Blood Gulch Blues

Track Twelve "Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects"

Ok, ok. This was fun. Yeees. Very fun! Go me. I knew this party would be better hooked up to the Red Base's surround sound. Woot. Loud parties are fun. Loud parties...and liquor. Yeah. So far everyone was having fun. That's good. A lot of people actually participated in the musical fun. I was very proud. Now, if I can only get Leonard to sing. Hehe...I must make him sing. I grinned devilishly as I turned to my boyfriend. Time for Plan A...

Wait. I don't have a Plan A. SHIT. Oh well, I guess I just have to do what comes to mind first.

What was I supposed to be doing again?

Oh, yes! Get Church to sing. Yes. I will get My Lenny to sing. I shall...spike his drink! Nono...that wouldn't work. I will...blackmail him! Nono...I have nothing on him. I shall tempt him to sex! Nono...Too many people.

Damn, I have nothing. I guess my idea is ruined...I feel like crying. Oh well, at least this awesome song started playing. This awesome song that Churchy is singing, too. I like this tune. It is cat- WAIT!

LEONARD IS SINGING! Wooooohooo! Yay! I knew my plan would work. It always works.

"I go around a time or two, Just to waste my time with you..." He sand out, his voice so the Bloody Mary I had earlier. He smiled to and I bounded happily in my corner. It made me happy.

"I'll keep you my dirty little secret..."

"...dirty little secret..." I completed his line under my breath. I pondered why he choose to sing this was so unlike him.

"...Who has to know, when we live such fragile's the best way we survive..." I felt the effects of the alcohol draining from my system as he approached me. He reached me and smiled, singing his silly little song. I could feel everyone staring at us...and I felt myself sober up faster then I could say 'Margarita'.

"...Just another regret, hope that you can keep it, my dirty little secret..." He sung low, staring into my eyes. Ok...after this song. He's dead.

Wooooh...What is he doing? What the hell, why is he kneeling! god.

"...dirty little secret..." He finished, pulling out a ring box as he knelt before me.

"Allison Darko...will you marry me?" He asked softly. My mouth opened and closed...yup, like a fish. I took deep breathes and smiled. I tackled him in a bear hug.

"Of course, cockbite...why would I say no?" He grinned cockily and slipped the engagement ring onto my finger. I returned the grin.

"Drinks all around!" I cried out suddenly, jumping up and running for the bar.

Track Thirteen 'If you like Pina Coladas by Rupert Holmes'

The party ended in the early hours of the morning, and everyone fell asleep in the oddest places possible. You know, I think it was the alcohol that did that. Anyway, on with the story. Everyone got along fine, and had a great time...they got drunk, sang, and fell asleep in the weirdest possible places. I think Caboose ended up sleeping under the sink...

Tucker turned in his sleep, hugging his picture of Amanda that Church had stolen earlier that night. As he turned, he whacked his head on the leg of the table he had been sleeping under, causing him to wake in mass amounts of pain.

"Ah! Fuckberries!" He cried out, rubbing his head. He already had a headache from all the alcohol he consumed, so the bump only made it worse.

"Shut it, Tucker. I'm trying to sleep!" Came the grumpy voice of Simmons from across the room where he was snuggling with his new girlfriend, Serena. Tucker managed to crawl out from under the table without waking anyone else...or causing injury to himself.

'If ..u .ik. p..a co..da...'

"What was that!" Tucker asked no one in particular, especially since everyone was asleep. His eyes darted around the room as he grabbed a stick that lay conveniently near his feet.

"I said SHUT IT, Tucker!" Came Simmons' grumpy voice again.

"But...didn't you hear it?" Tucker asked the sleepy maroon soldier. Simmons sat up, waking Serena as he moved.

"I have no clue what your talking about, go back to bed." By this time, everyone was waking up from all the commotion in the room.

'If .o. .i.e ma...g l.v. a.'

This time, even though all were half-asleep, the entire room could hear the eerie noises that floated through the room. Tucker gripped his make-shift weapon in one hand and his picture in the other. Both Simmons and Washington were on their feet, despite the massive hangovers, and were looking for any sort of weapon.

"What in god's name was that!" Paige asked, sitting up from her make-shift bed on the floor. She grabbed her shotgun that lay next to her and pulled back the bolt. Grif sat up from his position next to Paige and shrugged.


'I. y.. ...e p..a co..da...'

The group was now wide awake, looking down the hallway where the noise seemed to be coming from. Everyone made their way down the creepy hall, clinging to each other or their weapons. Soon they found the source of the strange noise, it growing louder as they reached the supposedly empty bedroom of Sarge. Simmons nodded to Donut, giving him the OK to go in. Donut slowly opened the door and peeped in.

Inside lay Sarge, sound asleep in his bed. The noise now audible thanks to the open door.

"If Pina...Coladas...Grif just has...half a brain..." Came the unmistakable gruff voice of the red sergeant as he sang in his sleep. Everyone relaxed instantly upon seeing the unconscious soldier, and some even headed back to the living room for sleep after they found out what was going on.

"I am...into...champagne. At a bar...called...O'Malley's..." Donut quietly shut the door and headed back to his bed on the kitchen's counter-top.

Track Fourteen '?'

After the incident with Sarge's sleep-singing, everyone thought it best if they headed to their own room...or base. The Blues headed home, and the Reds fell asleep in their own comfy beds...leaving the dark living room a mess. And alone. In the corner of the room the Red's computer booted up, seemingly by itself. The screen clicked on and slowly lit up the trashed room.

"Finally, those fools have left!" The computer cackled evilly through the speakers...

"I can listen to my own music! Far better then those fools." O'Malley said to himself. He flipped through the song lists on the computer and came across one. Complainte de le Butte.

"This sounds fascinate- Oh, Hell no! A French Love song!" He clicked to the next song.

"Hell's Bells...getting closer." He murmured, switching to the next song.

"Shine On You Crazy-...I'm not crazy! Fool." And again switched the song. It started slow, but he seemed to enjoy the beat and left it for a bit.

"Evil...Perfect. This...Interpol isn't so bad." He laughed manically, and then stopped to enjoy his final choice. Finding the lyrics on a website, he was able to sing

"Rosemary...heaven restores you in life...coming with me...through the aging, the fear and the strife..."


Author's Note: Thanks for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it...but keep in mind that this story was written on vacation when I was bored, so it's not the best work...P THANKS! -