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School sucks...

Walking down the hall I tried to clear the thoughts that crowded my mind, and focus on the battle on hand. School. The oldest and hardest battle that any 16-year-old would go through. Someone once said to me that if you can survive high school then you can survive anything. But then again I had been thrown out of 4 high schools so far this year alone. So somehow I think I was surviving a little too well. Next place of battle was a place called Sky High. A school for the future super hero's. I had to hold back the snort of laughter that rose up. It was quite funny that they actually accepted me into the school. Really it was. The halls were disserted, not a surprise there. Considering I was, glancing at the thick leather watch on my left watch I bit back a sigh. An hour and a half late. Stopping I glanced side to side, there had to be some sort of indication where the principles office was, wasn't there? Seeing another teenager coming towards me, I looked him up and down. He was your average teachers pet. Dressed to match, he was shorter then me which startled me a little. Being 5"2, there wasn't a lot of people who weren't taller then me. When he spotted me he smiled timidly, taking in the bad ass look. Tight black tanktop with anarchy written on the front, trademark black cargo pants a few chains hanging off them, studded belt, black double-breasted jacket, a red cross spray painted on the back, black army knee high combat boots. I was adorned with the usual jewelry. Thick black watch, thick silver band on my right. Rings on both thumbs and basically all my other fingers and a red and black choker on my throat. And to think today I dressed down I thought with a sneer. I glared in return. His eyes widened and looked quickly down. I waited until he was next to me before grabbing him roughly, I looked into his eyes. Best way to un-nerve someone is too stare them down.

'Principle Powers office,' I growled. I usually wasn't this short with someone that didn't disserve the treatment, but today just wasn't my day. He stared at me in fear, great. All I wanted was to find the principles office, not scare the poor kid into silence. I shook him. 'Where would it be?' I asked again shaking him again cause it sort of made me feel good. He stuttered and blinked furiously. I raised an eyebrow at him. 'Please?' I added as though that would suddenly make it all right. To my amazement it did. He pointed to a door at the end of the hall. Still stuttering. Releasing him I sent him a smile.

'Wasn't so hard was it?' I asked. He shook his head dumbly. I gave him a small pat and started towards my now known destination. My boots squeaking on the tiled floor.

I didn't bother knocking when I walked in. Montague's don't knock. Principles Powers looked up and I saw a striking resemblance between her and Wonder Women. Wonder if they were related.

'Miss Montague, pleased that you have arrived, although very late.' she said a smile on her lips. Shrugging I sat down on the chair that she indicated too. Propping my feet on the edge of the desk I sent her a look that dared her to do something about my insubordination. She didn't.

'I see here that this is your third school this year,' she said looking me over carefully.

'Fourth,' I corrected. She looked at me startled.

'Excuse me?'

'It's the fourth school that I've been to this year,' I said with a shrug. She gave me a graceful smile border lining on a pitying one. My eyes narrowed on their own accord.

'Well,' she continued, 'I hope that you last longer here then the rest of them. If you would make your way down to the gym, you will be able to participate in the end of power placement. Because your obviously you will not be starting with the younger ones, we just need to know whether you're a hero or hero support.' My eyebrow went up. What was this? Power placement? Hero or hero support? This was so not on the brochure. I gave Principle Powers a once over.

'I think it's obvious what my "powers" are,' I said pointing over at the files that were spread out before her. She looked down and then back at me.

'Yes, it does. But it doesn't say how powerful you are.' She said. I sighed and leant back into my chair giving her an incredulous look.

'I burnt down the entire science department. Its no longer there.' I said slowly. She gave me a long look. I hated them with a passion. I mean every Principle must go through a course that shows them how to do the "long look".

'Science departments have chemicals that can accelerate flames.' She said a somewhat demeaning smile. I stared, I flatten a school building block and they blame the chemicals? What the hell?

'Just go to the gym, even if its for the sake of burning something?' she said standing, 'I'll escort you there.' She had just tapped into my one weakness. Burning things. I loved it. Couldn't help but do it. It was a must, I went stir crazy without it. I raised out of my chair and followed the principle without a peep. How quaint.

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