Author's note: I was thinking about how most of my Hiei and Botan stories have the same plot. Crazy person, Hiei trying to win Botan's affection, some wicked new person or powers in the picture…stuff like that. So I was thinking, how about I change it around a bit, what can I do differently? My second favorite character is Yusuke, the cocky bastard (I mean this with lots of love), so it's natural for it to end up like it did. I hope I did a good job. Well, thanks for you time, this has been the Author's note.


Yusuke's view

My name is known across three worlds: Reikai, Ningenkai, and Maikai. I'm the best fighter around; no one can beat me, except for my girlfriend, but that's what makes a healthy relationship. After all, no one knows me like Keiko does. This isn't about me, Yusuke Urameshi, though, sad as that may be. I'm here to bring up my assistant. Yes, I have an assistant. She more like my guide to a better lifestyle, but assistant sounds more proper. Her name is Botan, and I first met her when I died.

Yep, I've experienced death before. You know, it's not so bad. Botan is what we ningens, humans, call a Grim Reaper. And believe me; I didn't expect what I saw. Botan's a total ditz, seriously. She wears pink, has blue hair, and flies on an oar. Well, the oar part isn't really shocking, she is supposed to ferry dead people across the river Styx. To sum it up, Reikai, Spirit world, wasn't expecting me to die so soon so I was given another chance at life. Along with that, I became a Spirit detective, fighting demons and bringing down bad guys, saving the world stuff. Botan became our guidance; she would inform us about the latest missions.Oh wait, you don't know who us is. The Reikai Tanteis consist of four guys, two demons and two humans. I'm the leader of the team and my best friend, Kazuma Kuwabara, is the second human there. Kurama, a kitsune thief, is a demon living in a human body, attached to his human parents. He's the calmest of us all. A good fellow, he's fond of roses too. And then there is Hiei. Hiei is a Jaganshi, a third eye master, and a demon. He's the silent, fuming, and shortest of us all. We'll see more of him later.

Well, let me recall the past few months, right when I began noticing Botan's strange behavior. It was around June, my old hag of a teacher, Genkai, invited us all to have lunch on her land. She'd finally agree to Yukina's pleas for a picnic, a reunion for all of us. It's been a while since all of us, the whole group, had gotten together. We'd all gotten older. This whole ordeal happened when I was fourteen, a young age. I was the neighborhood punk, and I still am. Guys and girls feared me, the teachers hated me, and my mom was always drunk. It's been six years since then. I'm twenty now, and still going strong with Keiko Yukimura, my childhood friend.

This was one party Keiko didn't have to drag me to; I had to persuade her to stop worrying about collage work. She reluctantly agreed, as long as I didn't bring alcohol. Fair enough, Kuwabara would bring it for me. After walking miles of stairs just to reach Genkai's temple, me and Keiko finally made it to her backyard. Let me tell you know, Genkai has a lot of land, probably half of Japan is her backyard. It took some more walking until we could find where the party was being set up. Yukina had chosen the spot, and she did a great job. Yukina's the soft-spoken, kind-hearted ice maiden that Kuwabara has eyes for. It's hard to believe Hiei, our ruthless fire demon, is her half-brother. Of course, Hiei never told her that though, and we left it at that. I don't even think Kuwabara knows that.

"Urameshi, you came!" said Kuwabara, the first to notice our arrival. It was just him, Shizuru, Yukina, and Genkai for the moment. They were setting up everything we needed.

"Course I did, stupid." I replied, joining him in setting up the cooler. Keiko made her way to Yukina to help put of decorations. Lowering my voice, I asked, "Did you bring it?"

Kuwabara nodded, shifting some of the ice in the cooler to reveal the beer at the bottom. I grinned, how sneaky of him. Oh yes, this would be the best party ever.

It didn't take long after our arrival that Kurama found the party. He apologized for being late and used his plant skills to put a little flare in the trees and grass. Kurama was an odd guy. He kind of had two souls, a demonic one and a human one. He was attached to his human mother, and so he's left with living a double life. It didn't really bother him though; he seems to enjoy it from time to time. What was odd about that day was that he didn't arrive with Hiei. Kurama and Hiei were usually arriving together when it came to missions or parties. They were best friends; they probably knew each other inside out. I wish Kuwabara and I had that kind of bond (and something more). Strike the something more part out. "Hey, Kurama," I said, approaching him as he busied himself with making vines wrap around these boring trees. "Where's Hiei? Is he even coming?"

Kurama touched a seed on the floor lightly. At his touch, it sprang into life, wrapping around an oak tree, producing flowers I've never even seen before. He straightened up and turned to me, thinking over his answer. "I'm not sure. I hadn't seen him today, but I'm sure he's planning to come. Yukina invited him personally."

"Well," Keiko said, joining into our conversation. "Do you know where Botan is? She hasn't arrived either."

How could I miss that? Botan usually greeted me second after Kuwabara, and then pester me about sneaking beer in. Keiko was right, Botan wasn't here yet. "I bet there're just a lot of people dying today."

"Don't say that, Yusuke." She said, frowning. She hates when I talk about Reikai work, or anything that has to do with death. I think she was serious affected by my death. Poor girl, I probably put her through a lot. I placed my hand on her head in an affectionate way.

"Sorry, Keiko," I apologized, and she seemed happier. Kurama was looking beyond us, he was squinting his eyes.

"I think Hiei and Botan are here." He finally declared out loud. Everyone looked at where he was looking. I don't think any of us could believe what he said or what we saw. Our bubble-headed girl, Botan, was walking side by side with our short yet lovable brute, Hiei?

There was pure silence until Shizuru Kuwabara said, "Well, that's a first."

She was right, what the hell was going on? The closer they got, the more we stared. Botan seemed as cheerful as always, she had brought bento with her. Hiei was staring at the trees as he walked, hands stuffed in his black coat and a face no one could read. It was like the two didn't know the other existed, but they were walking together. "Hi, everyone, sorry we're late. At least I make it up with bento, right?" Botan said once they were in reaching distance. Hiei retreated from her side to the nearest tree, muttering to Kurama about how the vines better not try to wrap him.

"That's alright, Botan," Yukina said, smiling at her. Of course she was wondering the same thing as us, but she always placed her kindness first. She took the bag from her, preparing to set it out. Keiko was the first to reach Botan, so everyone backed off. We didn't want to notify Hiei of how shocking it was. I joined Keiko, who wasted no time in asking.

"Nothing happened, Keiko, we just arrived at the same time. Hiei knows his way around more then I do anyways." Botan answered calmly, touching one of the flowers Kurama had bloomed. "Wow, these are beautiful! I've never seen flowers like these." She cried.

Keiko seemed satisfied by her answer, probably because she loved the flowers just as much as Botan. I, however, was not. I immediately retreated from the girl talk, as any man would, and told Kurama and Kuwabara of what I heard.

"This is odd, but there really must be nothing going on." Kurama said. Kuwabara agreed with him, after all, Hiei and Botan were different. Why would they have interest in each other?

I didn't like that answer. Can no one but me see there must be something going on? God, I know it's not the alcohol, I hadn't touched it yet. Speaking of alcohol-

"Yusuke Urameshi, when did you smuggle beer in here?" Keiko's sharp voice over powered all the small talk. Damn it.