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Bear with me I had to do this one on my own I can't get a hold of my beta reader at all

A week from the journal of Ravager

Monday: Hi journal long time no see it's been a while well I'm now living with some other mutants they call them selves the x-men most of them are pretty cool how ever Cyclops and jean are annoying as hell Jeans a goody two shoes and Cyclops is just a teachers pet, he doesn't trust me because of Slade now I know how Raven of the misfits feels.

Tuesday: Well Wolverine punished me with cleaning the x-jet because I got mad and punched Cyclops out because he wouldn't get of my case because of what I did in the danger room (okay so I did get carried away they just said disable the robots alright so I tore the robot apart geez he needs to get the stick out of his ass.)

Wensday: What a day me Raven Rogue and Wanda went out for a little bonding (we formed a club on the fact that we all have super powers and hate our fathers) (we swiped Slade's car for it) and it went okay my brother Joey took over Duncan Mathhews body and made him run down the street in a dress I also got mad and beat up Duncan again

Thursday: Well I saw the Misfits which was pretty cool I haven't seen Todd since I got sent to that other foster family he finally got a girlfriend she's pretty cool (hey anyone that hates Jean more than I do can't be all bad)

Friday: well we got the wall replaced from when I and the other members accidentally blew out that wall during our last club meeting well now Jean is investing in holy water Rapture from the misfits came by and brought her girlfriend Saya and she freaked out Jean

Saturday: well apparently Slade is at it again the dumbass tried to break into the pit where the misfits live and the triplets got a hold of them (think of Dexter from Dexter's laboratory times three only all three are insane) and he ran screaming into the night I wonder if the misfits have that on video I know both me and Joey will get a laugh out of it from what I heard Raven, Terra and Bard did.

Sunday: What is wrong with this place we have demons popping up here all the time not counting the two from the misfits apparently Colossus sister is the ruler of the demons that live in limbo I like to see her try to rule over Raven and Bard who are half demon those two wouldn't go for it

Well later Journal I have to finish polishing the x-jet