Chapter 1; A Different Capture

Prince Zuko grinned, this was his chance. The Avatar and his water-tribe friends were in a clearing, and were about to fall asleep. His dark ninja outfit was almost invisible in the bush shadows. As he settled down to wait though, a dark haired boy ambushed the trio.

"JET!" shrieked the girl, and a few more boys jumped out of nowhere. The Avatar and the water-tribe boy started to try and fight the group off, accidentally leaving the girl for the boy called Jet.

"Hello my dear," he said and grabbed her. The water-tribe boy yelled, "Keep your hands off my sister!" as the girl struggled. Zuko sympathized; he hated it when boys used to hit on his sister, Zula. Jet just smirked and, still holding the girl, grabbed a line and ascended into the trees. The girl's brother tried to go after them, but was grabbed by a huge boy, and let out a cry of depression, and Zuko really couldn't take it. He groaned and was suddenly glad that he was wearing his ninja suit. He picked up his mask and slid it into place.

"Let go of me!" yelled the water-tribe boy, and then kicked the huge boy again. Zuko jumped out of the trees.

"Uh, isn't that The Blue Spirit?" asked the huge boy. The archer nodded and said, "Yeah, he's wanted all over by the Fire Nation!"

'The Blue Spirit? Couldn't Zhou put something original on a wanted poster?' Zuko thought dryly. He then said, "Yeah, that's me. Now let them go or face the dire consequences."

"Huh?" asked the huge one. The Avatar took advantage of the distraction and knocked half of the band of boys over with an air attack Zuko then proceeded to free the water-tribe boy from the huge kid.

After the band fled, the Avatar turned to Zuko and said, "I guess I owe you double. And Sokka owes you one. "

"Hey, he's the guy I saw on that wanted poster, the Blue Spirit right?" Sokka asked.

"Yeah," Zuko decided to make up an alias, he hated the whole 'spirit' thing, "but my name's... Zac."

"Zac?" asked the Avatar, and could swear that the mask glared at him, "Oh yeah Zac! Umm, this is Sokka, and you know me."

"We're wasting time! Who knows what that freak will do to my sister?" yelled Sokka, remembering the situation. 'Zac' turned to leave; he had given them a chance to get the girl back. Then he remembered that the avatar had saved him too, so really the score was 2-1. Even though he was still ahead, when he had that mask on, he was compelled to do the right thing. And the avatar doing lemur eyes wasn't helping things. As he was about to refuse though, he saw someone that he really wanted dead.