Ok, I've been dying to put these up! Hope you all enjoy them! But let's just get on with them shall we?


Shredder: Perhaps I have been too violent in trying to vanquish the turtles. Yes, I believe I should send them a letter, some flowers and hope that they will leave my evil schemes in peace.

Bishop: Tell the President I am a fiend who wishes to beg for his mercy.

Hun: gasp Hurray! It's girl scout cookie season!

Ninja thing from Big Brawl sneaking up on Usagai: puts a finger to where his lips would be Shh! Be vewy vewy qwuiet. I'm huntin' wabbits! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh...

Karai: Father, being evil is stupid. Avenge yourself, I'm leaving!

Leo: I think I may be ADD.

Mike: I'm tired, I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

Raph: Patience is the answer.

Karai: Hunk of junk! throws the heart of Tengu out the window

Klunk: Woof

Raph: I'm going to sit quietly in my room and contemplate life the universe and everything.

Hun: Does this outfit make me look fat?

Mikey: Oo!Oo!Oo! Can I do the dishes? Please? Please!

Raph: Oh my goodness gracious my muffins are burning!

Leo: What? Huh? Yeah, whatever, Master Splinter...

Don: I've found my calling in life: plumbing!

Hun: that's a totally mondo awesome idea master!

Raph: Ah. Gardening. Cleanses the soul.

Leo: You know what? I don't really think I want to be a ninja...

Mike: Life is so pointless... melodramatic sigh

Shredder: Has anyone seen my platform shoes? If not, just hang me from the ceiling and I'll be the disco ball!

Leo: Let's see if Oprah's on.

Mike: Hmmm... Wheat grass or soy milk; I just can't decide...

Don: I have nothing important to say at this time.

Bishop: What? The turtles are here? Ok, we can just leave, then.

Leo: But I want my blanky and I want it NOW!

Raph: Hey guys! I just got us five tickets to the Russian Ballet!

Casey: What is the point of hockey? I mean really? All you do is chase after a stupid little puck. Now figure skating, that's a real sport!

Bishop (to employee): Make sure we send Splinter and the turtles a nice fruit basket this Christmas.

Karai: Oh Honey Hun! Let's go map out our wedding plans, Sweetie.

April: Oh, by the way, I invited Bishop and his crew to Thanksgiving dinner. I hope that's ok with everyone.

Raph: It's Teletubby time!

April: sigh If only I, too, could be a mutant...

Don: Howdy there, April, you looking mighty fine this morning.
April: Really?
Don: (nods) Darn tootin'.

Raph, Leo, Don and Mikey climbing into the battleshell : Ninja Turtles AWAY!(you have to be a Rescue Rangers fan to completely understand the joke)

Raph: 'Ello! I am an Eskimo! Hear me roar!

Mike: Burn comic books! BURN! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Splinter (to turtle tots): Aww, run around on the surface, see if I care, but if you get caught by an evil scientist, you're on your own!

April: Don is such a stud muffin. sigh

Mike: Don! These calculations are completely wrong! Here, let me re-do them for you.

Raph: Ok, like, I was at the mall the other day and, like, there was this guy that, like, was, like, looking at me all, like, evilly so I, like, took him down!

Bishop (absorbed with the toys on his desk): Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!

Don: I figure I can become a psychologist simply by studying hours of taped Dr. Phil shows! Wanna watch with me, Klunk?

Mike: Oh sorry, that was me. I left the toilet seat up. My bad.

Raph: Crikey! I just remembered I've got a jar of Veg-o-mite hidden under my bed!

Bishop (interragating Mikey on a dissecting table) : What's the cheat code to get to level 10 of Galactic Invaders
Mikey: I'll never tell!

Leo: I'm experimenting with different fashion styles. Today I think I'll be gothic, tomorrow punk and then I'll try a designer look.

Hun: Have you called Jenny yet?

Karai: Hun! How would you and the foot ninja feel about Free Dress Fridays?

Leo (walks up to Karai): What would you do for a Klondike bar?


Shredder (holding sword): Karai! The force is with you!

Hun: Master do you think my pony tail's cool?

Hun: The sum of the square root of a cube four by four by twelve point five times and the surface area of a triangle which all sides equal pi times pi again minus my shoe size (x or maybe even y in this case) is the correct answer of 56342.8801 squared and rounded off.

(Fugitoid runs into alleyway)
Triceratons: Surrender yourself!
(a disco ball floats down and the Fugitoid is dressed up as a rapper. He starts playing and scratching some records)

Baxter Stockman: You're right! You ARE smarter then me.

Mikey: Do you want my Battle Nexus trophy Raph? I think you were the one that really should have won it, not me.


Creature From Dragon's Brew ( dangling on the dock and looking sad but then suddenly grins and sings ): Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Who's absorbent and yellow and porous is he? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!

Leo: Mmm. Cheese. I love cheese. Lets all eat cheese! CHEESE!


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