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Summary- A ghost on campus drill drives all the students and teachers of Casper High cramming into the multi-purpose room, scared and afraid. Conveniently, Danny Fenton transforms into Danny Phantom without being seen. But when the ghost sends Danny flying into the multi-purpose room where everyone is, the viewers stand in shock as they witness a fight of their life. All goes wrong when the ghost deserts Danny in a cage, where he can't get out no matter what. The only way he can get out is if he changed back to normal, but then he'd be exposed to everyone in the multi-purpose room. The students and teachers take their advantage of the helpless ghost, and hammer him with questions of their own.

Chapter 1




Ghost on campus.

This is not a drill.

I repeat.

This is not a drill.

Screams and shouts of despair escaped from the mouths of the students and teachers of Casper High as they frantically search for a place to hide. They do not calm as the voice on the intercom switches on again.


Immidently report to the multi-purpose room now

If you wish to stay safe, report to the multi-purpose room, now

As everyone drills into the multi-purpose room, a lone soul walked the ground careful to be seen. Danny Fenton searched for a spot of his own to transform into his ghost form and save the day once again.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny whispered. Instantly, his school clothes were replaced by his super-hero uniform, his hair turning snow white, and his eyes a deep shade of green. In a flash, he flied off to look for the ghostly intruder that interrupted the schools daily activities.

"Hello?" Danny said. He grabbed out his thermos in a rush, careful not to miss a moment. "Um.. Anyone there?" She lowered himself to the floor and walked the halls of the empty school. He could still hear chattering from the multi-purpose room and then the doors lock to it. "Great. Alone."

With a thud, Danny was thrown to the floor by a green blast of energy. "Ouch!" He looked up confused to see who shot the ray and gasped. "Walker.."

Walker laughed. "Hello, kid. As you can see I'm not satisfied with the prison your life has become. I've come back for a second helping of revenge."

Danny got up quickly shooting a ray of his own in Walker's direction. "Well, I'm sorry to cut you short, but this really isn't a good time." Walker flew back into the wall and mumbled a curse. Danny smiled to himself as he got out his thermos, but was instantly hit by another ray. Walker laughed.

"Stop. Please. Leave me alone." Danny said, hurt by the blast. "You've already done enough damage. Leave me alone!"

Walker laughed through clenched teeth harder. "Not enough, ghost kid. Not enough. Your life is has to be as much of a prison as it would be in the ghost zone. Time to be expose, phantom."

Danny gasped weakly as he was shot straight into the multi-purpose room. With a thud on the ground, the students and teachers of his high school watched as he lie on the floor in pain.

"Time's up kid. Your life is officially..." in a scream, Walker realized too late that he was already being sucked into the thermos. Walker send a flying green light blast at Danny, knocking him over just before he was sucked completely into the thermos.

Danny panted staring at the confused faces of the viewers. It wasn't long before he realized what was happening. A bolt went through his body as he yelped helplessly. Two second later, he found himself trapped in a cage bolted to the school's floor in the multi-purpose room surrounded by the teachers and kids of his school.

Desperately, he tried going intangible.

"Crap." Danny muttered. It didn't work. He knocked himself against the bars of the cage with no luck, looking like a trapped animal in a petting zoo. "Let me out of here!"

He glanced at Sam and Tucker who exchanged Danny worried looks.

Sam ran up to Danny's cage with her hands spread out across it. "Don't hurt him!"

Dash stepped forward pushing students aside. "And why not, loser?"

Sam's face grimaced. "Because, dumb shit, he's protected us for like, ever. Just leave him alone. If you expose him, we may not get his help anymore."

Valerie pushed her aside and stared at Danny Phantom with an devilish grin. "Don't you ever wonder who he is really? Like... you know." She turned sharply to Danny. "Who are you, ghost?"

Danny stuttered. "I..uh..I .. Please let me go."

Dash laughed. "Fat chance. This is a once in a life-time moment.

Danny bashed against the cage bars as hard as he could about fifteen times without stopping. After he'd done it, he stopped panting. Paulina pushed through the crowd with a huge loving smile on her face.

"Ghost boy! You saved me!" Paulina leaped up to his cage and touched the bars, but was shocked. Danny sighed. "I think its only meant for ghosts, Paulina... I mean... whatever your name is.."

Paulina looked confused. "No.. You just said my name."

Kwan pushed up to Danny. "How do u know her!" he demanded.

Danny stuttered. "I don't, Kwan. I mean.. Oh crap."

Mr. Lancer took out a pen and pointed it sharp at Danny. "Explain, ghost."

Soon, the whole room was full of chatter and points at Danny. Tucker ran up and stood by Sam frowning. "Guys! Don't pressure him! Is this how you repay someone for saving you!"

"Yes." Dash said.

Sam clenched her fists, "Well then, you need to up your attitude...or something... because that's not fair! Look at him!" She pointed to Danny in the cage, his face pale, his eyes crackled and frightened. "You're already scaring him! Just leave him alone!"

Mr. Lancer pushed Sam aside. "I think I need a few questions answered, ghost kid."

Danny sputtered. "Mr. Lancer! Oh shit. I mean... please."

Tucker whispered to Danny. "You're blowing it with the names, Danny."

Danny glared.

Valerie got out her gun. "Alright ghost kid. You're going to answer our questions like it or not."

Danny backed up in the cage, but fell onto the side bars.

Valerie pushed out her question harshly. "Mine first." Before she asked her question, she shot one of her guns at Danny which made him collapse to the ground, unconscious.

"Nice going, Valerie." said Dash.

"YOU KILLED HIM!" shouted Paulina, running towards Danny.

Mr. Lancer grabbed Valerie's arm. "What did you do, Ms. Grey?"

Valerie shook him off. "Relax. He'll be out for 10 minutes. Geez. I only did that so he'll answer the questions truthfully and do whatever we say.. You think he'd actually answer them or do what we say without being hit with the gun? No. It's worth it, him being out for 10 minutes or so."

Paulina sighed in relief.

Danny twitched.

Sam ran up to Valerie. "Gosh, you're such a...ugh! Give me that!" She took the gun out of Valerie's hands and smashed it on the ground breaking it.

"Why you little bitch!" Valerie growled. She leaped on top of Sam, but got pulled off by Tucker.

"Break it up! Break it up!" he said.

Sam laughed wiping her forehead. "I knew it."

Valerie grumbled.

Danny stirred.

The whole room filled with commotion, but was soon settled by the harsh voice of Mr. Lancer.

"Quiet everyone." he paused, but the noise did not stop. "Shut up!"

He smiled. "Good. Now that I have your attention..." He looked around the room, and then walked over to Danny. "We are about to get our questions asked by the one and only ghost kid. But remember, he has been saving us."

Dash laughed. "So what! This is our one chance to see who he really is... his deepest emotions..."

He was cut off my Valerie. "...his weaknesses..."

Sam stomped her foot. "This is juvenile! What kind of selfless hearts do you people have!"

Tucker nodded.

Paulina sighed romantically. "The one that belongs to Danny Phantom," she said dreamingly.

Sam growled. "Why you little..." she took a step toward Paulina, but she was held back by Mr. Lancer.

"No more fighting. Time to take this seriously," he said. Danny mumbled, and then sat up in the cage, looked around, and then fluttered his eyes.

"You freaking drugged him, shit head!" Tucker said.

Valerie glared. "Yes. Now as I was saying..." she turned to Danny. "I'm first..."

Danny's head bobbed around in circles, trying with the little strength he had to lift it up onto his shoulders. "...huh?"

Valerie walked up to the cage with a dark look. "Who are you, ghost?"

Danny opened his mouth, but was cut off by Valerie again.

"Better yet. Show us." she said. "Transform into your real self..."

Sam yelled, "NO! DON'T!"

Danny stood still.

Valerie turned around quickly. "Shut up, Sam."

"No," Sam said.

Valerie turned towards Danny. "Transform."

Sam turned toward her, "DON'T!"

Danny blinked.

Valerie turned around and looked at Kwan. "Cover her mouth, dammit!"

Kwan ran up to Sam, grabbed her, and covered her mouth. Sam struggled. Tucker tried to fight him off, but was picked up by his other hand as he covered his mouth, too. Sam glared at him.

Valerie turned towards Danny. "Now... transform, ghost."

Danny lowered his head. "I..."

Valerie shouted. "DO IT NOW!"

Danny fell to his knees, his hands out in front of him, shaking. The force of Valerie's gun was too strong. He had to obey. He let out a cry of pain as his body was forcing him to turn back into Danny Fenton. In a flash he knelt in the cage, no longer Danny Phantom, but his human self.

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