Titus: I decided to write a short story about Kenny and Ray because I have never read a Kenny and Ray story. I have Read Kenny and Max story and fanfiction called Dead Love And one about Kai and Kenny on adult fanfiction so I thought I would write a Kenny/Ray fic. Here it is and I hope you enjoy!

Love is Blind

The story begins in the kitchen and the baldebreakers are sitting at the table, Ray is sitting reading a book and Kenny is sitting up dating the status of Max and Tyson. Tyson and Max feeding each other ice cream and Kai is fixing his blade.

"Oh will you two get a room "Kai said as Max and Tyson kissed

Kenny and Ray look up and as their eyes met they started to blush.


Look at them they are really good together. I wish I was like that with Ray. Damn I should not think that he is straight and would go for me even if he was gay. But look at him he looks like a hot tiger and he even has a tail, I like tigers. Oh crap bad Kenny, Bad thoughts


Kenny is looking really good today I wonder what he has done to look different


Ray starts to stare at Kenny, Kenny looks up and catches Ray looking at him.


I wonder why he keeps staring at ma………. Maybe……….. No, that is not it.


I wish I could tell him how I feel, but I cannot what if he just laughs in my face.


Kenny gets up and leaves the room, Kai follows "You know if you told him that you love him it might be a lot easier, I mean I told Tala that I loved him and now we are together "

"I do not know what you are talking about" Said Kenny as he started to blush, is It that obvious he thought.

"Come of it, you have been staring at Ray ever since he came and sat in front of you. "Said Kai

"Oh, what should I do I really, really like him" Said Kenny

"Well you go in to your room and I will ask Ray to go through and see if you are OK and then you tell him" Said Kai

So Kenny went to his room and Kai went back through the Kitchen..

"Ray could you got through and see if Kenny is OK, I asked him what was wrong and he just shut the door on my face" Said Kai

Ray went through

Kenny was sitting in his room on his bed.

"Are you OK" Said Ray

"Oh, I am fine, there is something I would like to tell you" Said Kenny

"OK, Tell me "Said Ray

"ireallylikeyouandiwanttoknowifyoulikemetooandwanttogooutwithme" Said Kenny really fast

It took Ray a minute or two to process what he had just heard and responded by giving Kenny a kiss.

"I will take that as a yes then" said Kenny as he kissed him back

Ray and Kenny walked out of the room hand in hand and went in to the kitchen, Kai looked happy to see that they where together and Tyson and Max where to busy making out to notice anything different.


Titus: Please tell me what you think of it.