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Yusuke's view

Botan is the girl whose ditzy personality got in the way of her sly moves. If she was a thief, she'd be in jail two minutes after the robbery. That was just how Botan was, sad to say. But that was alright, we all loved her for who she was anyways. She does a damn good job of cheering up dead people, so I guess it serves her well. Still, it doesn't help her at all when she's trying to keep something from me.

Hiei, however, was hard to touch. I mean that in both physically and mentally, by the way. If anyone but Yukina was to touch him, he'd retreat into a stiff, dark personality, which was much worse then how he usually is. That, or if he really hated you, your arm was gone. Have fun with your new nub. Hiei isn't the one to tell you things. He will not share anything with anyone, even if it was what he ate for dinner. My conversations with him always ended with, "Hn" or "I'll answer your questions once you give me an intelligent one, detective."

They were so different, but I would swear on my life that they were more then just friends. So if I was to crack this thing wide open, Botan was my best bet.

The only way I would be able to prove to everyone this was really happening was to stay at Genkai's temple, which I had a hell of a time explaining to Keiko. In the end, though, she left without me. She would have dragged my ass right down the stairs if I had classes to take. Thankfully, school was out. The others accepted my choice, but the only two that still disapproved was Botan and Hiei. Was it just a random dislike between the two of them? You're damn stupid if you said no.

"So," Botan said, her head crooked to the side as I accepted snacks from Yukina. The others had already left, but Hiei and Botan still remained. With Yukina serving us, we sat at a low table. I guess they were still skeptical. "Why are you staying here longer then you're suppose to again, Yusuke?"

"'Cause," I replied, stretching out. I might as well relax. "I'm getting flabby."

"But didn't I already set up a training routine that fits your school work?" Botan pressed on, frowning. She was right, at the beginning of school I bothered her just enough that she even smacked me with her oar. Her training routine was good, I must admit, and I didn't even think to remember it.

"It's gotten old." I lied, grabbing one of the snacks Yukina had made. "Genkai can probably get her rickety bones up to teach me again."

The thing with girls is that anything you say will hurt their feelings. When they ask you if you look fat in those pants, you might as well say "you bet" 'cause that's all they'll hear.

"So my training routine wasn't good?" Botan asked, biting her lip. She was disappointed. Ah, crap. "Excuse me," She said standing up and nearly running out of the room. I sat up, but Hiei was already standing.

"Idiot," He said, scowling upon me like I was Kuwabara. He was gone as well.

"Is he going after Botan?" I asked Yukina, pressing her for details. She would know; those two were around Genkai's temple all the time.

Yukina folded her hands. "I don't know." She replied. She wasn't going to say, probably because she was supporting their love behind closed doors. "Yusuke," She called, but I was out as well.

Plan one: find the spark.

It didn't take long to find Botan; her spirit energy was increasingly high. Since she ferried, I guess she had to since she'd never find anyone without it. I crouched behind some shrubbery when I neared them.

Hiei had settled himself in a low tree branch while Botan stood, looking at the setting sun. She looked more angry and confused then she was sad. "I spent weeks designing that training plan," She said, folding her arms. "I mean, everyone else on the team uses it, it should be a definite challenge since I made it to target weakness." She glanced up at Hiei when he didn't say anything. "Hiei, do you like my training plan?" She asked.

Hiei glanced down at her with a careless shrug. "Hn."

"What does that mean anyways?" She frowned. "Hn," She said with a deep imitation of Hiei. "Was that a yes or a no?"

"…Yes," Hiei finally replied. "Are you so insecure that it matters what others think?"

"What?" Botan asked, looking up at him with surprise. My god, what was Hiei doing?

Hiei stood up, signaling the conversation that had just begun was quickly ending. "It's fine, challenging."

Botan continued to stare at him, a weak yet glowing smile curving upon her lips. "Thanks, Hiei!" She said, pleased. She balled up her right hand and smashed it with her flat palm. "You know, I should start working on another training plan, one that'll really provide a challenge!" She glanced at the sun again, and then gasped. "Look how late it has gotten; there must be a bunch of wandering souls waiting for me." Her oar was produced in a matter of seconds and she hovered around Hiei expectantly. "Well, I should be going now…" She trailed off.

This was it! I could feel it; I nearly stood up with excitement. And no, the excitement wasn't in my pants, you sick bastard.

"Hn," Hiei replied, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Botan grinned at him and disappeared, leaving just me and him. Frowning, I turned around to leave, until I felt a prickle of hair on my neck stand up. Ooh…crap. "Detective," Hiei greeted me pleasantly.

"Oh hey, Hiei," I said, grinning sheepishly. I was afraid to turn around since a needle like substance was scratching against my shirt. "So, the weather looks nice…"

"Was the view down here nice?" Hiei asked with a sweet, sickening voice that scared me. "I'll enjoy killing you next time, detective." The needle was gone, and so was Hiei.

I frowned, running my hand through my hair. This would be trouble-some.