"Evie? What did you say?"

"You heard me Rick." Evelyn cooed her small baby and walked through the library, her husband in pursuit. "If you remember the last time I went through labour, we agreed that Alex would inherit your last name and the next child would have mine."


"But nothing. Our son is an O'Connell and our little baby girl is a Carnahan. End of story, case closed and end of discussion."

"Now hold it right there, I am Rick O'Connell, you are Evelyn O'Connell and our son is Alex O'Connell. If you call her a Carnahan, people will think she is Jonathan's daughter and not ours."

"I will not change my mind Rick. Not even if you kiss or beg me. This means a lot to me, as we both know that my brother isn't about to carry on the name to a child now is he."

"Is this what it's all about? You're afraid that your family name will disappear or something?"

"Please Rick; don't argue with me on this one. It's just a name. What harm ever came from a name?"

"…Is that like, what harm ever came from reading a book? Or, is it more along the lines of, what harm ever came from opening a chest?"

"Rick." Evie groaned and sat on the couch, her baby sleeping peacefully, despite the argument over her name.

"Evie." He retorted, but Evie just stood up, without a word, and walked out the library and up the stairs. "You are being unreasonable!" Evie stopped at the top banister of the stairs and looked down to her husband.

"I am not the one being unreasonable!" she said in her usual British 'now see here' voice. "You promised me that the next baby I have would be a Carnahan and you are breaking that promise. I am very upset with you and."

"Evie wait." Rick ran up the stairs and had a pleading look on his face. "…does it really mean that much to you?"

"Yes Rick, more than you know."

"I can't believe this. First I give in on the Egyptian first name, now the second name?" Evie's face lit up in a moment.

"Does that mean?"

"Yes, she can be a Carnahan. But you better make it up to me." He smirked as his wife smiled up at him in an innocent manner. But the blush on her cheeks from Rick's comment was hardly innocent. Even after all these years together, Evie still blushed at the thought of being 'intimate' with her husband.

"Well then I better put the baby to bed then."

"Or even better, ALEX!" Rick shouted through the large, London based mansion and earned a groan from his son, and a death stare from his wife. "What?"

"The baby is sleeping! You do not yell like a barbarian when the baby is sleeping!"

"Oh come on. She may be a Carnahan by name, but her blood boils O'Connell. She isn't afraid of anything, let alone my yelling. See, she hasn't even battered one of her cutie little lashes."

"Honey." Evie smiled. "You just babbled baby talk again."

"Darn, I did? I think I need to go polish my gun some more before I lose it completely and start going, coo chi coo chi coo."

"You did that this morning."

"…I am going to get Alex, then, I will get my reward for being an understanding husband."

"Oh my." Evie watched as her gorgeous husband walked off to get their first son.

After Ahm Shere, Ardeth Bay offered to train her 9 year old boy, Alex, to become a Med jai worrier at the age of 10. So Alex was enjoying his last months with his parents in England before he turned 10. Then the real fun would begin, in his own words. Soon after leaving the cursed jungle and the battle with the Scorpion King, Evie's second child was very quickly conceived. Luckily, Alex got to see his little sister as she was born and spend some time at home with her before he has to leave. Evie was very glad of this, as she didn't want her son to not even have any memories of his sister. "Now then my little darling. You are going to be a scholar like mummy, aren't you? Mummy's going to teach you to speak ancient Egyptian and teach you to fight like mummy did in her last life and how to tell the difference between the old and new Kingdom's artefacts and just other general stuff. I can't wait to see how you grasp hieroglyphs."

"But not today." Evie looked up from her sleeping babe, to see Rick with his hand on her 9, soon to be 10 year old's shoulder. "Today, Alex will be taking her to the nursery to get some time with her before he leaves tomorrow. Right sport?"

"Right dad. And stop calling me sport ok?"

"Alright half pint."

"Grrr…never mind…" Alex still had his baby blue eyes and permanently ruffled blonde hair. "Just give me the baby." Evie was about to scold Alex for simply calling his sister 'the baby', but her husband's sensual gaze entranced her into giving Alex her daughter, and followed Rick to the bed room. "Parents, they think I don't know what they get up to. Yuk…"

Chapter 2

"Dad? Mom?" A young 17 year old girl walked through the mahogany walls of her childhood home and wandered into the library. "Mom? Dad?" With no answer, she proceeded to go into the vast dinning room. "Hello?" No reply.

She continued through the house until she heard laughter from the stair well. "Mom?"

"Over here Hally." Relieved to have found at least one parent, she walked though the connecting door and into the hallway. There, her mother had her arms draped around her father's neck and was kissing him passionately.

"Yuk! Guys, come on! That is totally gross! Get a room or get a muzzle! It isn't natural for you two to be doing that in front of me!"

"Oh Pish posh. You are nearly 18. You will have your self a boyfriend soon enough."

"She should have had more than one by now."

"Hello? Dad? Still here."

"Oh honey. What time is it?" Her mother tied back her aging brown hair, streaked slightly with faded grey hairs behind her ear. Her mother had big brown eyes and a lovely smile, even with the tell tail sings of her age beginning to crease around her eyes and cheeks didn't take anything away from her. And her father had a slight dim of white to his light brown hair and looked good for his age too. Yet they were still as spry as when they first got married. Gross gross gross!

"About time we got going. We have to be at the port in 15 minuets."

"Right. Help your father with our bags will you? I need to make sure everything is locked away…" Evie left Hally with her father and they began to load the car. One thing that her father prided her on, was being stronger than any normal woman. In fact, she proved to be stronger than him at times. She may be small like her mother, but she had broad shoulders and a muscular build without losing any femininity.

"Dad? When will we see Alex?"

"He will be waiting for us at the hotel."

"Dad?" She stopped loading the car and looked seriously at her father. "…what does he look like?" The despair in her eyes tugged at Rick's heart and he pulled her into a tight hug.

"He has the same big blue eyes as you, the same brilliant blonde hair, though not as long of course."

"I would say he wouldn't. He would hardly look 'manly' with hair down to his waist." She chuckled.

"No. He wouldn't. Are you ok? You have been getting very jittery the closer it got to us leaving."

"I just can't wait to see my brother. I can't remember him…not even a little…"

"Don't worry, the reason we are going to Cairo in the first place is to see your brother again. He has finally finished his training and can come out of the desert now. Your mother has been planning this trip since the day he left. And you will finally get to meet Ardeth Bay."

"The Med jai that helped you twice to find your digging sites?"

"…among other things." Rick had told his daughter about Hamunaptra, Ahm Shere, the Scorpion king and even Imhotep. But Hally wouldn't believe any of it. She was so much like her mother that she refused to believe anything that science couldn't prove. A shame really…

"So…are we ready to go yet?" Evie appeared with one last bag and hurled it into the car boot.

"After you."

"About time we got here."

The boat trip had been long and allowed Hally to discover that she had inherited her mother's sea sickness, the train had been compact and tiring, and the walk to the hotel had been even worse. At one point, her father had to wave off a bunch of local men with his gun to stop them trying to trade her for a camel or two. So all in all, Hally, was not amused.

All three walked inside and revelled for a moment in the air conditioning, before going to the reception for their keys.

"Welcome, welcome to Cleopatra's palace." Gee, doesn't that sound original… "We trust you will enjoy your stay and will do all we can to make your trip, a pleasant one. Now, just to ensure that you are indeed the right party, please state your full names."

"Do we have to?" she wined. Hally hated this part…

"Evelyn O'Connell." Her mother chirped.

"Rick O'Connell." Both parents looked to her and only her father seemed to look sympathetic. Here goes…

"Your name miss?"

"My name is Halimahotep Carnahan…happy?"

"Very well miss hlimatep."

"No, it's Hali-ma-hotep. Halimahotep."

"Very good. Here are your room keys and please, don't hesitate to ask for anything." The mousy man snickered at her name and passed her the room keys. One for her parent's room, and one for her room.

"Stupid local nit wits and their stupid opinions…"

"Don't mutter dear, it isn't lady like." Evie corrected her sulking daughter and travelled up the marble stair case.

"I am so ready to go to my room."

"Then go. You are an adult now, we will not tell you where and when to go anywhere…in the hotel."

"Ok. See you tomorrow. I am exhausted."

"Good night. Don't let the scarabs bite."

"Night mom, night dad." Hally dragged her things to her room, locked the door behind her and collapsed on the large, black silk, four poster bed. "…full name indeed. I don't even know why my mother would want to call me that…but I do like it. I just wish everyone else did too." Hally had to admit, she did feel very strangely drawn to Egypt and hadn't felt like going home since they arrived. Where, in Venice, Spain, America and France, she couldn't wait to go back home. And yet…it never felt like she was home in England. She always had her head in her books and the books, were always about ancient Egyptian. She knew the modern Egyptian too, so when she grew to an age where she would have to work, she could become a translator. But her real passion was with Hieroglyphs, translating old papyri and ancient texts. She loved history and wanted noting more than to embrace her own history in the land of her forefathers. Her grandfather being one of them. "So much for Alex meeting us here. I bet he was busy in the desert or something. I can't wait to meet him." A sweet smile graced her lips as she rolled onto her back. I hope he like me. I hope he is nice, like mom and dad say he is. But that was over 17 years ago. He could have changed so much in that time. But he is a crusader now for an ancient course. I bet he is tall, dark and riding a horse or something dashing. It's like having an Arabian night for a brother. I can't wait to meet him, or for him to take us to the dig that my mother has been raving about.

Hally looked over to her bulging bags. I should really unpack those…or not. Instead, she stripped off and buried herself under the covers. The sooner she slept, the sooner she would wake to see her brother. At last. And she would spend her 18th birthday at the dig too, with her brother and all those ancient hieroglyphs for her to decipher. Her ultimate birthday gift.

Only 7 days, a week, and she would be 18. But until then…

Hally, or Halimahotep, rested her head on the first class, silken pillows and sank into the divine mattress. Until then…