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Full Title: um …Girl …and a Boy.

Summary: Combining two challenges from DA Reflections. "Rewrite a S2 episode S1 style" and "Write in a part for August Weatherly." I chose Gill Girl, but lets face it, after I took out the parts I didn't like, there wasn't really much left. So Brittany gets a brother, played by August. Good clean fun, unless you count the mess they leave in Logan's kitchen when he isn't paying attention to him.

Brief note: Without the )$)& virus it is much easier for Logan to get Max to come over.

Maria656 said she wanted more kids. Here they are:

Original Character:

Brandon Cale – Played by August Weatherly.

The phone ringing at 7:16 am woke Logan Cale up. He had been up until almost 3 am, trying to put together evidence against the Sparacino crime syndicate. Logan's "Hello?" was obviously groggy.

"I forgot that you bohemian types never get up in the morning," said the familiar female voice on the other end of the line.

"I get up in the morning. Just not …" Logan fumbled for his clock "SEVEN AM! This better be important!"

"It is incredibly important. I have to be at the courthouse at eight o'clock. I need your help." She pleaded.

"I can't imagine how I fit into this, Bitsy. It's too early for this .."

"I need to drop off Brittany and Brandon for …well, I don't know how long. I can't take them into the courthouse. Amy is sick. I can't find another babysitter on such short notice. We haven't been able to afford a nanny since the whole hoverdrone fiasco started. I know that's been hard on you too…"

Logan winced silently. This was his fault. Watching two little kids for a few hours was the least he could do for his family. How hard could it be? "Fine. How long until you get here?"

"I can be there in couple of minutes. Thank you!"

"Make it ten. It takes me awhile to get dressed." Logan hated being reminded of his disability, but Bitsy seemed completely oblivious.

"Thank you," she said.

Logan hung up the phone and went to go get himself ready for the siege, still comfortably oblivious to how accurate his grim thought were.

Brittany was six years old. Brandon was four years old. Logan had no idea what he was in for. Bitsy hadn't been gone for ten minutes when Logan paged backup.

"It's me," said Max.

"Max, are you there? Can you come over?" Logan asked desperately.

"Sure. You OK?"

"I've got a situation."

"Are you ok?"

"I can hold out until you get here, but" There is a sound of something crashing. "Oh, God, no! Hurry!" Logan drops the phone and wheels away.

Seven minutes later.

Max burst into Logan's apartment. "Logan! Logan!" She called frantically.

The first thing that Max encountered was Logan's wheelchair, tipped over in the front room. The wheel was spinning ominously and Max felt an unfamiliar and uncomfortable emotion rise in her.

"Max?" Max immediately followed Logan voice to the sofa, where he was laying on the floor, partially under a sheet. "Thank God!"

"Are you OK? What happened?"

"I'm outnumbered!" he acknowledged weakly.

A little boy that looked remarkably like Logan peeked his head out from under the sheet. Max eyes grew wide as she noted the obvious resemblance.

"Uncle Logan!" a little girl emerged from the other end of the sheets.

"Max, this is Brittany and Brandon, my cousins. I need your help!" Logan begged.

"Are you nuts? MY help? Are you expecting an attack?"

"No. Max, please, I can't do this by myself."

"You agreed to it by yourself!"

"I tried to get out of it. Max, I don't know how to take care of kids."

"And I do?" Max nearly shouted. "I know zip about kids!" Max's voice dropped to a whisper. "You may not have picked up on this, but I didn't exactly have a normal childhood."

"It's OK. They aren't that young. We just have to …referee, and don't let them leave. You know first aid, in case something happens. I'll fix us all lunch and" Logan's cell phone rang, only his Eyes Only contacts had that number and they both knew it. "Sorry." Logan said, as he gave Max his best smile and slunk out of the room leaving her with two small children staring at her suspiciously.

"Hi," Max tried. They stared at her, wary. Max sighed. She could do this. She was supposed to be an officer. How hard could a unit of two be? 'course they probably had no discipline. She could hear Logan talking to his informant on the other line. She couldn't expect any backup on this one. Still, how bad could it be?

Many, many hours later.

Bitsy knocked on the door, but received no reply. After a few moments of hearing squeals, thuds, and the occasional unidentified (but disturbing) noise from inside Bitsy opened the door and let herself in. The first thing she noticed was that the apartment, which was immaculate this morning, was a disaster area. Chairs were overturned. The flower vase was on the floor. Its flowers scattered. The message table was on its side. The area where the sofa was this morning appeared to be some sort of sheet/tent city. She was not entirely certain, but several of the pictures look …upside down. How the heck could two small children have possibly caused so much chaos by themselves?

Bitsy's contemplation of the ruin was interrupted by the thundering stampede she heard approaching her position. She turned to her right just in time to watch Max run down the hall at a truly alarming speed, carrying Brandon in her arms. Bitsy gasped as it appeared that Max is going to run into the wall, then dropped her purse and stared in horror as Max ran up the wall, flipped over the top of Brittany, who was chasing her. Brandon took the whole escapade in stride yelling "Beep, Beep!" gleefully. Max crouched to take off again, when she noticed Bitsy.

"Oop. We are busted, kids." She looked at Bitsy and smiled. "Hi! You must be Mom."

Bitsy just stood in the hall, gasping, one hand on her throat, and the other over her heart. She opened her mouth, as if trying to speak, but no words formed.

"Mom!" Brittany dropped whatever shiny object she had in her hand and ran over to her Mother.

"Mommy! We were playing road runner!" yelled Brandon joyfully.

Bitsy found her voice as she knelt to embrace her daughter. "I see. Where's Logan?"

"Sitting at his computer," Max replied. She tilted her head as she considered Bitsy, "You don't know Logan very well, do you?"

"Logan just left them alone?" Bitsy asked, clearly beginning to become upset.

"Kind of." Max replied. "I did warn him I didn't know anything about kids. He said all I had to do was keep them from leaving. And keep the injuries to a minimum."

"No boo boos," added Brandon with a cute baby grin.

"Right." Bitsy asked, tensely. "Thanks. Where is Logan?"

Max pointed to the computer room.

"You know I think I might need a little of your help for my revenge."

"Worse than when he sees his kitchen?" Max asked, shocked. "You're vicious. I like that!" Max smiled at her.

"I think I like you." Bitsy finally smiled.

"We could hide. Pretend he lost us!" Brittany suggests gleefully.

"He he"