Had another of those weird inspirational moments last night, only this time a bit more comedical. This will be my first advanceshipping fic, yay me! It will also contain...umm...what do you call a Pikachu/May pairing? . Oh and we're going with a PG13 rating here. I don't own pokemon and I'm in no way affiliated with Nintendo, Gamefreak, or whatever other companies are involved. This is just a scenario I thought up! It happens during the Kanto Battle Frontier Saga so there might be some spoilers. Anyway on with the story.

Chu For a Day


"Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" Pikachu fired a blast of lightning towards Team Rocket's balloon after yet another unsuccessful attempt to capture him. The balloon exploded and Team Rocket was sent flying off into the distance.

"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" they yelled as they disappeared over the horizon. Ash and co were on their way to visit Bill, a friend of Ash that he hasn't seen in a long time, when Team Rocket attacked. Ash was on his way to visit Bill at his lighthouse because he was in the area, and apparently Bill was working on an invention of some sort.

"You'd think those two would have given up by now," Max, May's younger brother, stated. "Its not like they ever accomplish anything."

"I don't think they'll ever give up," Brock, the ex-gym leader of Pewter City's gym replied. "They've followed Ash through Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, and now Kanto again. They're pretty stubborn."

Swellow landed next to Ash. This time it had been the one to rescue Pikachu.

"Good job, Swellow!" , Ash said as the bird pokemon landed next to him.

"Return!" Ash returned Swellow to its pokeball and Pikachu hopped up on Ash's shoulder. He then turned to the rest of the gang.

"They can try as long as they want, they'll never get Pikachu!" he stated confidently.

"So how long until we reach Bill's lighthouse?" Max took out his pokenav and brought up a map.

"According to this map it'll probably take us about another hour to get there."

"Who is Bill anyway?" May asked. May met up with Ash on his first day in Hoenn.

She was just starting out when she met Ash but had since become a co-ordinator, choosing to enter her pokemon in beauty contests instead of competing for badges like Ash was.

"Bill is a pokemon researcher, " Brock replied, "He studies rare pokemon in particular."

Max's eyes lit up, "Wow! I can't wait to meet him!"

The group once again started on their way towards Bill's lighthouse. It wasn't long before they could see the lighthouse in the distance. When they arrived, Ash didn't even bother knocking on the lighthouse's large doors. Instead, he just let himself in. When they got in, they could see Bill working on some strange machine near the entrance.

The machine looked like something you could walk into. Actually it had two such entrances, both looked the same. They were cylindrical in shape, connected by a large metal tube. Bill was in one of them and seemed to be working on it from inside, and hadn't noticed the group enter.

"Hey, Bill, we're here!" Ash called out to him. Bill stopped what he was doing and turned towards him.

"Ah, Ash! You made it! Its good to see you again!" Bill said as he approached the group.

"Great to see you too, Bill! Did that pokemon ever return?" Bill shook his head. "Sadly, no. I believe Team Rocket may have scared it off. However I am not giving up hope of one day seeing it again." He then looked towards May and Max. "You two must be Ash's new friends I've heard about."

May smiled, "Its a pleasure to meet you, Bill! I'm May, and this is my younger brother, Max."

While Max and May were introducing themselves, Brock had decided to look over the machine.

"What exactly does this thing do, Bill?" he asked. Bill approached the machine again and picked up his tools.

"This machine is something I'm hoping will give me a much greater insight into the world of pokemon. If it works, it should put my mind into that of a pokemon's. This would give me the opportunity to see everything from the pokemon's point of view, instead of trying to use costumes like the Kabuto one I was using when we last met." Ash and his friends were simply astounded.

"You mean that thing will let you switch bodies with a pokemon!" Ash exclaimed.

"Well, if it works it will do something to that extent. Of course I still haven't tested it, and if it does work my body will have to be restrained while I am in the pokemon's body. I could use some help."

Ash eagerly stepped up to the machine, "I'll gladly help! Just tell me what to do."

"I thought you might. I will be working with a control panel on the back of the machine, but I will need you to adjust a few things from inside it at the same time." Ash nodded, and stepped inside the machine while Bill went around back. Bill began tinkering with the machine while giving Ash instructions on what to do inside the machine. May was watching them, while Brock and Max went to look around the lighthouse.

While Ash and Bill were working on the machine, Pikachu decided he would inspect the other pod. Pikachu was looking around the inside of it curiously, wondering to itself how something like this would allow Bill to switch bodies with a pokemon. Suddenly, the machine started up as Bill decided to test a few functions.

There was a loud noise as air started to get pumped through some sort of cooling device, and this startled Pikachu. It reflexively used its Thunderbolt attack, which seemed to get absorbed by the machine. The electricity travelled through the tube, striking Ash in the other pod. Bill fell back as sparks began to fly from the control panel. May watched in horror as Ash was continually shocked by the machine, despite Pikachu only using a brief Thunderbolt.


Pikachu was suddenly struck by electricity as well, and the machine seemed to be frying both of them. May found herself blinded by the flashing from the electricity. Hearing the commotion, Brock and Max had come running and could see the sparks flying from the machine.

"Whats happening!" they both yelled out. May and Bill were both too shocked to respond as they watched. Eventually, the machine finally stopped, and Ash and Pikachu were lying motionless inside...

I know, a little bit of a serious tone for a comedic/romantic fanfic, but it lightens up a bit -

Credit goes to Butter Knyfe for helping me to fix it up.