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Chapter Nine
Never Final Farewells

The shrill cry of the train whistle echoed throughout Central Station. People hurried about the station platform as they rushed for their trains tfor work or to take them out into the country. Squeaky wheeled luggage carts rolled across to the different trains by the railroad employees. They would unload the bags into either the baggage cars or into the passenger cabins, all depending on the tags upon the handles per the request of the person. It was always chaos in the station, no matter what time of the day.

Everyone had turned up to the station to see the young Rockbell off on her trip. They were all dressed in layers to help keep the cold of the platform from getting to them. The Hughes, the Colonel, Al and Edward all stood on the platform while the girl gave her things off to one of the luggage hands. She had a few extra bags from when Ed and Al had taken her shopping and a few more after Edward and her had gone out by themselves for the day. Turning to the group, she smiled brightly.

"Thank you everyone for making this week amazing," she said happily, holding a small bag in her hands. "I've never had such a nice trip to Central before."

Mrs. Hughes smiled as she held Elisa in his arms. "It was lovely to see you again Winry. Please come back to visit soon."

"Absolutely." Winry smiled, giving a small wave to Elisa, causing the little girl to giggle.

The large armor stood beside the family, letting out the sound of a sigh. "Don't forget to call us when you get back home. Just to let us know you got home safely." He told, the voice echoing though the empty casing.

Winry nodded at the boy's words, "I always do Al. Just promise that you'll keep your brother in line and make sure he doesn't break anything on his arm and leg." She joked, causing the small group to chuckle a bit.

Rolling his eyes, Ed walked up to the girl crossing his arms in annoyance. "Oh ha ha. I know you would just love for me to break something so I would have to come home." He growled slightly. He tossed his ponytail over his shoulder as he adjusted his red coat upon his persona. Ever since the ball had passed, the alchemist had made a habit of keeping his hair back in a high ponytail. It gave him a bit more of a mature look, not to mention a few other reasons he kept to himself.

"But you will come back to visit," she asked quickly, looking the alchemist in the eye slyly. "Right?"

Turning away from the girl, Ed could not help but glance back over his shoulder. The remainder of the group stood quietly, watching every single move as if it were the climax of a movie. There was not a single attempt to hide their curiosity of the two as he stood there. Ed did not even tell Al about what had happened at the ball. The only thing that was said the morning after was he was meeting Winry and that he would not be back until late. Unfortunately for the young man, that was just enough to let the younger Elric figure out everything.

Narrowing his eyes a bit at their audience, he cleared his throat. "Can you people give us just…five minutes please?" he almost demanded, causing them to turn to have a conversation amongst themselves.

Turning back to face the girl, he could see a bit of red tinted upon her cheeks at his actions. She let a small laugh escape her as she let Ed take hold of her hand, leading her away from the small group. As they walked along the station platform, the two let their fingers interlock with each other. They were silent for the first minute, almost as if unsure of what to say.

"The answer is yes, ya know," Ed said, glancing over to her as they walked.

"Hm?" She questioned, looking down.

Stopping in his tracks, the young man pulled slightly on his hold on Winry's hand. Letting her turn to face him, he let a small grin form on his lips. "I'll be back to visit. I promised you that."

Relaxing slightly at his words, Winry turned to face him completely. "I know you will." She told him with a grin, letting her hair fall over her shoulder.

Even though that both tried to be happy while the others watched, there was hurt within the words. Granted, the two of them knew that it would have to be like this. With Ed still searching for a way to bring back Al's body and being tied down to the military, he had to remain in Central. And Winry couldn't leave her grandmother alone to run the shop. Visits would be planned out and they would make it work. But the distance would be the hardest thing.

"As soon as you can visit," Winry began, casting her eyes to the ground. "You will. I know you will."

"Hey," the young man told, cutting her off. Placing his fingers to her chin, he lifted her head up to look him in the eye. There were slight hints of tears in her in blue eyes, trying to be held back as best as she could. He brushed her cheek slightly, giving her a soft grin try to calm her. "I promised you that I would come, didn't I?"

Nodding, she let herself smile at his words. "I know I'm being stupid, getting upset like this. But, I can't help it."

Ed released the girl's hand, placing it to her tiny waist. Gently keeping his hand upon her chin, he pulled the mechanic into him, letting her lips meet his own. It was a deep kiss, almost as if they were alone. They knew the group was probably was watching with surprise and stares of shock. But it didn't matter anymore.

Pulling apart, Winry quickly moved to hug him about his neck. She clung to him, letting her fingers run through his hair one last time. "I'll call you as soon as I get back to the shop." She whispered into his ear. "I promise."

"All aboard!" the conductor of the train shouted, give the cue for the two of them to head back to where the others stood. "This is the final boarding call! All aboard!" Taking hold of her hand once more, they hurried up the platform once again. There were no more tears or sadness, only high spirits. Winry wiped her eyes dry in one swift movement as they approached the others, who all had smug expressions on their faces from the scene they couldn't help but oversee.

Stopping in front of the door to the train, Winry quickly gave Ed one last hug and a quick kiss on the lips. Smiling at him, she started inside, "I love you, Edo." She said, causing the group to let the eyes widen with surprise.

"Love you too," he said without a single falter or stutter of the words. There was no red tint to his cheeks or signs that his heart was racing in his chest. He wore a simple smile on his face, as if it were something normal for him to say in front of everyone. Releasing his hold on her hand, Ed let the girl vanish into the car.

Stepping back to let the conductor shut the door, the young alchemist moved back to the rest of the group. Placing one hand into his pocket, he watched the lines of windows for what he knew would happen. Sure enough, the girl opened the window to her seat. Sticking her head out of the window, she gave one more wave goodbye as the train began to start out of the station. The group returned the action, waving and saying goodbye with as she slowly disappeared from sight. The train began to pick up speed as it rolled out of the station, heading out into the country.

Bringing his arm down, Ed watched the train disappear. The whistle echoed over from the distance, making him smile a bit. 'See ya again soon Winry.' He thought to himself, nodding a bit.

"Well Edward," the voice of Hughes began, causing him to look over his shoulder. The man had his arm about his wife's shoulders still though his smug expression gave the young man a bad feeling in his stomach. "I'm guessing something good happened after we had our little talk, huh?"

Snickering a bit, the young man shoved his hands into his pockets. "Ya could say that." He told, turning away from him. As he began to move away, he looked to the tall suite of armor. "Come on Al. We have work to do at the library. I was thinking about something I found in one of the older texts about the stone. We can start there."

"Uh…okay brother." The armor echoed, sounding slightly confused.

"Not so fast Full Metal," Roy's voice interjected, causing the two young men to turn to face him. The Colonel stood tall with his arms crossed above his chest. With just a glance at the man, anyone could tell that he was freezing. His teeth slightly chattered as his eyes narrow at the pair. "There is still the matter of the ballroom."

Edward raised an eyebrow at the comment, "What about it?"

Smirking, the man tossed some of the hair from his eyes, "You need to go and help them de-frost the walls and repair the windows that you decided to transmute that evening. After all, you did do all that just to impress your girlfriend." He told smugly, "The work crew is waiting for you now. I suggest you head over there now."

But the words did nothing but make the young man smirk even more. Starting off down the platform, Ed simply waved it off. "I'll get right on that Colonel." He told with sarcasm in his voice.

"Oh, by the way!" he began, causing the adults to look at him with question. Turning on his heels, Ed stared back at the older man, keeping his cool manner about him. The content and happy expression had left his face being replaced with a sly look that Al knew all too well as being a bad sign. "Do you always visit the dorms at four in the morning? Or was that just because you sneaking out of Lieutenant Hawkeye's room?"

The words completely blindsided Roy, making him unable to speak or react. Both Maes and Gracia looked to their friend with surprise and a bit of laughter in their voice as they watched the man's face slowly turn a charming shade of pink. Even if he wanted to react, the two Elric brothers had already started down the platform at a sprint. Ed waved behind him to the Hughes', saying that he would see them later. They could hear Al was lecturing his older brother for saying such a thing. But the blond was too busy snickering as he continued to run as fast as his feet could take him.

"Damnit Edward!" Roy shouted after the young man, outstretching his hand to reveal his alchemy gloves upon his fingers. Placing his hand out, the man shook in the cold as he attempted to snap his fingers. As he did so, he found disappointment in seeing barely a spark form in his hands. Shoving his hands back into the folded position, Roy Mustang let a shiver run down his spine as the two vanished from sight. Turning to the small family, he rolled his eyes in annoyance. "I hate winter." He growled under his breath, turning to head back to head inside.

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