Hey all. This is my first 'published' work, so go easy on me!

I've been a Crow fan for a while now, but it never really crossed my mind to actually write a story set the the universe. I'd had an idea for what my own movie would be like (but then again, after seeing the sequels, who doesn't?), but thought it would never leave my head. Then my PC broke down and I found myself at a loss with what to do with myself and... well, here we are.

I've written stories in the past (most notably I'm writing an online comic that has yet to go online!) but I'd never really finished them, for one reason or another. Once I started Innocent Eyes though, I knew I'd stick with it. In the past the stories I've written tend to be smile-to-yourself kind of things, but recently I've become much more serious. Even so, if this story feels too light, then that's why.

Feel free to tell me what I've done right and, more importantly, what I've done wrong. I'll never learn if you don't tell me.

I feel I should dedicate this to someone, so this goes out to my parents, who raised me into the man I am totay. Thanks guys.

Hope you enjoy.

Chris Marksen.