Chapter 3: Tomorrow is Going to Be Interesting


"Yeah, um, Sam?" Danny asked from Sam's body. "How should we explain this to our parents?"

"We can't!" Yelled Sam (from Danny's body), almost sounding embarrassed now. "Then they will definitely find out that we know stuff…about ghosts and other things.

"Good point." Tucker commented. "How about…Danny just stays over here at Sam's place, and Sam goes home to Danny's place…Just so your parents don't suspect anything. Your voices don't sound any different, so if you don't act any different, nobody should notice."

"Uh…okay" Sam said, still somewhat dazed. "I'll see you guys later then." And with that, she called, she called Danny's place, and asked 'her' parents to come pick her up.

The Next Day had a few minutes to spare before class, so she went back to look for 'Danny', so they could help each other with locker combo's, finding classes, and such.

"What's going on, Fenton?1" Yelled the obnoxious voice of Dash Baxter from behind Sam. He promptly grabbed her shoulder, and slammed her into against a locker; before walking away laughing.

"What did you do that for?" Danny yelled, standing up for Sam. "Don't treat her…er, I mean 'him' like that!"

Dash stopped and turned around, now facing Sam and Danny.

"And what are you going to do about it, goth- girlie!"

Danny raised a fist at Dash, as if were about to start a fight. Then he saw Sam in his body, and remembered that she had his powers. She probably didn't know even how to use his powers very well either, she he shrugged it off, waved good-bye to Sam, and walked off to 'his' class.