Goku gets back at Bulma for a joke she played on him years ago. VegetaxBulma


Years ago, when Goku and Chichi were still dating, Bulma invited Chichi to come over and later, as planed, Goku arrived to eat cookies, or at least that was what Bulma told him. Bulma made him follow her upstairs saying the cookies were in one of the rooms.

Goku was at the door and before he knew what was going on, Bulma pushed him inside and locked the door. It was her way of making them spend some quality time together so Chichi would stop being upset, and maybe explain to Goku, who was a little oblivious, what made her upset in the first place.

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Present day, 'I wonder if Goku planned this all along', the day had almost ended as the sun was going out of sight in the horizon. There were no stars yet, but they would come out soon, to shine in the night sky. Bulma felt a warm summer breeze.

That afternoon she had invited Goku, Chichi and Gohan over. Chichi made Gohan sit still and study, while she played chess with Mrs. Briefs. In the balcony, the same one in which Bulma was sitting now, there in that afternoon that she didn't suspect would turn out the way it did, Goku sat eating cookies.

Vegeta came and asked him, no not asked him, he told him that he had to spar with him. Goku didn't say no, he never said no to a challenge. He quickly finished the cookies and left after Vegeta. Vegeta and Goku trained in the gravity room and it wasn't until after two hours later that they came out.

Even then, Bulma was still sitting there. She was thinking, spacing out. She wished she had been more alert, because by a strange turn of events, Goku ended up locking her in with Vegeta in one of the guest rooms.

Bulma never thought Goku would have a good enough memory to think about getting her back for that time. But the most puzzling event was why Vegeta didn't break down the door.

Bulma looked up at the first few stars of the night and smiled, "I wonder..."


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