Okay so disclaimer:

This is a challenge set forth by Reilynn (quite graciously after my whining for a new challenge) over on the DA: Reflections Board. The challenge was to write in a part for August Weatherly in Season One. So the fact that there is a child in this story is so not my fault, since it has been pointed out on numerous occasions that I do tend to include them at some point in every story. Of course that being said means I've used up most my basics already, stray kid, babysitting duties and lab created. So give it a read and tell me what you think.

Timeline: Shortly after Cape Haven.


She stood before his door, hesitant.

It wasn't as if it was the first time that she lingered, but she found herself doing it for different reasons now…

He was better now, almost starting to return to the person he had struggled to become after he'd lost his legs. Almost, but not quite. Part of her blamed herself, part of her blamed all the creeps that had benefited in the scandal that had almost cost Logan his life, but part of her blamed him. Blamed him for being so foolish, so blind. He saw the one thing he didn't have and none of what he did.

They had been on the verge of something hadn't they? That something that lingered in the air even before he started getting feeling back that she could barely admit to herself, let alone anyone else. Maybe she hadn't even seen it until it was ripped from her.

She'd been scared of what tomorrow was going to bring after he stood before her for the first time in five months. He was so beautiful because he was finally happy and at peace, but that changed, he changed again.

They'd skipped over tomorrow.

And here she was still forcing her old façade into place even though she just had this overwhelming urge to just sit and hold him and verbally and repeatedly remind him just how amazing he was. That wasn't her though, she wasn't soft and he wouldn't believe it as anything else besides from pity.

Her sidekick was making a return appearance on his own, with a little aid by proving his masculinity and use by saving her life.

She pushed open his door, it slid silently as always without the creak and grunts of the doors in her building, Kendra referred to them as their very own alarm system which she'd followed with a laugh, 'Of course if we had a single thing for a burglar to steal we wouldn't be living in this dump,' Logan did so his system was a little more high tech meaning he could skip the squeaks.

She didn't call out immediately as she walked through the doorway, he was laughing, a low steady laugh. Something she had become unused to hearing from him. It startled her into silence as it placed a small smile on her lips hearing it, hearing him be happy.

She walked towards it, towards the living room.

He was on the floor, his back to her, still laughing in between zooming a little plastic car up an on-ramp. The person Max assumed the owner of the parking garage sitting across from him, a kid, small kid, though she couldn't offhand place the age, the only thing she could tell about the person who had done what she had been unable to do was he had a mop of curly brown hair with a golden twinge reminding her of a halo…Maybe Ben really was right about the Blue Lady, maybe she'd sent her an angel.

She paused, she hadn't meant to, it was just one of those moments that felt so right and was so beautiful it required her to take a moment before attempting to join in without breaking the mood.

"Here I go," Logan said as his car reached the top and the little boy looked up as the car started its descent.

He started watching, but his eyes had already moved over to Max and held a confused look as Logan quickly reclaimed the car as it reached the end of its run and promptly smashed it into another car complete with sound effects and cars flying. His eyes were familiar, one of the benefits of all of Manticore's tweaking, she could easily see eye color from across the room, a mix of blue and green that she couldn't place outright, there was just a sense of familiarity.

"Who are you?" he asked his interest in the toy quickly forgotten.

"What-" Logan was beginning to ask as she caught that first glimpse of worry as his head and body turned towards her, the relief at seeing her and not an actual stranger shown before the "oh" passed his lips, then something else, a hesitancy on his own part.

"I'm Max," she said with a smile, skipping over any directions being posed at Logan knowing the kid would prefer her direct interaction, despite her preferences, "who are you?" she asked it back it with a head tilt towards him.

Kid didn't falter, "Ben," he answered.

That startled her, thinking about her brother and suddenly hearing his name from this self assured little angel, what were the chances? Her mouth was slightly open as she stared at the kid staring back at her, wondering who he was, wondering what his parents had gotten themselves into. Then again maybe that sense of familiarity came from the wedding she hadn't really gotten much of a chance to check out all the family pictures since she'd been too busy trying to save Normal's ass, though why she still didn't really get.

There was a look in Logan's eyes as she sought him out looking for answers that she couldn't really place, but he quickly wiped it from view and his normal attitude returned, "Max, this is my son Ben," he turned with a smile and nod to the young boy whose eyes suddenly made more sense. "Ben, this is my friend, Max," he repeated their former introductions with explanations.

Which explained nothing at all and left her full of questions.

I was going to do this all nice and complete in one shot like Embedded (yes that had once been nice and short), but seeing how Shywr1ter is posting in parts figured I would to. That and I promised Maria I would write it and I didn't want her to think I backed out.