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Chapter 7: Sleeping Dragons... Awaken?

"Uhn..." Moaned Selia, waking up the next morning. She forced herself to sit up, so that she didn't fall back asleep which she was liable to do. Rubbing her eyes, she noticed that something was different. She couldn't figure it out at first, as she checked her bed for any foreign objects, felt around her bed, and ran her hand through her hair, but as her sleeve brushed against her face it became obvious. Her clothes had an unfamiliar scent to them. Confused, she tried to remember what could've caused this. After meditating she had practically passed out. Then the nightmarish visions returned. She shuddered. She remembered a hand reaching out to pull her out, but whatever happened after that was a blank to her.

"Guess I must've been in a cold sweat..." Selia muttered to herself, grabbing her towel and Xiaolin robes to change into after her shower. Finding her shoes she slipped them on, and with towel and robes in hand she left her room and headed for the showers. It was dawn outside, the dew still heavily coating the grass, the sun just beginning to rise and warm Selia's face. From the sound of the sleeping quarters Selia assumed that she was the only dragon awake, so she enjoyed her walk outside. As she neared the building where the showers were she went to turn the corner when too little too late she heard footsteps, and so she and the other early bird collided into each other and fell into a heap on the floor.

"Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! I'm so sorry-!" Selia began, rubbing her head, but a laugh stopped her mid-apology. "Clay?"

"G'morning yerself," Replied the cowboy with a smile in his voice. "Thought I was th' only early ris'r 'round here,"

"Dang, you're up before dawn?" She queried, the throb in her head subsiding.

"Ev'ry mornin' back on th' ranch," Clay told her, standing up then lending her a helping hand. His hand was warm and soft from the shower, moisture still clinging to his skin. "How're y' feelin' this mornin'?"

"Just fine, thanks." She replied, not suspecting any meaning beyond the question. Clay noticed this and concluded that she had forgotten about the episode from the night before and just smiled.

"That's good t' hear," Clay stated, before stretching and popping his knuckles. "Well, I'm gonna head back n' finish gettin' ready fer th' day. An' be caref'l 'bout the water this mornin'! Keeps switchin' b'tween hot 'n cold," And with that Clay walked past and headed back to his room.

"Thanks for the warning," She thanked him and hurried off to the showers. She found the showers and climbed in, letting the soothing water rush over her face. Just as Clay warned, the water flickered between warm and freezing, or warm and boiling hot. Drying off and changing into her clean robes she returned back to her room to discover the delectable aroma of bacon in the air. Her stomach growling, she decided breakfast was a wise decision and headed to the kitchen, braiding her still damp hair in the process.

"Is that breakfast I smell?" Selia asked, turning the corner through the doorway and into the kitchen.

"'Reckon it is," Greeted Clay, busy with frying bacon and avoiding the popping grease in the process.

"Who wants pancakes?" Dojo called out, he having fun being cook for the morning.

"Pancakes sound delicious, Dojo," Selia responded with a laugh. "Since when do you cook breakfast?"

"Oh, no reason," Dojo replied, as he poured some pancake batter into the pan and straightened his little chef hat. Soon the other dragons-in-training trickled into the kitchen, still sleepy-eyed and dazed.

"Dude, did you HAVE to make so much bacon?" Raimundo muttered, rubbing his eyes.

"If ev'ryone plans on gettin' some, yeah, I reckon I had to," Clay retorted, annoyed that his preparing breakfast was greeted with ingratitude. This went unnoticed by the others as Dojo slithered over and plopped down a platter heaped with pancakes. "Breakfast is served!"

Everyone dove in and served themselves, well, everyone except Selia. She wasn't sure where everything was on the table, so she just sat in her seat and waited, embarrassed to ask for help. 'Sometimes I hate being blind...' She thought to herself. Noticing this, Dojo slithered over to her side and grabbed a fork.

"One pancake or two?" He asked her. Selia snapped her head up in his direction and, though surprised at first, smiled. "Two, please."

"And I'll just drizzle the syrup and dice it up for ya!" And Dojo did just that. Breaking out a sharp knife, he had at it, and when he was done he placed the fork in Selia's right hand. "Bon appetit,"

"An' here's a few slabs of bacon for ya," Clay added, placing a couple of pieces of bacon on her plate. She smiled sheepishly and said "Thanks, guys..." As Selia began to eat, Master Fung quietly walked in.

"Good morning, young monks," He greeted them, observing the table and the monks seated at it. "I hope you are rested and ready for your day ahead. For today, yours skills you have honed and worked on will be put towards a new technique I will be teaching you today." Omi jumped up at hearing this.

"Ooooh, a new technique?! I shall be the one to fully master it first, Master Fung!" Omi loudly stated, practically bouncing off the walls in excitement.

"Cocky much?" Raimundo growled at Omi, not in the mood for Omi's overconfident attitude and narcissism that morning.

"There is no reason for celebrating and boasting, Omi," Master Fung scolded in his masterful way. "For this new technique is going to be unique and challenging in its own individual way for each of you." This stopped the self-centered monk in his tracks. Now seeing that he had everyone's attention, Master Fung continued. "Now, finish your breakfast and meet me in the meditation hall." With that, Master Fung left.

"I wonder what that was all about." Kimiko mused as she finished reapplying her lipstick before she took care of her dishes.

"Whatever it is, the Fung-ster is being really serious about it," Raimundo replied, already washing his dishes.

"Well then, if you're so anxious to find out, get to the meditation hall already!" Dojo quipped from his perch around Selia's neck and shoulders. The blind monk took a few last bites and was about to make her way to the sink when her dishes disappeared out of her hands.

"I've got it, Selia," Clay assured her, taking the dishes to the sink and took care of them. "Thank, Clay," She thanked him as she found the wall and leaned against it. Once Clay was finished with the dishes, the two of them and Dojo went and caught up with the others in the meditation hall. They took their positions on the floor with their legs crossed, awaiting instruction. Master Fung opened his eyes and looked at his students.

"My young monks, today we will begin the long process of mastering your new skill that is going to be developed here in this meditation hall." He told them, beginning to pace from one end to the other of their line. "I will not tell you it is going to be easy. You will be frustrated, you will trip over yourselves and each other as you master to become..." and it was here that Master Fung paused, before casting his gaze over his five monks.


"Whoa, whoa whoa! Hold on a sec!" Raimundo loudly protested. "I thought that we already ARE dragons? Y'know, in title?"

"In TRAINING!" Dojo smartly remarked, wagging a finger at the Dragon of the Wind.

"Just as Dojo said," Master Fung agreed with a nod. "Dragons in training, title only. But, you're not fully comprehending what I'm saying, Raimundo," And with this, Master Fung reached into his sleeve. Everyone watched intently, though all Selia could do was strain her ears. The master monk pulled forth the Whirlpool Necklace, and held it in his right hand. "Omi, please step forward." He beckoned to the bald monk. Nothing but boastful smiles, Omi jumped up and flipped, quite literally, over to Master Fung's side.

"What is the task I am to accomplish today, Master Fung? For whatever it is, I shall exceed any expectations!" Omi asked, then stated, eagerly. The master refrained from sighing as he began to speak.

"I want you to summon the powers of the Whirlpool Necklace-"

"But Master Fung, that is already an effortless task! Even Raimundo can-!" Omi interrupted, but was just as promptly cut off by the master

"Omi, if you'd allow me to finish my sentence, you would find yourself wiser in the long run..." Master Fung clearly stated to the young monk.

"Oh... I am terribly sorry, Master Fung..." And the little monk bowed low. "Please, do continue,"

"Omi, take the Whirlpool Necklace and summon its powers without saying its name aloud." He directed the monk.

Now, you can just imagine the look of stupor on poor little Omi's face. Who had ever heard of such a task being accomplished? And how did one even begin to ponder how to complete such an assignment?! The confused Chinese monk just stared at the Whirlpool necklace now in his hands, dumbfounded. The others sitting on the sidelines had been ready to snicker at his failure due to his earlier display of confidence, but when they heard what was being asked of them, they thought a second time about laughing.

"Now, I want the rest of you to practice with the Star Hanabi, the Sword of the Storm, Third-Arm Sash, and the Two-Ton Tunic." Concluded Master Fung, handing these Wu to the following monks respectively: Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay and Selia. "And I strongly suggest that you work your hardest to concentrate and be diligent in your assignments," With that, the master left the meditation hall, leaving behind a group of stumped monks.

A Few Minutes Later...

"GYAH-!" A frustrated Raimundo shouted as he threw the Sword of the Storm into the ground outside in their training area. "How the HECK are we suppose to figure this out without even ONE HINT from the old man?!" He complained, throwing himself onto the ground. Kimiko sat herself on the ground next to the frustrated Dragon of Wind, tossing the Star Hanabi between her hands.

"Rai's right. How're we supposed to figure this out on our own?" She moaned, staring at the Wu in her hands. The cowboy took a seat on the ground, glaring at a limp Third-Arm Sash around his waist, while Omi was diligently meditating, balanced on his head, the Whirlpool Necklace in hand. "I'm just not seeing it..." Kimiko's words were greeted with a giggle. Surprised, she looked up and around for the source of the laughter, and found it to be Selia. "And what's so funny?" she asked out of irritation.

"It's- It's just funny that you said that," Selia replied back with a smile, trying to calm her giggling. "'Seeing it' you say... But is it really what you need to do?" she asked simply. The monks were puzzled at this, and just looked at each other

unknowingly. Meanwhile Selia had gotten to her feet and steadied herself, holding a very limp Two-Ton Tunic in her hands. "You know, it's our chi that activates the Wu," she stated.

"How do you say you know such a thing?!" Omi had snapped out of his mediation at her statement and was back on his feet, challenging her words. "The Shen-Gong-Wu are magical, mysterious, and ancient artifacts that grant us power when we summon them by name! Even the ancient scrolls don't explain how they work!" Selia was taken aback by Omi's explosion of pent-up frustration on her, and she took a step back while he had continued chewing her out.

"Hey, hey, hey! Omi, chill out!" Raimundo told the little monk as he picked him up effortlessly. "Don't take your frustration out on others!"

"I am NOT!" Omi snapped back, feigning a kick at Raimundo's head, which he blocked. "I just do not understand how anyone can know that-!"

"I've felt it." Selia interrupted Omi, bowing her head as if to look at the Two-Ton Tunic that she was fidgeting with in her hands. This caught everyone's attention. "W-... Well... When I went into a showdown against that Jack kid, and I summoned the Gills of Hamachi, it felt as if my chi was flowing into it... And the shape that I felt the Gills of Hamachi to be was the form my chi flowed into..."

"So what yer sayin', is that we should try an' manipulate our chi int' th' shape of the Wu?" Clay asked, looking down at his Third-Arm Sash.

"Um... Yes...?" Selia replied, uncertain.

"Well then, let's give it a try," He told the others, sitting down on the ground Indian-style. The others just looked at him skeptically as he meditated, and reluctantly sat down, just watching him meditate.

"Wow, isn't THIS exciting?" Raimundo grumbled after a short while. Clay just blew him off, keeping his concentration. Suddenly the Third-Arm Sash began to glow, and it moved slightly, moving its tassels like fingers. "WHOA! What the-?!" Raimundo cried out in surprise, breaking Clay's concentration.

"Darn it, Rai! I 'bout had it, too!" Clay growled, frustrated.

"But Clay, you have proven Selia's words to be true!" Omi exclaimed. "That means that..."

"You were wrong, Chrome-Dome," Rai rubbed it in.

"Quit fighting you guys, and let's get started on mastering this!" Kimiko scolded the boys as she started to concentrate on the Star of Hanabi. Selia just smiled and sat back down on the ground, now that her needing to talk was over, and slipped the Two-Ton Tunic over her head, now wearing it.

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