To All My Loyal, Patient readers if there are still any…

Long time no update! Life has been crazy for me these past almost 3 years now, and only now am I returning to the dark recesses of the net that is FanFiction.

This page here is to let you know that I have stopped working on this version of "The Emerald Phoenix" and to inform you of its reincarnated brother Xiaolin Showdown: The Emerald Phoenix (Reborn) in my list. I've taken on the task of rewriting the previous chapters as I've improved over the past years and found the previous chapters rather embarrassing. I have the first two re-written and I'm only going to keep on rewriting 'til I get back to the first draft of chapter 8, which I left off on and will continue the story from there. How frequent my updates will be is uncertain for now, as I am out of the country on a study abroad, but we'll see how it goes.

Again, I apologize to my loyal readers that have more than likely lost interest in Xiaolin Showdown by now, but this update is to let you know what is going on and what to expect.