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chapter 1

"Draco I have asked Our Lord to give you the dark mark, you will accept this time!" Lucuis sat in his study eyeing his son who stood before him. Draco cleared his throat.

"N-No Lucius...I don't want it..." Draco tried to look into his fathers eyes but couldn't stand the darkness that lived in them. Lucius sighed rubbing his forehead "Its not about what you want son, its about what I want, and I want you to get the dark mark and serve our lord like I have!"

"I will not get it!" Draco accidentally raised his voice a bit to much. Lucius slammed his hand on the desk, the noise echoed through the room. "You will get it! Or I will force you too!"

Draco shivered a bit but he couldn't let Lucius see his fear. "N-Never!" He stuttered then took a step back "Never" Lucius glared at him, but Draco glared right back.

"Fine then...Crucio!" Draco screamed as he tried to grasp the wall. Tears streamed down his face, but he tried to hold on. Lucius smirked then opened the large door that led to many halls in the Malfoy Manor. "I will ask the lord to give you another chance...for the eleventh time!"

Lucius wipped his wand removing the curse "Do not disappoint me Draco!" And with that he slid down the hallways, leaving his battered up son behind him.

"Draco?" Draco lied on his bed still breathing heavily from the Crucio Curse. He looked at the door to see his mother staring at him with wide eyes.

"Draco may I come in?" Her cheek looked purple, probably from Lucuis. Draco smiled as he sat up on his bed "Of course mother your always welcome." Narcissa smiled and strolled over to the bed, she sat down gracefully and patted Draco's hand.

"I'm proud of you Draco...for not becoming like your father, but I don't know if you can stand any more Crucio Curses...I don't want to see you hurt" Draco's mother was already in tears, she rubbed his hand with her soft thumb.

"I'm fine mother..." Draco stared at the big bruise she had on her left cheek. "I'm more worried about you mother. How are you holding up?" He quickly brushed her tears from her face.

Narcissa shifted her eyes to the floor "Just fine Draco..." She breathed heavily. "Draco today is your birthday is it not? And your turning s-sixteen...right?" her lips were shaking, she looked like she had seen a firebreathing Dragon.

Draco's heart fell "Of course mother how can you forget how old I am?" Narcissa gave a little laugh, she smiled but it was weak. "I didn't, but today your sister will be coming out from her hiding appearance."

Draco stared at his mother in shock, she quickly covered her mouth with her hand "oops" She cursed herself under her breath. Draco stared in his mothers blue eyes "What are you talking about Mother? A sister? I don't understand!"

His mother sighed "I guess I might as well tell you then." She took a big breath for her signal to start. "You see when you were born at the hospital you came out first, Lucius got so excited he quickly took you out of the doctors arms to show you to The Dark Lord. What he didn't know was while he was showing you to him Another baby came out two minutes after...your sister.Maria"

Draco blinked a couple times as Narcissa continued. "I knew Lucius would beat my children, sense he already seen you I couldn't hide you. But I told the Doctor to give my other baby away so at least she would be safe. I quickly put a concealing Charm on her and handed her to the Doctor. He told me he would put her with some muggles but I never found out their Last names."

Narcissa took a big breath "I set the Concealing Charm to sixteen, so any minute now she should be changing. I hid this from you and Lucius because I was scared." Tears escaped her eyes."I want my daughter back Draco, Don't you want your sister back?"

Draco let a one tear stream down his face. "Don't worry mother I'll find her!" Narcissa whimpered then hugged her son. "I love you Draco."

"I love you too Mommy"

"KYAAAAAAAA! MOM, DAD GET HERE NOWWWW!" A scream came from upstairs. In the kitchen Andrea Granger and Alex Granger exchanged glaces then ran upstairs.

Mr.Granger quickly turned the knob of the door and ran inside "Hermione wha-" Hermione's parents stared at her in shock. "MOM, DAD! WHATS GOING ON!" Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs as her parents stared at her.

There was defenitly something wrong wih her, Hermione was now 5'8 instead of her 5'6. She had long Purely white blond hair that went down to her butt. She had Red eyes, the color of blood. Her breasts grown another cup size. She was probably the most beautiful girl in the world but Hermione was to distracted to look at herself. (SHe kinda looks like chi from Chobits if you know what that is.)

"Hermione Calm down..." Her mother guided her over to her twin bed. "HOW CAN I BE CALM! I DON"T LOOK LIKE MYSELF! I DON"T EVEN SOUND LIKE MYSELF! WHERES MY VOICE?" Hermione screeched she tried to wiggle out from her fathers grasp.

"Hermione you grunt need to grunt Calm down!" Mr.Granger quickly dropped Hermione causing her to fall flat on her new butt. She breathed deeply.

"Ok...I'm calm...that hurt by the way dad. Now tell me what in the bloody hell is going on!" Hermione got up while rubbing her sore bum.

"Ok Hermione, 16 years ago one of my friends named Doctor Chase came to our house one day and asked us if we could take care of a baby. Sense your mother can't have a baby we happily said yes. He told us about magic quickly, and some of your facts. Your a pureblood, you have a twin brother who is 2 minutes older then you are. You had a concealing charm on you, that wears off when you turn 16, Your real name is Maria and you have a tatoo on your back of black angel wings your brother has white angel wings." Mr. Granger quickly took a big breath.

Hermione stared at her parents in shock...or the grangers in shock. Suprisingly this wasen't that bad. Hermione smiled at her parents. She had gone through lots of things before in her past years with Harry and Ron, so this was no big shock to her. SHe had always wondered why she had a tatoo of black angel wings on her back "Ok Mom, Dad. Who is my real parents then?"

Her parents exchanged glances again. "Uh we don't know...he never gave us a last name..." Hermione nodded and hugged her parents "Its ok You guys I will always love you no matter what." Her parents smiled but inside they were suprised that Hermione took it so well. Hermione was even shocked with herself.

"Well! Herm-Maria!" Mrs. Granger squealed with delight "You look beautiful!" Mr. Granger nodded as Andrea ran her fingers down Hermione's straight hair.

Hermione glanced at the mirror, then smiled "Your right! Omigosh! I look stunning...not to brag!" Hermione studdied her face which was completely spotless no freckle or pimple any where. "Lavander and Parvarti will be totally Jelous" Hermione giggled to herself then stared at the Grangers.

"I'm going to Daigon Alley to shop for new clothes..." Hermione stared at her now high water pants. "I don't want to go to school like this..." Hermione giggled then changed to a white shirt that showed her midriff, and had Angel Written on it, and a pink mini skirt.

"Bye guys love you!" Hermione took some floo powder "Daigon Alley!"

Hermione sighed while looking in the shops "This isn't so bad, who cares if the Grangers aren't my family...Hey No one can call me a mudblood anymore! And...Things will always be the same between me, Ron and Harry." After About an hour Hermione had 16 pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, 5 tangtops, 19 shirts, 3 dresses, 4 robes, and 24 mini skirts. Plus a bag full of ever makeup product in the store.

Hermione sat at the Three Broomsticks drinking a butterbeer "I think I bought to much" She giggled to herself. and glanced around. There were 3 people sitting at the counter and a couple in a booth. Hermione sat in a small booth in the cornor of the resturant.

"Everones gonna freak when they see me!" Hermione smiled while shrinking her bags then putting them in her purse. "Excuse me miss?"

Hermione looked up to see a waiter with another butterbeer in her hand. "This came from that Handsome man over there" The waiter giggled then put the bottle in front of Hermione.

Hermione looked around and saw a pair a blue eyes staring back at her. Blaise Zabini.

Blaise walked over and sat in the seat across Hermione. She frowned at him, a slytherin great just what I need! "What do you want?" SHe growled then gave him back the butterbeer he sent her.

He quickly took it then gulped it down. "Just come to say Hello...Do you go to hogwarts? I'm in 6th year." Hermione glared at him then sighed there was no point in getting mad, he probably didn't even know who she was.

"Yes I go To Hogwarts, Yes I'm in 6th year too" Blaise smiled then cocked his head to the side. "Which house? How come I never see you around, you think a guy would notice someone as beautiful as you are?"

Hermione smirked "I'm a gryfinndork like you guys like to call them, and You do see me around I'm in alot of your classes actually. Oh and that pick up line sucks" Blaise was alittle taken back, his technique was actually not working on her.

"Hmm an attitude...whats your name girlie? You half-blood or something?" Hermione tapped her nails on the table creating a beat. "Names Maria, Your Blaise Zabini, and I'm a pureblood."

Blaise grin grew "A pureblood eh? I wonder why you didn't get sent to slytherin with your attitude and all. And Maria You don't want me to know your last name?"

Hermione grinned at him. "I wonder why too, and You can call me Mia. About the Last name..." Hermione thought about what she would say Granger? No he would know it was her..." You don't need to know..."

Blaise crossed his arm over his chest and smirked. "Ok Mia, Fine be that way. Well I got to go, School starts tomorrow so see you around" He winked at her before disappearing. Hermione sighed then slumped in her seat.

Did she tell Blaise to much? Hermione sat alone Drinking her butterbeer. Why didn't she get sorted into slytherin?

Draco sat down reading Malfoy History, his sister wouldn't be in there but there could be some connections or something. He sighed then rubbed his forehead, his parents weren't home and he was all alone in the big Malfoy Manor.


Draco looked behind him and saw Blaise With stars in his eyes. He quickly jumped on the couch "Draco! I met this Really he had attitude, she was a pureblood, she didn't fall for my girl getting techniques! Shes perfect!"

"Thats Great Blaise...can't you see I'm reading here?" Blaise smirked then grabbed Draco's book. "Listen to me Man!" He quickly tossed it behind him. "I have never seen her at Hogwarts before...but she is a Gryfinndork, she even insulted her own house!"

Draco raised an eyebrow, this girl was sounding rather intresting. "Ok tell me about her then." Blaise grinned "Thats the thing she looks like...like...YOU!"

Draco almost choked "What In the Hell do you mean?" Blaise kept smiling with hearts in his eyes. "She had long WHite/BLond hair that went down to her butt, she had a perfect face, some of your features too. She didn't have a single freckle or pimple on her! No Nothing!"

Blaise was so excited Draco thought he would explode. "The only thing that was diffrent was that she had red blood eyes!" Draco smirked, he almost thought that Blaise could of met his sister but she could never have red eyes. FOr his families were always Grey for centuries.

"OK man, whats her name?" Blaise's grinned became bigger. "MARIA"

Hermione checked herself in the mirror once again. She was wearing a white tube top, and a black skirt, with white leg warmers. She didn't need any make up for she had natural beauty. The Tube top showed her Tatoo, Black wings. They looked extra cool, and if her Twin Brother was at Hogwarts he could see the Tatoo.

"Perfect!" SHe grinned and ran downstairs "Mom? Dad? I got to go come on!" The Grangers quickly took off in their long black BMW.

"I wondor what people will think when they see me!" Hermione kept talking about how she missed her friends, and how this year would be one of the best. "Mia were here!" Hermione jumped out of the car and gave her parents a quick kiss. "Love you gonna miss you bye!"

Hermione laughed and left her staring off in space parents. She was so happy she thought she was going to explode. "Yes now i can get back at Malfoy for calling me a pureblood for all those years! PayBack! Hes going to be so-o-o shocked!"

"Bye Mom love you, I'll owl you everyday" Draco hugged his mom but relized that she wasen't even hugging him back. "Mother?"

Narcissa was staring out in space, her eyes were wide, and she was shaking horribly. Draco followed her gaze, his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw what she was staring at.

Right before him was a tall blonde girl with red eyes, that looked like him! He squinted alittle to see her back sense she was wearing a tube top. BLACK WINGS!

"M-Mother t-thats t-thats" Draco kept stuttering he couldn't even speak. "Maria..." Narcissa finished Draco's sentence. SHe wanted to run up to the girl and hug her...but there was always the chance that she could be wrong.

Hermione walked with her eyes closed humming jingle bell Rock, not knowing that two pairs of Malfoy eyes were watching her every move.


"AH!" Hermione fell on her butt again, it looked like someone bumped into her. "Ow Watch where your going idiot!" SHe looked up to see Blaise staring back at her with a goofy grin on her face that reminded her of Ron.

"Oh Zabini its only you!" She giggled then forced herself up. "Told ya I go to Hogwarts!" Blaise smiled at her "Great to see you again! Are you gonna go on the train yet?" Hermione shook her head "No I'm looking for my two best friends."

Blaise glanced around then smiled. "Got some free time I want you to meet someone!" Blaise quickly took her arm as she muttered a "yes." SHe looked up to see who Blaise was waving too. DRACO MALFOY.

Hermione snickered Yes PAYBACK! Before she knew it she was right in front of Draco and His mother Narcissa. Blaise nudged Draco "Hey this is the girl I was telling you about!" Draco quickly came out of his trance but was still staring wide eyed at Hermione.

"Draco Malfoy!" He stuck out his hand and Hermione quickly shook it. Narcissa slightly nodded her head "Narcissa Malfoy, His mother" The Malfoys were still staring at Hermione weirdly, but she didn't notice.

"Maria!" SHe smiled at them as their eyes became larger. Draco tried to smirk but it ended up as a twitch "No last name?"

Hermione gulped. COuld she tell them? People would know anyways right? "I-I don't know..." The Malfoys and Blaise still stared at her, blaise alittle confused. Hermione cleared her throat. "Well you see Yesterday was my 16th birthday and I just found out I was adopted...uh I lived with muggles all my life and now I found out that I am a pureblood..."

Draco and Narcissa Were about to explode. Hermione cleared her throat again. "You see I'm looking for someone...my twin brother...she quickly pushed her hair to one side and showed them her back. "He has angel wings like mine except white...um do you know him?"

Narcissa was already crying this shocked Hermione so she took a step back. Draco was smiling like a freak, while Blaise was still confused. "Maria! My sister!" Draco jumped on Hermione and Gave her a big Bear Hug. Hermione was quite shocked that Draco just hugged her she stared at them, her Mouth wide open.

"W-What!" She screeched then took a couple more steps back. Narcissa ran up to Hermione and gave her more bear hugs "My daughter, I've found you!" Hermione tried to wiggle out of Narcissa's arms but couldn't, after a couple seconds Narcissa finally let go dabbing her eyes.

"I...I cannot be a Malfoy!" Hermione stared at them like they were mad. Draco grinned "Your my twin sister no doubt look at you! Your beautiful! Just like our Mother!" Narcissa giggled at Draco's compliment. Blaise was still staring off in space.

"You-I-We? No we are not twins! Malfoy you are not my brother!" Hermione started screaming at them, some people who were walking around were turning their heads. Draco sighed then lifted up his shirt to show the white angel wings on his back. Hermione gasped.

"Your my brother..." The two Malfoys nodded at Hermione "B-But you can't be you hate me!" Draco was a little taken back from her outburst but smiled. "I would never hate my own sister, Maria."

Hermione sighed, "Mia, and I bet you will when you know who I am!" This time Blaise came out of is trance. "Who are you then?" Hermione took a big breath, as the two boys and lovely women all leaned in.


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