to drive like that. I wonder…

"What a day." She looked up to catch the cyclist she had been thinking about staring over his desk at Miyuki. He caught her eye for a brief moment, and shrugged. "I didn't catch up to him," the younger Nakajima told her, before turning back to his desk work. Aoi was startled out of her reverie when Kei snapped to attention, and brushed past her on his way to his desk.


Aoi hesitated as she walked past the garage. The lights were still on, and there was someone moving inside. Checking her watch, Aoi confirmed that it was indeed late at night. Usually, only Miyuki stayed this late to tinker with Today, but the young policewoman had gone on ahead after her shift had ended. Aoi herself had stayed late to finish some paperwork for the chief that had required immediate attention, hence her late departure.

Curiousity won over fear, and she walked up to the garage door, prepared for anything, be it burglar, stray animal, or late mechanic. What burglar breaks into a police garage? She mentally scolded herself. Peeking around the corner, she could see a person's back as he knelt before a motorcycle, the short black ponytail dangling down between his shoulder blades.

"Kurichi-san?" Kei's head swung around at the new voice. "Oh, Futaba-san." He smiled. "What brings you here, so late at night?" Aoi walked over to her fellow officer and leaned against the wall. "Actually, I was going to ask you that. And there's no need to be so formal. Please, call me Aoi."

He grinned at this, a lopsided smile that seemed hauntingly familiar to Aoi. "Only if you do the same," he told her. Aoi's eyebrow quirked up as she smirked. "You want me to call you Aoi?" She broke into laughter as Kei flushed red and started stuttering. "That's not what I meant! I mean, what I meant is…"

"I know what you meant, Kei-san. I was just teasing." Aoi smiled softly as he turned his eyes away briefly, making her wonder what he was thinking about. "I was just, well, tinkering." He sighed as he leaned back against his cycle. "It helps me think and relax." Aoi giggled. "You're just like Miyuki-san," she told him. "Only, she's this way with cars. From what I've heard, you're quite the driver, too."

He shrugged nonchalantly. "I like motorcycles. Been driving them ever since I could, I guess. Get the job done, catch the perps, you know?" Nodding, Aoi slid down the wall to sit on a stool. "Kei-san?"


Aoi debated for a moment whether it was really wise to ask him what she was about to, knowing that if the answer were a no, it would sound like an odd question to ask. "Have we met before? You look familiar," she abruptly broke off as she realized what she had just said. Kei just chuckled. "I thought that was a guy's pickup line." For a moment, Aoi thought she saw something flicker in his eyes, like a painful memory, but the shadowed look passed too quickly for her to confirm.

"No, we haven't, Aoi-san. I've heard quite a lot about you, though. You made a lot of our work easier in the investigations department." She smiled at that, bowing her head gracefully as she acknowledged the compliment. Kei absently pulled a rag over and wiped his hands, before standing and brushing off his pants. He offered a hand to Aoi as he got up. "It's late. Would you like me to walk you home?"

She blushed slightly as he helped her up. "Thank you," she said as he locked the garage. She usually walked to work, as her apartment was close by, and was rather surprised when they didn't stop to pick up any vehicle. "You don't drive to work?" Kei shook his head. "I live rather close by. Besides, I prefer walking."

They remained silent until they reached the apartment complex where Aoi lived. "Thank you again, Kei-san. Would you like to come in for tea?" she offered as they stood at the door. "Another time, perhaps. I've still got some unpacking to do. Oyasumi-nasai," he told her as he turned around. "Kei-san?"

He looked over his shoulder at her voice. "Yes?" "The elevator is down that way," Aoi pointed down the corridor. He shrugged. "Yes, but I'm not going out." He grinned as he inserted his key into the lock of a door down the hall and pushed it open. "Oyasumi," he repeated as he entered.


"Ohayo," Aoi announced as she entered the office, Kei behind her. The room's inhabitants – which, at such an early time, weren't many – looked up to see an unusual sight. Aoi Futaba, accompanied by the station's newest police officer, chatting contently as they settled behind their desks. The chief glanced up from his newspaper and nodded in acknowledgement as Aoi deposited the papers she had finished the night before on his desk. "So, how was your first day, Kurichi-kun?"

Said cyclist grinned. "Fun. But then, you should know. You gave me an earful yesterday." The chief chuckled. "Indeed." He returned to reading his newspaper.

Saori, kept looking between Aoi and Kei, wondering what she was missing. "So, Kei-san, have you finished moving in?" Aoi asked. He nodded. "Not much to move, so yes. Had I known that I'd be working with my neighbor I'd have invited you to some moving soba."

"Eh? You two are neighbors?" Saori queried, eyes wide. Aoi nodded. "Kei-san lives three doors down. I found out last night when he walked me home." She clamped shut as she realized just what a piece of compromising information she had told Bokuto station's second most feared gossiper. "Oh, so Kei-kun walked you home, didn't he?" Saori's eyes gleamed. "I wonder what else you two were doing…"

Aoi started waving her hands before her defensively, when Kei came to the rescue. "Nothing, really. Aoi-san found me in the garage last night as I was finishing up a couple of things on my bike. We talked a little, and walked home." He shrugged. "No big deal." The raven-haired cross-dresser let out a relieved breath as she finally got Saori off her case. "Thanks, Kei-san," she whispered.

Slowly, the remainder of the staff began to trickle in. First were Miyuki and Yoriko; the latter got pulled aside immediately by Saori to share the latest gossip, while Miyuki directed a cheerful "Good morning" towards them as she sat at her desk.

"Hey, Kurichi-kun," Nakajima called over his desk. "Time to go patrol?" The two men left the office to take the first shift out on the streets. Nakajima waited until Kei had pulled up his bike next to his. "Something's not quite right," Kei frowned, leaving a perplexed Nakajima behind as he headed back into the garage, to return with a wrench. Two turns later, he closed the cover over the engine compartment and returned the wrench to its place in the garage.

He started the bike again and gunned the engine experimentally. "That's better." What did you do?" Nakajima looked at his fellow officer's bike curiously. He didn't hear anything different. "There was some vibration in the engine. I figured the drive chain had some give, so I tightened it a bit. It's no big deal, but it's annoying to listen to it." Kei shrugged. "Shall we?"

Ken nodded and drove out of the lot, with Kei behind him.


"All units, we've just received word that a bank robbery is in progress. Be careful when patrolling Meiji Road." Yoriko turned to Aoi. "Bank robbery?" Aoi halted the car at the stop sign before replying. "That's odd…what's that car doing there?" What car?" Yoriko looked up. "He can't park here!" Pulling the car over to the side, the two policewomen got out. Yoriko was writing a ticket when someone rammed into Aoi, drawing a startled exclamation from her.

"Aoi-chan, what's wrong?" The brunette turned in time to see a heavily coated figure dash down the alley, a large bag in hand. A single yen note floated down. Aoi got back to her feet. "I think that's the bank robber they told us about. Let's go, Yoriko-san." Her former training kicked in, and Aoi ran past their parked car, past a startled Yoriko, and after the fleeing criminal.

"Wait! Aoi-chan, wait up!" Yoriko decided that it would be a good idea to save her breath for running, barely managing to keep up with Aoi's longer stride. The two rounded a corner in time to see the man enter a bus. The doors were already closing, but snapped open when Aoi didn't slow down. "Hold it right there!" she shouted at the man in the thick orange jacket.

"Please come with us to the station, we have a couple of…" Aoi cut off as he whipped around, and she stared into the barrel of a gun. "Drive," he ordered the bus driver.

The man stuttered in fear and closed the doors as he complied.