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baka, the baka- idiot, the idiot; stupid (as in 'Kenshin no baka!' and 'Baka Shinji!')
nigeru- run

Evangelion: Nigeru
Prologue - Not Alone

Shinji woke up to an earth gone mad. He gazed desolately at the shattered world -- and felt despair clutch at his heart.

Useless. I'm useless. This is my fault. Useless coward. He crawled to where Asuka lay beside him and stared at her battered and bandaged form. No! No more. Useless coward. Run away. Mustn't run away. No more. Aaaarghhh!

And succumbing to all his pent up rage and frustration, Shinji curled his fingers around Asuka's throat and squeezed.

Asuka. Asuka. He chanted like a mantra. Are you Asuka? He would know soon enough. Her eyes were open but he could not look into them. Instead he kept his gaze fixed on his hands.

Then he felt it, a hand on his cheek. A caress. Soft and almost loving.

No! His mind screamed. Shinji shuddered and willed his hands to stop. No. He whispered brokenly. No… he felt his tears fall.

Ikari Shinji, Third Child, pilot of Evangelion Unit 01 sat straddled across Asuka Langley Sohryu, bent over and trembling.

It's not real after all.


It took several seconds for the single word to penetrate Shinji's numbed mind. When it finally did, he looked up to find blue eyes glaring angrily at him.

"Asuka?" he whispered.

"Baka Shinji! What were you trying to do?" Asuka whispered hoarsely. She felt weak but absolutely furious, and she wanted to take her own hands and squeeze the idiot's neck till he turned blue.

"Asuka?" Shinji repeated stupidly. He had staggered back from her and lay sprawled on the sand near her feet.

"Well?" The baka seemed unable to move and probably had no idea he was supposed to be helping her up, Asuka thought heatedly. "Shinji…" she snarled, "If you don't come here this instant I'm going to kill you."

When Shinji still made no move to comply and instead sat there opening and shutting his mouth like a drowned fish, Asuka felt self-pity and frustration overwhelm her. "Shinji! Come here you spineless twit!" She coughed and felt the mortifying tears leak out.

It was the tears that brought Shinji out of his shock. What are you afraid of? He asked himself. That it's not Asuka? That it really is Asuka? Pushing those confusing thoughts aside, Shinji did the bravest thing he ever did in his life and crept to the distraught girl's side.

She was rubbing her eyes with her clenched fists, furiously muttering "Stupid Shinji!" between sobs and hiccups. Shinji stopped beside Asuka, not knowing what to do.

"You're supposed to hold me!" She sniffled at him grabbing his shirt and pulling him close. "Hold me!" She ordered and felt Shinji's arms wrap tentatively around her.

That did it for Asuka. She wept into his chest and felt his arms tighten around her. "I hate you, Invincible Third Child!" She snorted in derision and felt him stiffen and start to pull away. Instinctively, Asuka tightened her hold on him. "No! Don't you dare! I'm sick of your whining and cowardly ways!"

"A-asuka…" Shinji said, he had stopped trying to pull away and instead hid his face in Asuka's hair, his forehead leaning weakly on her bent head. "I have no idea why you get angry at me. I- I don't want you angry but… you never tell me."

"I say it all the time." Asuka answered. "It's because you're a spineless twit. I know you must care for me even if it's just as your jerk-off fantasy so for once in your life take it like a man and just hold me and don't run away!" She muttered angrily sobbing into his chest. "I don't want to be alone…" she whispered so softly Shinji almost didn't hear it.

I don't want to be alone.


Author's Notes: I just watched the whole series again and this was just begging to be written. I think the first chapter is actually drama and WAFF in a weird sort of way but the rest of the story is mostly WAFF...