Why me?

Is this a punishment?

Did I do something wrong?

Tears slipped down Hermione's cheeks as she stared down at Blaise's pale face.


Tom Riddle bent down and lifted her chin with his index finger. He smirked happily, the kind of smirk that said 'I won, you lost, its over'. Hermione stared at him expressionless. Her red eyes wavering slightly.


"Don't worry my dear, you'll get over it soon," Tom kissed her forehead lightly, his lips ice cold. "Don't look so sad, you make me feel like the bad guy."

I don't deserve this…I haven't done anything wrong.

Hermione glanced down at Blaise's face and then up at Tom's…Voldemorts…When did Life suddenly turn so wrong? Just a couple months ago everything was perfect. Everyone was happy with the exception of Ginny.

Blaise…help me. Why is it me? Why me?

Help me

It hurts…

It hurts…

Hermione let out a grunt and clutched her chest. Something was burning. The pain was unbearable. Tom stood up and shook his head, "Now all I have to do is go kill Potter, and everything will be perfect. Don't worry it won't take long, I'll be back soon."


Hermione's arm suddenly reached out and snatched Tom's robe. "Where…do…you think your going?" She growled looking up, her eyes flashing bright red. "Do you think you can just get away with what you just did?!"

Tom laughed, "Yes I do I'm the…" He stopped laughing as Hermione stood up. She was on fire, literally. Flames whirled around her feet and started to rise onto her legs. "What the bloody hell?" Tom mumbled silently.

It hurts…

Someone help me…

Help me!

The fire started to rise further up it was now to her stomach. She bit her bottom lip angrily and clutched Tom's arm. The image of Blaise falling in font of her with green light surrounding him flashed through her mind. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

"Hermione stop!" Harry's voice rang from behind her. "Ron something's wrong with Hermione!" Ron stopped punching one of the death eaters and groaned.

"Come on Harry! I'm on a role can't you wai…" Ron's eyes suddenly widened, the death eater dropped from his hand. "H-ermione?"

Tom glanced down at the small girl, the fire now completely circled her body. "You really are Maria," He said softly. Once Maria had done the exact same thing, when her parents forced her to marry him she was so angry fire consumed her body and she ended up destroying their mansion. That time was the closest Voldemort had ever gotten to death. Her parents were killed and so was everything else. But he lived with only his arm being burned. That was the only time Voldemort had ever seen that kind of magic. It was wandless magic, but it came from the whole body not just the hands. He even tried to master it, but failed.

Hermione opened her eyes expecting to see Tom smirking at her or making some kind of annoying face expression. But instead she was met with a blank wall. "Where did he go?!" she looked down at her body, the fire was still surrounding her.

"You can't kill him."

Hermione's eyes widened and she swiftly turned around. Sitting in a throne covered in rubies was Maria Malfoy. She looked exactly like the portrait. Hermione gulped. Not knowing what to do she bowed slightly.

"What are you bowing for?" Maria giggled despite appearance her voice was completely different from Hermione's. It was like an angel's soft and sweet, however more matured and covered with wisdom.

Hermione blushed, "W-e-ell aren't you a queen or a princess or something…" She paused, "Wait…your dead aren't you? What are you doing here?! Or what am I doing here? Did I die too? When did I die? Did…did Voldemort kill me?!"

"No, yes, To talk to you, to talk to me, you never died, and no." Maria answered each one with a smile. "I don't have much time but you and I share a special bond that is why we are both here."

"Where is 'here'?"

"In your mind…as I said I don't have much time. You can't kill Tom Riddle, its impossible for you to do."

Hermione tensed and she bit her bottom lip angrily, "I have to kill him! He killed Blaise…He's taking everything from me…do you know what it feels like to be the one that has to suffer under him and can't do a thing!"

"Who do you think I am?" Maria whispered, "Of course I know.

Hermione's eyes widened, Of course Maria understood, suffering under voldemort was practically her life. "I'm…so sorry. I didn't mean…I just…"

"Its quite alright," Maria sighed, "I know how you feel, but you can do something. I did something. Even though it wasn't the perfect decision, I changed my life path."

Hermione nodded, "But why can't I kill him. I've got this great power you gave me that can rival with his! This fire that's surrounding me! I know its really powerful. Its body magic isn't it? I've read about it. Powerful magic that emits from your whole body, its extremely rare and can only come through some genetics right?"

"Don't you think I would have killed Voldemort then?" Maria said, "You have someone important in your lifetime that was not in mine. If that person was, then yes I could have killed him. But I didn't."

"Someone important?" Hermione repeated, her mind raced through names of people. But everything was blank and mixed up.

"This is goodbye, remember sometimes you have to give up strength to win."

"What? Wait? I don't understand." Hermione closed her eyes and reopened them. In front of her Tom was smirking smugly.

You will understand, you are me after all.

"Someone important," Hermione whispered to herself.

"What was that?" Tom said, he glanced around, "When did my death eater's get so weak? There is barley any left." He walked past Hermione and gently touched her shoulder. "Harry Potter will soon be dead my dear. Just wait, I'll bring you his head as a wedding gift."

"Harry…" Suddenly everything was clear. Harry Potter was the boy in the prophecy destined to kill Voldemort, not Hermione and not Maria. Harry was someone in Hermione's time, not Maria's, and Harry also had some of Voldemort's powers including the red eye magic. "I understand."

"Don't worry Hermione we'll get out of here I promise."

Blaise's words that one night rung in her head, Hermione smiled to herself sadly, "Okay Blaise." She took one last look at Blaise's pale body on the floor and shook her head. This was not the time to feel sad. I need to find Harry.


"Avada Kedavra"

Another deatheater fell to the floor. Draco stood over the body and let out a sigh of relief. "I can't believe father's harsh deatheater training came in handy."

"It sure has," Lucius smirked stepping over the dead body. "But I'm so disappointed in you Draco, taking the wrong side. I never thought a son of mine…never mind you are no longer my son." He pointed his wand at Draco, "Direct orders."

Draco scowled, "Your too old and ugly to kill me."

Lucius frowned, "Ugly? Who do you think you got your good looks from!? And old who do you-"

"Avada Kedavra!" The green light shot from Draco's wand.

Lucius quickly dodged it, "That was close. So you really are trying to kill your father? Potter must have brainwashed you. But you see when you were a baby I put a curse on you so this wouldn't of happen. I never thought I had to use this, DRACONIS."

Draco's body suddenly slumped to the floor. He growled angrily and tried to get up, but something kept him from moving. "You see the curse makes it so I control your body. All I have to do is stay in focus and you do whatever I say. Draconis stand."

Draco's body suddenly sprung up. He struggled to move but his body stood as still as a board. "You bastard, what kind of person does this to their son?"

"A death eater, a Malfoy, a pureblood." Lucius smirked smugly, "Draconis, kill yourself."

Draco's eyes widened as his arm started to move and his wand pointed to his own chest. "Bastard! Bastard! I'm going to kill you! You just wait! You ugly stupid old-----Avada Ked-"

In a split second Lucius was on the floor with a busted lip. Draco quickly dropped his wand and took a couple steps back, "I almost killed myself!"

Ron stood over Lucius with his fists out, "Bloody 'ell something is wrong with purebloods. And to think I wanted to be like you guys."

"You saved me," Draco muttered in disbelief. My god I was saved by a peasant

Ron frowned, "It wasn't for you…I just really wanted to punch him." He paused and then grinned, "You know what! I did save you! So now you owe me! Buy me a new fancy cloak and we will call it even!"

Draco nodded and took off his cloak, "Here is a fancy cloak. We're even."

Ron took it and frowned, "There's blood on it you bloody-"

"Even with a stain its worth nine hundred thousand galleons sell it and you can buy tons of crap for you fellow peasants." Draco picked up his wand and pointed it at the unconscious Lucius.

Ron stared at the bloody cloak amazed, "No way! nine hundred thousand ! Malfoy your going to be my new best friend."

Draco smirked, "I'd rather die. Just take the cloak and leave. " He turned back around and gripped the wand tightly. "Avada Kedavra!"


Hermione ran through many halls of the Malfoy Manor, but there was no sign of him. "Why does this place have to be so big!" She panted. Why was I able to talk to Maria when she died twenty years ago? She said our 'bond' was strong, but how did she end up in my mind? Or maybe I imagined the whole thing…no that can't be true…Hermione sighed to herself, "Why is the wizarding world so complicated?"

"Where are you going ?" The young red headed girl stepped out from the shadows, her arms were crossed and her wand hung from her right hand.

"Ginny…" Hermione stopped in her tracks. She hadn't seen the young weasley for days. "Ginny…you have to help me…I need to find Harry. Do you know where he went?"

"Why? So you can become a hero? So you can be there with him when he finally defeats the dark lord?" Ginny scowled, "Ever since you became a Malfoy you've been trying to steal everyone's fame. With all your stupid pureblood magic, you try to become better then Harry, its disgusting."

"Your jumping to conclusions Gin I-" Hermione shook her head, she couldn't waste her time arguing, "Listen we are both fighting to kill Voldemort. We both want the same thing…so can you just, help me? Once Ginny please, I think I know how to help Harry."

Ginny scowled again but pointed to down the hall with her wand, "They went in there. I think this is the end…but Harry looks tired out while Tom Riddle is clean and polished. The door is marked ball room."

Hermione gave a small smile and nodded, "Okay thanks Ginny," She started running down the dark hall. Behind those big doors awaited Tom Riddle.

"Malfoy!" Ginny's voice echoed from behind her, "We are no where near friends, got that?!" Hermione smirked to herself. Ginny was still as stubborn as always, but she did help her. Maybe some day they could be friends again…

Hermione came to a stop when she reached the door. Harry should be fighting right now. She reached out her hand and grabbed the cold knob. Why am I scared? We are going to win…I know it. Hermione shook her head trying to get rid of bad thoughts and flung the door open.


"What…" Hermione's eyes widened as the two bodies came into view. Tom Riddle was standing, actually hurt. He was holding his arm which was bleeding. But Harry…was on the ground beaten up. He looked unconscious. "Harry? Are you alive…?"

Tom glanced at her and smiled, "He was much weaker then I thought. One Avada Kedavra did it perfectly." Hermione stared at the crumpled body. No…don't take Harry from me too…Tears started to gather in her eyes as she fell to the floor.

"Its over," Tom walked over to her and knelt by her side, "I'm sorry dear but he's dead. We won. Now I guess we'll have to postpone the wedding until next week so the mansion can be fixed."

No way, I must be dreaming. Harry can't be dead, that's impossible. He's the boy who lived…isn't Harry the important person in my lifetime? Or was Maria wrong? Hermione let out a sob, she ran over to her best friend and shook him as hard as she could. "Harry? Harry? Harry!!"

"What?" A crackled voice came from his lips, "That's hurts…stop Hermione."

"Harry!" Hermione cried in surprise, "Your alive!"

"Who said I was dead?" Harry muttered, he groaned as he tried to sit up.

"Careful…well Riddle did," She pointed at Tom Riddle who was leaning by the door looking quite unhappy.

"You believed him?" Harry laughed softly, "For the smartest witch of her age you fall for dirty tricks easily."

"I thought you were dead," Tom said and lifted up his wand, "I'm getting impatient, playing with you and your hero friends was fun Potter, but I've had enough play time."

"Hey Hermione," Harry was breathing heavily, he closed his eyes and laid down on the ground, "I can't move, I'm tired. I tried I did…but he's to strong. Maybe I'm not the boy in the prophecy you know? I can't protect you and Ron…I'm sorry…but I just can't move."

You will understand, you are me after all. Maria's confusing word hung in the air. But did they even make sense? What would Maria do? Hermione glanced over at Tom, why didn't Maria try killing him. She was strong enough. But why?

Sometimes you have to give up your strength to win. Hermione played Maria's sentences over and over. Its impossible for you to beat him, there is someone important in your lifetime, you will understand you are me after all.

"I don't understand," Hermione sobbed and held Harry's head in her arms. "I don't understand Maria! I don't get it! I'm not that smart! I'm not as smart as you! Please help me! One more time!"

Tom scowled because he couldn't aim at Harry when Hermione was right next to him. The possibilities of hitting her were slim, but if he did it would make everything worthless. Why is she talking about Maria? That woman's dead, has my bride gone mad?

"Help…Harry, Ron, Maria…someone." Hermione sobbed into Harry's hair. "Blaise…come back…please I need you with me…"

Suddenly the fire started swirling around her again. Tom's eyes widened, it wasn't the same as last time. This fire was stronger and it burned with hatred. It was…exactly like Maria's. "Stop!" He yelled, "Your going to burn the place down!"

Hermione couldn't hear anymore, the sound of the crackling fire blocked out Tom's sweet cries. Sometimes you have to give up your strength to win, "Give it to Harry," Hermione muttered to herself, "Please go to Harry." The fire grew and started to also circle Harry's body. "Please help Harry."

All of a sudden Hermione felt weak, she fell to the floor and the last thing she saw was Harry standing up, fire swirling his body. His eyes flashing bright red.

Am I dying?



Hermione's eyes fluttered open, faces look down at her with worry. Pansy and Harry let out sighs of relief, Ron gave a goofy grin and Draco glared at her angrily. "I thought you died! What kind of sister are you?! Leaving me like that! I'm never going to let you out of my sight you hear!?"

"Aww Draco was worried," Pansy teased

Draco blushed and turned his head away with a scowl, "yeah well we are twins…"

Hermione smiled weakly. She couldn't help but notice Blaise wasn't in the group. "What happened? I just remember feeling weak and fainting…and Harry you had red eyes! How come-" Hermione sat up and studied Harry's face "How come they're gone?!"

"I can answer everything," Dumbledore stepped foreword, "But before that I think Mr. Potter has some very important news."

Harry grinned like a madman, "Hermione! Voldemorts gone! You helped me kill him!" He hugged her lightly, careful not to hurt her. "It was amazing! This fire of your suddenly started going around me and Voldemort was terrified you should have seen his face!"

Hermione smiled sadly, "I missed it…I missed Voldemort dying." She sighed, "Well as long as he is gone, everything will be okay." She turned to Dumbledore, "So why does Harry not have red eyes."

Dumbledore smiled softly, "Well Miss. Malfoy, to defeat Voldemort Mr. Potter had to use all the magic. So it has disappeared from Harry's body." He handed Hermione a mirror, "and from yours also."

Hermione took the mirror and stared at her face. Instead of the usual red her eyes shined a bright blue. It was sort of sad to see herself with regular eyes, it was like something was taken out of her and replaced with a fake. "So…its gone…Maria…Voldemort's magic is completely gone."

"I'm afraid so Miss. Malfoy, that fire that surrounded you and the special magic you had can never be used again. I'm sorry." Hermione nodded and stared into the mirror, at her blue eyes. Never again can she have fire surround her, she can never focus and look behind doors as she did…she would never meet Maria in her mind again. She was no longer…Maria.

"Its probably for the better," Hermione put the mirror down on the side table, "Now I can be a normal pureblood witch, right?"

"Normal?" Draco snorted, "You're a Malfoy, you had amazing powers, you helped defeat voldemort, you are Harry's Potter's best friend, you are the smartest witch of our age. I'm sorry Hermione but your no where near normal. Come on and bringing a person back to life…yeesh."

"Yeah I suppose so" Hermione giggled, "I guess I'll never be----wait…bringing a person back to life? What are you talking about I never did that."

Everyone started grinning and snickering. "I guess I overestimated your intelligence." Hermione immediately put her hands over her mouth and let out a sob. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as Blaise stood at the edge of her bed. She couldn't stop crying. Were these tears of happiness?

"You idiot!" Hermione sobbed, "If you were still alive why didn't you say something! You know how hard it was when I thought you died!" She started hitting Blaise in the shoulder, while covering her tearstained face.

"I did die Hermione," Blaise said softly. Dumbledore stepped in once more.

"Maria did one last thing for you and granted your last wish." Dumbledore explained, "Its complicated, but it happened."

"My last wish…" Hermione repeated, 'Blaise…come back…please I need you!' Hermione started to cry again. "I want to thank her! She's done so much for us! But I can't even say thank you!"

"Its alright Hermione" Blaise said, "I'm sure your happiness is enough."

Hermione stared at the brown haired boy. This was the boy was a slytherin who never talked to her. This boy was the person who hit on her in a restaurant. This was the boy who comforted her through the worst. This was the boy who died in front of her. Blaise was the boy she fell in love with. Hermione let out a soft sob, she hugged Blaise tightly.

"I love you…I love you." Hemione sobbed, "Don't leave me…"

Blaise smiled, and kissed Hermione's forehead, "I would never think of it."

"Aww how sweet," Pansy snorted, "it's a happy ending, and I still don't have a guy myself!"

"Well I still look good," Draco was staring into the mirror Hermione put down, "And when we get back lots of girls will be trying to get my attention, I can hear them now. 'Draco is a hero! He's so great! Look at how good looking he is!' It will be heaven."

"You stupid narcissist!" Pansy spat.

"I just know what's beautiful, and your not one of them." Draco snickered.

Hermione laughed. Is this really a happy ending? A happy ending for me? Is it all over? Really? She looked over at Harry who was smiling at her. Harry actually looked finally relieved, finally relaxed and carefree. "Hey Blaise!" He said, "If you ever hurt Hermione I'm busting your leg!"

"Oh yeah!" Ron stepped in holding his fist with his other hand, "If you just hurt her feelings once your face will look like Voldemorts!"

"Yeah, I'll bust your other leg Blaise!" Pansy joined in, "And I'll tell Annabell who will scold you till you're an old man!"

"Blaise," Draco wrapped his hands around Blaise's neck, "You've already made Hermione cry so many times I'll kill you right now!" The two slytherin boys tumbled on the floor while everyone laughed happily.

"Draco I can't breath! I can't breath!" Blaise gasped, "Hermione help me!"

Hermione held onto the bed rail and smirked (a Malfoy smirk) "No way, this is fun."

It has finally come to an end. So many things happened this year. Hermione had went from a muggle to a pureblood in a day. It almost seemed like a dream. She had fallen in love and had it crushed only to have it reborn once again. She had helped defeat the Dark Lord. She even talked to the dead.

I am no longer Hermione Granger

I am no longer Maria Malfoy

I am Hermione Malfoy smartest witch of her age