o o o

Daniel was attempting to translate some ruins when she appeared out of nowhere. A little girl with light brown hair and light blue eyes. She was cute and harmless looking, but she said, "Daniel Jackson, what do wish for more than anything in the world? I can give it to you."

Ah. That was odd, but she didn't sound like a Goa'uld, so he figured she was some other type of alien. Hopefully not a bad one.

"I don't want anything... Who are you?"

She frowned a bit, but replied, "That is unimportant. What if I could give you offspring? I detect that you do not have any as yet and it is unlikely that you will."

Daniel squinted thoughtfully, and looked around nervously for Sam. But unfortunately, the Colonel was in the village, and not close at hand.

"That's really not necessary. I'd rather you didn't, whoever you are. What did you say your name was, again?"

She tilted her head and frowned. "Unimportant, but it is a bit of a mouthful, is it not?" He decided she was being sarcastic. "What if I gave Jack O'Neill another child, instead? That would make him happy would it not, and you happy in the process."

"No!" Daniel protested, and she quirked a fine eyebrow up at him.

"I have commited a faux paus, I see. I apologize."

"Uh, that's all right. What race are you exactly... Or are you human?"

"I am not. Why are you so curious about me? I want only to give you something in return." She looked truly disconcerted.

"Repay me? For what?" Daniel wished he could undo whatever it was he'd done that she felt she needed to repay him for.

"I was asleep... In these ruins. You awakened me. I am grateful." She inclined her head. "I wish to do something in return."

"I don't understand. Why were you 'asleep', and how did I manage to wake you up?" Daniel questioned.

"I was awakened by the sound of my language being deciphered... It echoes in your mind as you translate and draws me away from my dreams." She frowned as if in thought. "As for how I came to be here in the first place... It is still coming back to me slowly. I will tell you when my memory clears."

Daniel arched a brow at her vague explanation, and said, "Well, I guess... You're welcome. But I really don't need you to give me anything. I didn't even know what I was doing would have the affect that it did."

She sighed, but tiptoed over to one of the ruin's monoliths. She traced her fingertips over the odd script, something that resembled a bunch of circles of different sizes and placed in different positions, and even stretched as to resemble ovals more than perfect circles.

oO..G D.oo Cc O..OcQ oG. Ooco

Some of the circles were broken, and at first Daniel thought they had simply been worn away from the stone by the elements and time, but he realized soon enough that they were letters of this alphabet also.

"I remember this... It's a record." She glanced back and up at him with exited eyes. "It says that Ooco lies here... That's me!"

"Which symbols are O'ahka? Daniel questioned, and Ooco pointed them out to him, her small fingers tracing over the rough etchings.

"The people must have written this as a grave-stone," she explained, "They must have thought I was dead. I still don't remember why I chose to sleep, or if it was really a choice." She turned away from the inscriptions and walked a little ways before plopping down in the tall, green grass.

"Doesn't it explain anymore?" Daniel questioned with a purse of his lips. "There's an awful lot of writing here..."

O'akah looked up at him over her shoulder, a little frown between her light brows. "It's just others who've died. A gravesite is all this is, besides the place where I slept. Dig, and you shall find bones." She turned away and began plucking blades of grass with her nimble fingers.

"How old are you exactly, O'akah?" Daniel asked, coming to sit beside her on the ground.

She gave him a sidelong look from beneath her golden lashes. "Well, now I don't exactly know, but when I fell asleep, I was around..." She chewed on her bottom lip and her eyes grew distant. "Twenty years." She smiled at him brightly.

"Right," Daniel said, neutrally. "So, you age differently than humans?" he hypothesized.

"Perhaps," she said in a way that made him think she was merely teasing him. "I wish you would let me give you something..." She was sulking.

Daniel was about to tell her again that he didn't want a thing, but suddenly he thought of something. "You could come with me," he said, striving for casual and only achieving hopeful tamped down a bit.

"Really?" she questioned. "Where are you going? To another village?"

"I thought you read minds." Daniel said, trying to determine if she was simply playing ignorant, or if she truly didn't know.

"No, just thoughts... And sometimes other things, like images, or books." Again, the truth with a bit of sarcasm thrown in. Strange girl... woman?

"Okay, uhm, I come from another place. It's much farther away than the next village. I would tell you more, but... I don't exactly trust you, so I need to ask Colonel Samantha Carter beforehand."

"Sam? Your friend?" O'akah asked.

Daniel nodded, and said, "She's my commanding officer. Right now she's in the village with Teal'c, my other friend."

"Oh," she said. "Shall we go to the village now?" She looked hesitant, and glanced behind her at the ruins furtively. "Or did you want to continue your translating? I could disappear for awhile if you wanted to."

"No, no," Daniel protested, "Let's walk to the village. I'll ask Sam, and then we'll see from there."

O'akah smiled and jumped to her feet. She bounced her weight back and forth from foot to foot and wondered impatiently, "Are you coming or not?"

"Right, of course," Daniel agreed, and rose also.

o o o

"She's an alien?" Sam repeated suspiciously. Or maybe it was "skeptically".

"That's right," Daniel confirmed.

"And she's agreed to go back with us through the stargate?" Sam questioned, in a "let me get this straight" tone.

Daniel pretended to think about it, moving his eyes to the side and pressing his lips together, then nodded. "Yup."

"How do we know this isn't some sort of trick to infiltrate the SGC?"

"Are you saying she's a Goa'uld trap?" Daniel questioned.

"She doesn't have to have anything to do with the Goa'uld, Daniel," Sam reminded him, "She could be from an alien race that has their own agenda against us, like the Reetu."

"Right," Daniel said abruptly, "I guess we'll just have to leave her here, or take a chance, with extreme precautions of course, and bring her to Earth."

Sam gave him a "don't play that game with me" look, but reluctantly said, "All right, Daniel. Home it is. But when something goes wrong. Which I'm pretty certain it will, I'm blaming it all on you."

Daniel nodded agreeably. "Teal'c, O'akah, you can come back in now," he called to the two who'd been sent outside the Air Force issue tent. O'akah, so she wouldn't hear the private conversation between Sam and Daniel, and Teal'c to guard O'akah in case she decided to start any mischief.

They ducked inside the tent, and O'akah questioned, "I can come with you?"

"That's right," Daniel said, and the "girl" grinned.

"Yea!" she said with obvious excitement, then questioned sheepishly, "That is what you say, correct?"

"Yeah," Daniel said, wondering if she'd picked that from his brain as well.

Sam tossed him a peculiar look, and Teal'c raised a brow. "Shall we depart, then?" he questioned.

Sam shrugged in a resigned manner. "Let's pack up."

o o o

When they got back, Jack was none too happy about the situation. So, he and Sam were pretty much in total agreement. But Daniel decided that was good. At least there would be two suspicious souls to keep things from getting out of hand if it came to that.

But Daniel didn't seriously believe that O'akah was up to anything like taking over the SGC or Earth even. Maybe she was hiding things, but he didn't think it had anything to do with that.

And if he was wrong, well, it wouldn't be the first time.

"Daniel, I'm not even going to ask what on earth possessed you to bring this alien here, and I won't wonder why you, Carter, didn't stop to think to ask before bringing her here." Jack pursed his lips and ceased speaking.

"Begging your pardon, sir, but I knew you'd say yes," Sam answered, rather cheekily. There was a hint of teasing beneath her seriousness, though.

Well, it was enough to throw the General at any rate. "True... So you're both off the hook. Daniel, take this opportunity to see if she knows anything useful. Carter, you too." He made a face. "And Teal'c, watch their backs."

Teal'c inclined his head, a slight smile on his lips.

o o o

"So he said I could stay?" O'akah questioned, eagerly. Daniel nodded.

"Yea!" she rejoiced.

"Are you picking these expressions out of my head?" Daniel asked.

"Mmmhmm," she answered, grinning wickedly.

"Interesting, could you explain to me how this reading my mind thing works?" He leaned forward in his chair and O'akah bounced off the bunk bed and stood close to him.

"Well, I just hear in my head what you hear in yours. So, I picked up certain expressions and patterns of speech from you, already."

The door opened and Sam walked in, followed by General O'Neill and Teal'c. O'akah looked up at them with excitement. "Colonel Carter! Are you here to determine why I can read minds?"

She ran over to Sam, practically bumping into her in her haste. Samantha caught her by a shoulder to steady her, and O'akah beamed up at Sam with a huge grin. "Sam! I like the color of your hair! It's so pretty. All the villagers always had dark hair... Don't you like her hair, General O'Neill?" She turned her blue eyes beseechingly to Jack, and Jack gave her a double-take.

"Yeah," he said, and cleared his throat. "It's nice." He avoided looking in Sam's direction.

"See!" O'akah exclaimed. "Can I see your office, Sam?"

"Well, if it's all right with General O'Neill, I suppose," Sam volunteered.

"Sweet," O'akah declared, happily, and Daniel wondered exactly which mind she picked that particular expression out of.

"Come on, Samantha!" O'akah called, running ahead to the door and unsuccessfully trying to open it. "Let's go!" Impatient little one, wasn't she, Daniel noticed.

When Sam opened the door for her, everyone else followed them out into the hall as well.

o o o

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