There are things we know. There arethings we do not know. And then there are things we wish to never know.

Angela: Everyone wants me to continue on with Mask. No. Mask itself will stay a one-shot fic, not to be continued. It was not intended to be so. But I have had plans in the wings to add a twist to it, but in a completely seperate fic. If you'd like, you could call this a chapter two to Mask, and then read Mask as a chapter one. I don't care how you do it, but in order to have a full understanding of this fiction, you probably will end up reading Mask, even if only to understand certain things that be said. I hope this all makes sense. Also, I think I may do a dedication of this fiction, I'm not sure yet. We'll see. But moving on.

YB: ... She seems so serious now. What happened?

Angela: ... I ate food. Oh, and before I forget, I added a whole bunch of new pictures and quotes to them on my webpage, so if ayone wants to see them... They pretty cool. My very favorite is the one of YB eating steak and my comment below it. Hikari Steak. Because they just taste better cooked. xD The webpage address is h t t p // c c c . d o m a i n d l x . c o m / k e l s, but without spaces.

YB: ... OO; Right. Anyway!

Angela: I no own, you no sue, I won't have to kill you. Becuase I'm running out of places for the bodies.

Oblivion. It's strange. I never knew such a place existed. Is it possible that this could be the In-Between I was told so much about in my younger days?I know I'm dead, but I see no Re, no Set, no Anubis. It can not be the Hell or Heaven either. So... Is this In-Between? The being stuck in a half-life? It has been three years I have been here, at least I think it has. Maybe longer, maybe less. My 'host' was so kind as to free me, but then he killed me. Stupid boy... He should have been easy to take control of! Easy as stealing from that traitorous Pharaoh! But no... Somehow... he was strong. Stronger than I had anticipated, stronger than me. Had I truly grown so weak in my time in the Ring? Had my abilities truly snaked away from me in that time? How could it have happened? What had become of me? No. What has become of me?

A bright light. Searing pain. Noise. What was that noise? Where was it from? Screaming and cursing. Someone was in pain. He twisted forward, and his feet hit the ground. He was in the solid world again. but he wasn't with the ones he knew. He was solid though, he could feel it. He pinched himself, and it hurt. he wasn't dead. he was alive. But where was was he? Where ever he was, he had to find Yugi and the others, to warn them of the truth... To warn them of Ryou's lies...

Angela: Fin.

YB: ... So. That's me?

Angela: Shut up and go with it. At least you're alive, ok? Yugi and them shall die in three day's tim-... No, wait, wrong fic. Never mind then. Anyway. They will be terrorized rather. And things shall happen. I may end up killing someone or other of eventually. We shall see.

YB: ... Ryou, right?

Angela: Never! Ok, maybe.

Ryou: O.o No fair?

YB: Neither was you killing me!

Angela: I'm thinking I may need a co-writer for this one to beat me when I stop writing. Spot open for grabs, it's a first come, first person basis. Then I'll choose the one I deem most likely to keep me on track, so I'd suggest giving me a quick demo of how you'd intend to keep me on track people. Enjoy, review, yadda yadda.