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Chapter 3, I Got Stuck With the Idiot

"Now," asked Zuko, "Do you have a plan?"

"Um, no Zac."

Zuko whipped around, and Sokka swore that the mask looked shocked. "Did you just call me Zac?" the firebender asked.

Sokka shrugged, "Yeah, well calling someone I'm working with Zuko is really weird, so I'm calling you Zac. Besides, if that admiral guy hears us talking, he won't know it's you, right Zac?"

'Must not kill the imbecile,' Zuko thought firmly, 'Must not kill him. GAH! Of that whole group of three, I'm stuck with the idiot! Why me?'

"Zac?" Sokka asked, and waved is hand in front of the mask, "Hello, anyone home?"

"Yeah, whatever," 'Zac' said dryly, "Now, seeing as how you knew those crazy guys, you must have a slight idea where they are."

"Yeah, I remember their exact location."

"So? Which way? And why do you look close to tears?"

Sokka grinned, "Nobody's ever asked me 'which way' before. It fells good."

'Zac' stopped and stared at Sokka. "Aren't you in charge?" he asked.

"No, Aang is. He's the avatar with the dumb magic junk."

"Bending isn't magic!" Zac yelled. Sokka rubbed his ear and said, 'You sound just like Katara. OH MY GOSH! THOSE GUYS STILL HAVE KATARA!"

"Yes, seeing as how we haven't found them yet,' Zac stated, but Sokka kept yelling, "WE'VE GOT TO GO SAVE HER! AND WHY ARE YOU JUST GRINNING LIKE THAT! IS THIS FUNNY TO YOU?"

"You idiot, my mask has a grin design, trust me, I'm not smiling."


'This must be how Uncle feels when I get really mad,' Zac thought, 'I never realized how it fells to have someone yell at you before."

"Why are you just standing there?" Sokka asked, "We've got to save Katara and Aang. So come on!"

Zac rolled his eyes under the mask, but followed the idiot's lead. Sokka stopped at a tree and said, "We need to climb up here. If we scale the trees nearer to the camp, we'll be in trouble."

They both pulled out daggers and used them to scale the tree, almost forgetting whom they were climbing with. Almost.

"Nice place," muttered Zac as they reached the treetop camp, "And just think, no adult assistance. They're dedicated."

"Yeah, to wiping out villages," Sokka muttered, "Come on, let's find Aang and Katara."

There was a crash from a nearby hut. Both boys glanced at each other and said, "There."

-In the hut-

"Come on Kat, I love you," Jet semi-pleaded. Katara bolted away again and yelled, "Don't you call me Kat!"

"KEEP AWAY FROM MY SISTER!" yelled Sokka, who jumped in through the window opening. Zac followed in a disinterested manner, and walked over to Katara. He said, "You might want to leave, this is going to get ugly."

"Who are you? Did Sokka meet another chauvinist and decide he needed help beating Jet?"

Zac grabbed her shoulders, "Listen! You go find Aang; we'll deal with Mr. Rebel here."

"How do you know Aang's name?" Katara asked, and she grabbed a rope and swung to another tree.

"You don't want to know," Zac muttered as he returned to Jet and Sokka. 'I'll let Sokka do as much by himself as possible,' he thought, 'this is his fight.'

There was another loud crashing; apparently Katara had found Aang, just as Smellerbee burst in on the fight.

"JET!" he yelled, "We've got firebenders! Loads of them!"

"Oh man!' groaned Sokka, "They must have followed us here!"

"I should've known Zhou wouldn't give up so easily!" hissed Zac, as he used some rope he had found to tie up Jet and Smellerbee, "Come on, we've got to find Katara and Aang, NOW!"

As they dropped from the trees, Sokka gasped at the destruction. Zac easily put out the remaining fire, and Sokka found Longshot stuck under a fallen log. The boy glared at him as Sokka pulled him free, and handed him a slip of paper.

"The fire-guy said it was for the Blue Spirit," Longshot muttered. Zac tied up the rest of the band and came over. He read the note.

To The Blue Spirit, Zac, or whomever you are,

Hello, if you are reading this, then I am long gone. The Avatar and Water-Tribe girl are with me. You have no hope of rescuing them. By the time you even catch up I shall be presenting them to the Fire Lord.

"No," muttered Sokka, "We have to find them, but it's hopeless!"

His ally turned to him, "Oh, you have no hope if you're being helped by Zac," he said, and slipped off his mask, "but you have plenty if you're being aided by Zuko."