Disclaimer: Not me.

Warnings: I am a twisted author pfew I can say it and I have had this for a long time in my mind. XD

Words: 100 with headline.

Plot: None, just a drabble.

Morning problems.

She woke up slowly.

Strawberry colored eyes was brushed with a fisted hand.

The sun's rays passed through the thin red, flower spotted curtains that covered her window.

A terrible itch started to irritate her, and she scratched her legs, back, arms…but nothing helped. The itch remained.

She closed her eyes to locate the itch.


The tail.

The tail?

She looked behind her and groaned softly.

'Oh, no.' she had slept with her tail out, again. It would take ages to brush it.

Nightmares reallywere more trouble than usual when one had a fluffy tail…

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