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Life on Standby

Chapter One: Always isn't Forever.

His eyes were closing and he found it hard to breathe, it felt like he was drowning, on what, even he didn't know, just the sensation of his lungs filling up…perhaps with sadness. That's what it had to be, he was drowning on his infinite sadness, or maybe he was drowning on his tears, it didn't matter, she was gone, and he was the idiot that let her fall. He could never forgive him self, not ever.

Maybe this is for the best.

Maybe this is what I need.

I couldn't save her.

I can't save anyone.

He hoped that he would die now, at least this way he wouldn't have to think about those emerald eyes, those beautiful eyes he let go…. For what seemed to him…. So long ago.

Tears welled up in his eyes, it was getting hard to see, the blur around him nothing more then a dark oblivion, but then…


He thought he heard her voice, but he couldn't be sure.

"Cloud!" It was her voice, cracking and breaking with each scream.

He reached up, trying to grab hold of something…anything.

But it was too late, and maybe all good boys don't go to Heaven.

She slowly put her thin pale arms into the cardboard box, pulling out the picture frames she had put in so carefully. She walked over to her dresser, slowly placing the pictures down. She smiled at them; they were pictures her boyfriend took from one of his many adventures traveling the world. She dug her hand into the box and pulled up a bright red frame with pink feathers, she smiled sadly as she looked at the picture, it was her boyfriend holding on to a young woman, one arm around her waist, the other one giving a devilish victory sign.

She shook her head, brown ringlets caressing her face, "Zack, Zack, Zack. Why is it that I still go out with you, all you do is bring me back pictures of the girls you meet."

"Aeris, sweet heart are you still unpacking?" There was a small rapt at the door.

She looked up and smiled, "I'm getting there mother, why, what's wrong?"

The door slowly opened, an older woman poked her head in, she smiled thinly, the wrinkles on her face taking more of a distinguished look, "Well, you have a visitor…. I told him you were busy, but he wouldn't have any of it."

The young woman cocked her head to the side, a small pout forming on her lips, "If it's Tseng, tell him…."

"No, it's not him." The older woman smiled as she closed the door.

Aeris sighed, she turned and looked in the mirror, her hair was loose around her, an auburn cascade. She nodded to her self and walked to the door.

He tapped his foot on the plain wooden floors, he was growing impatient, he hoped that she wouldn't just brush him off. He knew that he did some pretty bad things in his time, but he was a changed man…..at least that's what he told himself……he was a changed man.


He looked up, his black hair falling into his eyes. He smiled as he saw her walk down the stairs. She was always so beautiful, wearing her simple pink dress and a white scarf around her shoulders. He held his arms out for her, for in his mind, he saw her running into his arms, and then….and then……KISSESS. He had his eyes closed and wore the dumbest grin.

"Aeris, angel." He called up to her.

"Don't you angel me!" Her eyes turned to liquid fire, she stomped over to him, pointing her finger in his face, "Tell me Zack, why is it that everything you write me or send me pictures, you always have to mention another girl." She pouted and turned away from him, her voice taking on the dramatics, "Zack, you disappear for months on end, I don't know if your alive or dead, and then, when I do hear from you, it's all the same." She turned to him, burning a hole through his gapping face; suddenly her voice became a mockery of his baritone voice, "Dear Babe. Long time no see, I'm on this new mission in Costa del Sol, it's pretty quite here, but you wouldn't believe the half naked girls that run around. Don't get me wrong babe, you're still hot, but I mean these girls are …..BANG." She looked up at him, her voice turning into venom, "I…Don't…Like….Being…Called….Babe…"

He stared at her, not knowing what to say, he looked over to his side, he was still holding on to the yellow and white roses he bought from Wall Market, "Um, well, I, umm, kinda wanted to give you these and take you out to dinner." He held up the flowers and looked into her eyes, his cobalt blue turning into stone, "Aeris, please, you're the only girl for me."
Her eyes melted as she looked at the flowers, they looked a little dead, but at least he got her flowers. She smiled inwardly, "Oh Zack, you know I don't mean those things, you just get to me sometimes."

He nodded, "I do that some times." He gave her a goofy grin and wrapped a heavily muscled arm around her small frame. "Oh, by the way angel, there's some one I need you to meet."

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