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Chapter 16: ...And the Beginning of Another (aka the Epilouge)

The battle and the war now over, the PLM reclaimed its rightful place as the leaders of the nation. Small pockets of trainers, mainly Flame Force gaurds and soldiers that had escaped capture were still around, but the PLM had an answer to that. Fire Strike. The newest lead team of the PLM, many surrendered without a fight, wishing to spare themselves from defeat. After the last pocket of resistance had been squashed, the region was abale to reopen its borders to the rest of the nations of the world. It's closest neighbor, the land of Kanto, immediately offered the flag of friendship, and was welcomed with open arms. As a sign of respect for the acions of Fire Strike, the managment promoted Booster, Showers and Thunders to the level of general, and allowed Fire Strike to move into the abandoned mansion on the top of the mountain. Since Ivory Lake was now known to the world, some Pokémon Trainers started making the trek to the town. Many passed by the old abandoned mansion. Only now it was not so abandoned. With the members of Fire Strike there, it quickly became THE place to go and test your skills. Never offically sanctioned, the Gym badge that Uiru, the new head of Fire Strike,awarded had more merit in the circles of Pokemon trainers than all the others combined. As a final parting gift, Booster arranged for one of the most powerful, and quiet, helicopters of the army to be granted to Fire Strike permanetely. The first thing they did was paint Fire Strike on the side. After Nick, who had a near permanent slap mark on his face from the snide comments he always made, became a certified pilot, they flew to the now abandoned Flame Force base and helped themselves to the equipment there. They swiped the still large cache of evolution stones as well as the healing unit. Nick disassembled it and remade it into a unique model- with a few of his 'modifications'. When told about these 'modifications', Uiru said that the first Pokémon healed on it would be Nick's.

Every member of the team except Uiru had a full team of Pokemon, and with a new invention of Bill Technis, the master of all things technological in Kanto, had a personal system set up that allowed them to catch as many pokemon as they wanted and to switch them out with the press of a button. Some, such as Uiru, chose not to use the system, while others went out to "catch em' all". Uiru still didn't have his sixth Pokémon, but hey, he had all the time in the world to get it. The five evolution stones he had taken, he had enclosed in a glass case and mounted on the wall of the living room.

Matt and Geoff both had entirely different ideas on how to set up the Pokémon Gym upstairs. Eventually, with a little compromising and a lot of yelling, both were satisfied and they began revamping the training area. In a matter of days it was one, and they had their first customers the next day. They were all soundly destroyed, and the team soon became renowned for their battles. So far, Uiru has only given out his badge to one trainer, Ash Ketchum, a kid from Pallet town who had heard of the exploits of Fire Strike and wanted to see teh "liberation specialists" for himself. It had come down to the last pokemon for each, and with those pokemon being Uiru'sSandslashand Ash's Blaistoise, the outcome was inevitable. Soon, trainers came merely to watch the legendary Uiru and the infamous Allsion trash any contender that dared to approach them. They never ceased their arguing, and many times they devolved into a Pokemon battle, each attack and verbal assault building their friendship even more. Each trainer that wanted to was given permission to stay the night, free of charge, if they could beat Jessica in a battle. Pretty soon the account of Fire Strike Gym was exceptionally well off.

Allison talked Nick into building them a refridgerator. It took two and a half weeks, but with the amount of junk in the basement, Nick boasted he could build a rocket ship if he wanted. Erin told him to get them a phone that wasn't out of the Stone Age. There was still only one in the entire building. As much as it was an inconvieniance, no one really wanted to get another one, as it was a reminder of the night that Fire Stike had become complete, at least as far as human memebrs were concerned. Eventually, need gave way to nostalgia, but the old phone still sits there, ready to be used and always dust free.

Patrick and Matt were running the building of a helipad behind the mansion. Uiru told them to be careful where they put it- he and Jessica liked the view and didn't want the helipad to spoil it. Patrick eventually suggested building it on the side of the mansion. That would be fine. Soon, Fire Strike was able to recieve many visitors from other PLM units, such as the Rock Brigade and others. Often this went into stories of war time, and other times it went into a unit versus unit battle. One night, a writer came and asked for the tale of how they had all met and taken down the most oppresive group of extremists the area had seen. Uiru had merely smiled, and invited the man to watch the days pokemon battles. When he left, you could not tell whether he was amazed or afraid, but he spread the word. Eventually the mansion lost some of its popularity, but enough trainers came and stayed the night to keep it profitable.

Jessica ordered much more recent Pokémon textbooks, and instead of throwing out the old ones, had Uiru and Nick kick up some new bookshelves for them. In one of the Ghost manuals, they even had information on Bleak Eternal. It seemed the Eternal Night had succeeded in making the world aware of the terrible ability, and were now warning trainers of the dangers involved in using it.

A few weeks later, their Pokémon Center was opened. The Gym was a smash, and often trainers challenged all the memebers of Fire Strike multiple times, trying to find a weakness. None did.

Alex decided it was time to say farewell. "I'm going to defend my town," he said, "and help the other trainers there."

Uiru and Alex shook hands. "It's been great knowing you," Uiru told him. "With you in charge, I know Sapphire City's got nothing to worry about."

"Thanks, man. I'll see you guys later!" Nick offered to fly him there via chopper. Alex wasn't entirely sure it was the safest way to go, but it beat walking.

Booster, Showers and Thunders came up to visit and were impressed by what they saw. They suggested selling the evolution stones to trainers, as well as the leftover Softboiled rocks, in order to keep the money coming in for the equipment they needed. Seeing the sense of this, Uru immediately set it up, but kept a small cache of the stones and rocks for himself and the others. When asked why, he merely replied, "Because." After a few days of catching up, Booster, Thunders, and Showers decided to see how they had improved. They were all three trounced by Uiru, Matt, Allison, and Jessica. The others had been willing to help, but the four had insisted. After all, the adventure bgan with these guys and it was only fitting. The next day saw the departure of thier commanding officers.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Booster said as they were leaving. "This came in the mail for you."

"What is it?" Jessica asked.

"Oh my... This is from Sunder!" Uiru shouted. "He says he's escaped from prison and is really pissed off. He's assembled a group of mercenaries and has taken over some little town far from here, and wants to fight us!"

"That guy just won't quit!" Jessica replied. "I say we go and smash him flat."

"Here we go again!" Booster sighed. "A soldier's work is never done."